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Indie Corner: Karous: The Beast of Re-Eden

Karous Indie

Karous, Japanese for raven, originally launched on Sega arcades and Dreamcast later on. Years after the original game, the shoot ‘em up gets a release on the Nintendo 3DS. It’s a great attempt create something different in the shmup genre but it didn’t work out that great.

News:Oh yeah. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth is coming stateside on PS Vita AND PS4.


I woke up every night for three days because something touched me from under my bed. I’m afraid it was my digimon and I scared it. I woke up screaming and I’d look under my bed and I coulda sworn I saw eyes and my toothless old chihuahua was barking her head off then like a few mines later she was barking at the window and I saw the eyes again.

News: Weavile and Charizard join the competition in Pokken Tournament. Releases this month.

Weavile reveal

The game will release July 16 along with two new assist which are Jirachi and Whimsicott. 

Review: Payday 2 (Crimewave Edition)

payday 2 header

Important notice: be sure to scroll down to the end of the review to read an important factor about the Crimewave Edition.  

Payday 2 can be best described as Left 4 Dead, but with cops and robbers instead of zombies and survivors. And with the one game to be compared to being so amazing does Payday 2 hold its own against the Co-operative titan or does it fail and falter. Find out here:

Review: Batman: Arkham Knight


Batman: Arkam Knight marks the end of an era. An era of great Batman games thanks to the talented team of Rocksteady. The studio did things nobody expected in the past. By creating one of the best superhero franchises of gaming’s history, the studio was praised all around the world. In Arkham Knight they return to Arkham one last time and conclude the franchise with a bang. Discover why this is possibly the best Batman game ever created.

News: Warhammer 40 000 Regicide adds new clans


Warhammer 40K Regicide gets more features like new environments and other multiplayer features. The update contains a Raven Guard Space Marines and Snakebite Ork Clan.

News: The Witcher 3 ‘s next DLC includes a new quest!


CD Projekt RED announced a new and free DLC, releasing this week. The DLC includes a new quest called ” Where the Cat and Wolf Play”. Gamespot was so kind to reveal the origin of this DLC, it’s a Witcher contract that can be found in Oreton village in Velen. 

News: A free Superhero game for free… if you bought Arkham Knight for the PC!


Ever heard of Supreme League of Patriots? Well, if you bought the broken PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight, then it’s your lucky day! PC gamers will have the oppurtunity to play this super fun hero game without spending any penny! 

News: Take-Two trademarks Mafia-Themed domains. Is Mafia 3 a thing?

mafia header

The guy at GAF found out some trademarks revolving around the Mafia series indicating a third one might be on the horizon.

Review: Yoshi’s Woolly World


In a world created by fabric we find our favorite dinosaur. No time to help Mario and save the princess, it’s time to save the other Yoshi brothers and sisters! Yoshi is ready for the new adventure on Wii U and it’s without a doubt one of the best looking games on the console. Although a great looking game is fun, it’s no guarantee to make a great game. Is Wooly World good? Time to find out!