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News: Rainbow Six: Siege’s Interactive Trailer has just released


Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege has received an interactive trailer!

News: Lost Horizon 2 has a new trailer


Lost Horizon 2 has released his Gamescom trailer.

News: Adventure Time Puzzle Quest out now


D3 Go! and Cartoon Network released a new Adventure Time puzzle game on mobile devices.

This free-to-play puzzler gives you the best and funny moments of the show.

News: Kojima and del Toro aren’t done yet


After Konami cancelled the upcoming Silent Hills by Kojima and del Toro, things weren’t looking good.

Now that things are calming down however, they said to plan something new in the future.

Pause for thought: Playstation 4 – Still waiting for greatness

PFT Featured New

PlayStation 4 and Sony won the E3 this year for a lot of gamers. Now that all the dust has been settled, it’s time for us to see what this year will bring for the PlayStation 4 owners. It certainly looks like they’ll need to wait a little longer for the greatness. 2015 is shaping up to be another mediocre PlayStation year.

News: The Fallout Anthology collection comes in a cute mini nuke.


My mini nuke can’t possibly be this cute. 

Video: [Street Fighter V] Impressions and alternate costumes


So today we went to a special Street Fighter V event and got our hands on six of the characters, showing their alternate costumes.

This video features our first impressions as well as tons of new off-screen footage.

Indie Corner: Blocky Bot

Blocky Bot featured

Modern games like to deliver complex stories and missions to satisfy its players but do you remember the golden years of gaming? When gaming started to get big, it weren’t the complex games that were popular; the simplest yet fun games were the blockbusters back in those days. Blocky Bot tries to go back to that era and delivers a very simple yet incredibly fun experience on Wii U.

Indie Corner: Canvaleon


Canvaleon tells the story of a sad but special chameleon that was born to be an outcast. Born without color and without the power of camouflage, everybody ignored the poor thing, even its parents. After years of struggling our little chameleon finds a friend in Doodle, an artists who sees the chameleon as a living canvas. No longer is the little chameleon sad, Canvas is born and ready to go on an adventure!

Review: Tembo: The Badass Elephant


Game Freak, the Pokémon game creators tried something new with Tembo by creating an action packed platform game in a cartoony world. Tembo feels fresh and new and it might concern Sonic. Looks like we got a new fast-paced 2D platformer!