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SPECIAL – Let’s mod Fallout 3 with over 100 mods


Fallout 3. Who hasn’t played this masterpiece of a RPG? The Capital Wastelands always had and always will have a certain magical atmosphere for me. Just walking around the destruction of mankind, seeing the daily struggles of the survivors, feeling all the attention to the details. It’s a golden match. You will get sucked into a wonderful universe and it will never let you go. It’s one of those game that I regular visit, each time with over 150 hours of playtime.

Special: What’s new about the New Nintendo 3DS?


During a Nintendo Direct show for the Japanese market, Nintendo revealed a new 3DS system.

This system offers more than just a redesign so be sure to check it out inside!

Special: Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries – event and hands-on


Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries is an upcoming indie that was featured in the ID@Xbox video at E3 and was playable for the first time as well during Gamescom. Since Woolfe is created in Belgium, there was a special event where fans could check out the game and play the Gamescom demo in Media Markt Ghent. We went to take some pictures and try the game once more. Check the pictures and our impressions inside!

SPECIAL: GamesCom 2014 Coverage


GamesCom 2014 started today, and at 14:00 GMT+1 has just started. We’ll keep you up to date right here!

Special: E3 Predictions part II

GB Featured E3

Now with E3 being so close it’s time for some more predictions. Last year I made some very bold predictions that actually came out so let’s have a look what I predict and have been hoping for these last weeks.

E3 2014 Predictions – part I

GB Featured E3

E3 2014 will kick off next week, time for us to give you our predictions for the show. First up, I look ahead and note my personal top 5 of things I would like to see.

Aside of this, I also give you my personal top 3 of things I would like to see but that won’t happen.

Special: VGX Recap


The VGX show ended a couple of hours ago and brought some interesting new titles and gameplay videos..

Want to see everything the show had to offer, including Borderlands, Game of Thrones, Donkey Kong, The Division and more? Come inside.

Special: Mario & Luigi @ the Princess Elisabeth Children’s Hospital

featured mario & luigi

On August 20th, the Children’s Hospital of the Ghent University Hospital received some famous guests. To conclude the charity project ‘Gaming4Life’, the two Nintendo brothers took some time off to visit children who aren’t feeling that well. Read more about this heartwarming visit inside.

Special: E3 2013 predictions – part III


E3 is just around the corner and every single developer is preparing his “ultimate” game for the public. A lot of new things will be announced at this big convention but there are also some products that need more explanation.

For example: what about games for the next- gen consoles? What about the new features? Will they help bringing their new console to the top or will they go down? We’ll know more later today! But now, here is my top 5 of things I would lik to see happen at E3

Special: E3 2013 predictions – part II


It’s that time of the year again. When we cry out of joy when that new game you hoped for finally gets announced. Or you cry because you will have to buy your next-gen games yourself instead of just borrowing it from a friend.

That’s right E3 will bring joy and for some it will bring absolute dreadfulness in the form of DRM, “always-on” or no 3rd party support.