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Category Archives: Specials

SPECIAL – Let’s mod Fallout 4 – WEEK I


Fallout 4 has been launched in the beginning of this month, you can read our review here. As is usual with a new Bethesda game, the modding community has already started with the improvement of the game.  In the first 2 weeks, there are almost 2000 mods made, which have a total of 5.40 million downloads. I will try to do a weekly release of what I think what are the most interesting mods available. From my experience, the really big mods will come once the G.E.C.K is released, but for our first week, we already have a few mind-blowing mods!

Special: Why you should download ‘Nintendo Badge Arcade’


Nintendo released the Nintendo Badge Arcade as a free-to-play game past Friday, exclusively on Nintendo 3DS. The software is completely free to try but requires real money if you want to collect all badges. But what is it all about, is it worth getting? We explain why you should download it if you own a Nintendo 3DS.

Special: PlayStation 4’s crazy 2016 line-up


Today was an important day for Sony and PlayStation. As you might remember, the company skipped Gamescom to show their Media Briefing during the Paris Games Week today, was it worth waiting for? Is Sony still capable to bring some surprises to the table? How will the company compete against the heavy Xbox One line-up? Well, after the presentation we can only conclude that the company is ready for 2016!

Special: 5 tips for The Witcher: Hearts of Stone


CD Projekt RED’s masterpiece ‘The Witcher 3’ just got its first expansion in the form of Hearts of Stone. The expansion promises to bring us a total of ten new Witcher filled hours. We’re currently playing it a lot and our review will be up very soon. Until that time it’s important to prepare yourself for this expansion. These are our 5 tips to survive Hearts of Stone.

Let’s talk with: The Deer God developer


The Deer God released today as a free game for members of the Xbox Live Gold program. What started as a kickstarter ended in a very unique game.

We took some time to speak to the developer and reveal his plans for the future and things you might not know about the game.

Special:What’s up with Godzilla The Game(PS4).


So a lot of people seem to say the recently released Godzilla game on PS4 is garbage. And while I won’t say it’s amazing or anything (far from it) I do think there is some stuff here that some fans might enjoy.I’ve spent way more time into the game than I’m willing to admit. But hey if people get to enjoy the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games then I’m allowed to enjoy this game. So without further ado I will go trough some of the more fun aspects of Godzilla the game.

Special: Fans, enthusiasts and fanatics are present in every genre and form of art

PFT Featured New

Videogames can become a way of life for some gamers. They live to play and collect everything there is, just to show it off to other players.

This article is about the competitive scene and reasons why people collect game merchandise.

Special: Iwata, thank you for everything


Today’s news came as a shock to all of us. Satoru Iwata, CEO and President of Nintendo, is no longer alive. He died at age 55 due to a bile duct growth. We’ve lost a great man today but his legacy will forever live one in the gorgeous things he brought us. It’s time to say farewell to a legend, it’s time to say thank you for everything he has achieved over the years.

Video: First 4 Figures: Sword Kirby – Exclusive Edition


First 4 Figures made another great figurine, this time they created an exclusive edition of Sword Kirby.

In this video, we’ll show you the gorgeous figurine up close.

Video: Hori amiibo cases


In this special video we take a look at the large and small Amiibo case that Hori is releasing in Japanese stores.

How do they look and are they worth the price? Find out in our special video inside!