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Review: Sword Art Online: Lost Song


I must admit, I never heard of Sword Art Online before this game landed on my doorstep. Sword Art Online is a popular anima/manga franchise but more importantly, for us, it’s also a game franchise. I’m sure this product is meant for fans and they’ll enjoy the story for sure. If you don’t get the story however, there’s still some fun found in the game.

News: Destiny’s Refer-a-Friend trailer does a better job of sparking interest in the game for me than any other trailer did.

refer friend destiny

So Bungie is giving players an incentive to bother their friends by giving them in-game stuff. Also the trailer is a lot of fun and is probably the most effective trailer Destiny had in making me want to play the game.

Review: Star Wars Battlefront


Just one month before the most anticipated movie of this century, we can now finally embrace the force in Battlefront once again. But was it worth the 10 years of waiting isolated on Dagobah?

SPECIAL – Let’s mod Fallout 4 – WEEK I


Fallout 4 has been launched in the beginning of this month, you can read our review here. As is usual with a new Bethesda game, the modding community has already started with the improvement of the game.  In the first 2 weeks, there are almost 2000 mods made, which have a total of 5.40 million downloads. I will try to do a weekly release of what I think what are the most interesting mods available. From my experience, the really big mods will come once the G.E.C.K is released, but for our first week, we already have a few mind-blowing mods!

Review: Fallout 4


“ I don’t want to set the world on fire. I just want to start, a flame in your heart…” – The Ink Spots

Review: Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash  


The Wii U was supposed to have an unforgettable Holiday Season this year. With games as Star Fox: Zero and a new Zelda, the system would have one of its best Holidays for sure. Too bad those games got delayed to 2016 and Nintendo had to figure out what to do during the Holidays. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash was one of the answers but feels a little bit too rushed in order to release in time.

Review: The Crew – Wild Run


The Crew is Ubisoft’s open-world driver that wanted to translate the road trip experience to the digital world. The game wasn’t a big success right from the start but thanks to some impressive DLC and patches, the game became better and better. Nowadays, more than four million people are playing it and we think a lot new player might join thanks to the Wild Run expansion. The Wild Run adds a lot of fun things and removes some of the bugs of the original game.

SPECIAL – Let’s mod Fallout New Vegas with +100 mods


Fallout New Vegas. *Insert some introductory blabla about the game, as if anyone who doesn’t know Fallout New Vegas is going to read this*

Review: Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival


Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival isn’t a video game at all and can’t be judged as one to be honest. If you’re looking for a game like Mario Party with an Animal Crossing theme, this Amiibo Festival won’t bring you any pleasure. The ‘game’ isn’t filled with mini-games but offers a more traditional board game experience. If you like to spend your evenings playing board games with friends, this Amiibo Festival might be a game for you.

Indie corner: Typoman

typoman review header

Typoman is conceptually an interesting game. However it’s not executed in the best way possible. Aside from under delivering on its premise Typoman is also prone to bugs and glitches.