NEWS: The Elder Scrolls Online announced


The Elder Scrolls franchise will go online in 2013 on PC and Mac.

It will be the first massively multiplayer online game for the franchise, check inside for more information.

Game Informer will have a cover story on this new game in their next issue. Most of the details will be revealed later on but we do know the first small pieces of information already.

The game is in development at Zenimax Online Studios and will take place in an era before the Skyrim era. Demon Molan Bal is trying to suck the world of Tamriel right into a next dimension.

We also know their will be three different playable factions who will be competing each other in player-versus-player combat.

A first teaser will be revealed soon.


Lander Van der Biest

Lander Van der Biest

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2 Responses to NEWS: The Elder Scrolls Online announced

  1. KillaTactics I3 says:

    way too soon, unless they’ve been working on it for a long period already under the radar… really hope that it you can get to go to different countrys like Morrowind and Hammerfell

  2. Glenn Maesschalck, GamingBoulevard says:

    could be a great mmo but if your expecting something like oblivion/skyrim prepare yourself for disappointment imo

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