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Category Archives: Specials

Special: Iwata, thank you for everything


Today’s news came as a shock to all of us. Satoru Iwata, CEO and President of Nintendo, is no longer alive. He died at age 55 due to a bile duct growth. We’ve lost a great man today but his legacy will forever live one in the gorgeous things he brought us. It’s time to say farewell to a legend, it’s time to say thank you for everything he has achieved over the years.

Video: First 4 Figures: Sword Kirby – Exclusive Edition


First 4 Figures made another great figurine, this time they created an exclusive edition of Sword Kirby.

In this video, we’ll show you the gorgeous figurine up close.

Video: Hori amiibo cases


In this special video we take a look at the large and small Amiibo case that Hori is releasing in Japanese stores.

How do they look and are they worth the price? Find out in our special video inside!

Special: Is Nintendo doomed?


We saw it coming, without Zelda for Wii U, Nintendo really had to surprise in order to win back the fans during their Digital Event. We wished the company would succeed in their goals but the truth is that it’s very underwhelming. Where Sony and Microsoft showed everything they’ve got, Nintendo came up with a lot more of the same and Mario Maker.

Special: Why Sony just won E3 2015


Sony finished its presentation and it might have been the best conference we’ve seen in years.

There’s no doubt about it, a conference filled with greatness will be remembered for a while from now!

Special: Ubisoft was full of surprises


Ubisoft was next up with their E3 conference and it was full of surprises. They started with a lot of surprises and end up revealing a lot of Tom Clancy games. The conference was great and was filled with a lot of good stuff. Let’s do a little round up.

Special: EA had its high and lows


Electronic Arts just finished their press conference at E3 2015 and showed some great new games, together with some less attractive games. Basically the whole show featured some of the better E3 moments and some of the worst. Let’s take a look.

Special: Why Microsoft already owns E3

Featured_microsoft logo

The Microsoft press conference just ended and it was great! It looks like the company is back on tracks and focuses on what’s really important, the games. We’re not going to do a round up of the conference but we are going to tell you why Microsoft just owned the E3 2015 stage.

Predictions: Super Smash Direct June 14th


As you might have heard already, Nintendo is holding a special Smash direct on Sunday June 14th to talk about the update. On that day, Nintendo will launch Lucas, the MiiVerse stage and some costumes as DLC. But is this really the only thing they’ll talk about? We doubt it! Time to give you our predictions.

Special: E3 2015 – Predictions part IV


E3 2015 is really getting closer and closer. We’ve already seen some big announcements such as Doom and Fallout 4 but there’s more to come for sure!

In this fourth part of our predictions we take a guess at what might be the next big thing for gaming. Will it be virtual reality, PC games? Or something else? Time to find out.