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NEWS: Call of Duty: Ghosts officially revealed

Activision has officially announced the new title in the popular Call of Duty franchise: Call of Duty: Ghosts. The game will release on November 5 for PS3, Xbox360, PC and next generation platforms.


Preview: Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros

Poor Luigi, always has to stand in the huge shadow of his brother. Never quite able to steal the show and win over a thousand beating hearts of the beloved fans. He tried hard to succeed in Luigi’s Mansion 2 and he delivered, still it wasn’t enough. One game isn’t enough, Luigi needs an entire […]


NEWS: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – now available

Blood Dragon is a download exclusive game set in the horrific future that could be found on old VHS tapes. Laser-shooting dinosaurs, epic battles and insane scenarios, it’s all up for download starting today.