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Review: Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty


When I turned on Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty on my Wii U, a strong feeling of nostalgia hit me. The same face of Abe, our favorite Mudokon, looked at me the same way he did on the PlayStation 1 in Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee. It’s strange to see my old friend looking back at me after all those years. The setting looks the same but his face looks sharper and more detailed. Everything looks exactly the way I remember it after all those years, but better. Abe tells me to follow him and so our adventure in Rupture Farms starts over again.


Indie Corner: Goosebumps: The game (3DS)


As a 20 something writer, I practically grew up with the thrilling Goosebumps books. Books like ‘Night of the Living Dummy’ or ‘Monster Blood’ are true horror classics in my opinion. Of course, the books aimed on a younger audience and wouldn’t scare me nowadays but there was something about the Goosebumps franchise that always seemed to scare me. If it weren’t the books, it was the television show or merchandising you could find in every store. Today, the only thing that really scared me was the quality of Goosebumps: The Game.


Homefront: The Revolution – Closed Beta gameplay impressions


We got access to the closed beta of Homefront: The Revolution.

In here we’ll share our first impressions. Please keep in mind that this footage doesn’t represent the final game and it’s a full co-op Beta.


Review: XCOM 2


XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the game that made you feel proud when you completed a mission without any team member casualties or the game that made you feel angry and sad at the same time, reloading the same “save file” over and over again, just to get that perfect killing scenario! 2K raised the bar with their fantastic turn based strategy game and after the game was played, it left a big black hole waiting to be filled with the next chapter of XCOM 2. That moment is finally here, let’s decide if the commander made it out alive or left the stasis compartment brain dead! 


Indie Corner: The Witness


Winter is still lurking around and with the stormy weather and rain it’s kind of OK to daydream about a beautiful island filled with vivid colours. I mean no offense, it’s OK to solve some puzzles you found in your newspaper while staring through the rainy window. But what if you could combine the brainmelting puzzling with the island exploration? Be the witness of that successful marriage!


News: Launch details of Quantum Break revealed


Quantum Break, the new game of Remedy will launch on Xbox One and PC April 5.

That’s right, the former Xbox One exclusive will also come to PC on the same day!


Review: Unravel


Unravel was first revealed to the public on the E3 2015 stage. It was a strange little gem on the EA show. Among games like Star Wars: Battlefront, tons of Sports games and a new Garden Warfare came Unravel. A cute little platforming/puzzle-solving game featuring an adorable protagonist. Now, the mysterious game finally released for consoles and PC and it’s something we couldn’t prepare ourselves for. Unravel grabs your attention from the first until the last second.


Indie Corner: Space Hulk  


Space Hulk released for PC a while back and tries to bring the popular Warhammer board game to the virtual world. If you ever played the original Warhammer board game you know it’s a rather complex game, translating it to a console or PC isn’t that easy. Are you going to include all of the rules or go with a more streamlined version? It’s clear that Space Hulk went for the last option and this results in a rather mediocre Warhammer experience.


Let’s talk about: Human Fall Flat


For those who’ve been following us recently, you might remember our test of Human Fall Flat. An interesting game that just launched a Steam Greenlight campaign.

We spoke with No Brakes games CEO, Tomas Sakalauskas, to ask him everything you want to know about this interesting new game.


News: Human Fall Flat kicks off Steam Greenlight campaign


The mysterious Human Fall Flat PC game launched a Steam Greenlight campaign today.

Want to learn more about this project and its campaign? Be sure to check out the details inside!