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Daily Archives: March 14, 2012

NEWS: Link and Zero Suit Samus join forces in Dynasty Warriors Vs.


Dynasty Warriors VS. is a hack and slash game like in the old days. You’ll have to face different waves of enemies and the more you’ll defeat, the more difficult it will get to survive.

Nintendo and Tecmo Koei worked together to bring something entirely new to the franchise, Link and Zero Suit Samus costumes!

NEWS: DiRT Showdown trailer shows mass destruction


A new trailer for the upcoming game DiRT Showdown, coming May 2012, shows one of the special game modes, which can be described as ‘Destruction Derby’.

NEWS: BioShock: Infinite Heavy Hitter exposed

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BioShock infinite’s version of Big Daddies exposed in their Heavy Hitters video series this one focuses on the Handymen, known for their giant porcelain hands. watch it inside!

NEWS: SW: The Old Republic goes free for this weekend


The massive multiplayer online role-playing game Star Wars: The Old Republic is going to be free for the weekend.