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Review: Battlefield Hardline


If you ever wanted to play good cop with a taste of bad cop, battlefield: Hardline might be the game you’re looking for… Let’s take a look at it. You have the right to remain silent and enjoy this review of the latest battlefield!

Review: Resident Evil: Revelations 2


The human nature is strange sometimes. In real life, we’ll run as far away from things we fear but in ‘safer’ environments we seek the thrill of survival. Resident Evil is such an environment and welcomes players who want to be afraid. Revelations 2 is the newest in the franchise and succeeds in rebooting the old formula into a very intense rollercoaster.

News: We have a release date for Halo 5: Guardians.

hunt the truth chief

Microsoft seems confident that Halo can still go toe to toe with Call Of Duty, as it releases a few days before Call Of Duty usually does.

News: Tekken 7 gets Jin, Devil Jin and a new fighter called Josie.

josie teken reveal

The three datamined characters were revealed earlier than planned because the team got nervous after the “leak”.

The new character is called Josie Rizal(named after José Rizal) who is Filipino. Hmm she looks good and has a determined intro, and in the outro she’s uhhh crying? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH

News: Erron Black is finaly revealed as a playable character.

erron black

I’ve had it up to here with your “rules”. WHEN DO WE GET THE FREAKING GUNS!!

News: Zelda for Wii U delayed, won’t be featured at E3 2015


Aonuma has some bad news for Nintendo fans, it seems like Zelda won’t release on Wii U this year and won’t be featured during the E3 in June.

More details inside.

News: The Killer Instinct trailer is out for HisakOH MY GOD IT’S CINDER YOU GUYS.


CINDER BABY. He’s finally shown and he’s …. uhhh ok.

News: Here is the Shaolin trailer now with extra Liu Kang.

liu kang

The trailer focuses on Kung Lao, Kung Jin and OG gangster Liu Kang.

News: Games With Gold – new month, new games


Microsoft revealed its Games With Gold program for the coming month.

Xbox One and Xbox 360 users will have something to look forward to once more!

News: Here is the latest trailer for The Evil Within’s Consequence DLC.

evil within consequences

The conclusion to Juli Kidman’s story will arrive shortly.