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News: The Dark Souls 3 opening cinematic is here to impress


Bandai Namco and From Software released the impressive opening cinematic of Dark Souls 3 today.

Learn everything about the story and the mysterious world of Lothric in this trailer.

Review: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4


Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 marks the end of a gorgeous era. The Ninja Storm games spanned multiple console generations and delivered true Naruto happiness to its players. Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 marks the end of the franchise and is CyberConnect 2’ goodbye to their beloved franchise. It still follows the path of its predecessors but it’s safe to say that Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is the most perfect Narotu game, one you simply need to play.

Review: Final Fantasy: Explorers


Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise has been a true success to date, the games are still selling like hotcakes and sequels are being made regularly. It must hurt a company like Square Enix to see this success so they try to mimic the Monster Hunter formula in their own Final Fantasy: Explorers game for Nintendo 3DS. On paper it sounds smart, the Final Fantasy universe is filled with interesting monster to hunt, but this first attempt to create a ‘Final Fantasy Hunter’ isn’t that successful yet.

[Black Ops 3 – Awakening DLC] Skyjacked bug ‘Screenwatch no jutsu’


Yordi was playing the new DLC of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 with his nephew until he found this interesting bug on the Skyjacked map.

Ever wanted to ride the other player as a ghost, seeing everything he can see? Well it’s possible thanks to this weird little bug!

Indie Corner: Rogue State (Beta)


Make sure your people have access to education! And keep every political group in your imaginary country as happy as possible! And piss of the US! Yay! Rogue State is a ‘geopolitical strategy game’ developed by Little Red Dog Games, and published by Black Shell Media, and even though the game is still in beta, it offers a new experience to gamers who are used to managing cities, countries, or even worlds. It’s also a thinly veiled comment on Iran and the troubles in the Middle East. *cough* dictators *cough*.

Review: LEGO Marvel’s Avengers


LEGO – a word that includes so much more than 4 letters. The LEGO- universe succeeded in transforming big franchise such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, …etc.  into popular video games due to their simplicity and comical undertone. They made every franchise into their own thing and no matter what age you have, you insert the game disc, relax, play and enjoy.

Will LEGO Avengers be any different ? Let’s find out.

Indie Corner: Shadow Puppeteer


We’ve seen a lot of great indie games releasing on the Wii U’s eShop the past years. Nintendo’s virtual store is a true success and it seems like a lot of developers are willing to port or create unique games for the platform. Shadow Puppeteer originally launched on PC back in 2014 but made it to the eShop this year. It’s great to have games like this on Wii U, although it’s not perfect, it offers a unique kind of fun.

Backlog Review: Game and Wario.

backlog review game and wario header

A shallow Tech-demo…

Writer’s note: This was supposed to be a quick pit-stop for my reviews but life happened. Anyway There isn’t much to say about this one. It’s a spin-off of WarioWare and I treated it as such. It’s not WarioWare I know that and approached the game with that in mind.

Indie Corner: Sparkle 2


Last year, 10tons games brought us a solid ‘match three’ game with Sparkle: Unleashed. The game was pretty solid but we didn’t like everything. If you want to learn more about Sparkle: Unleashed, be sure to read our original review. That being said, we’re here to talk about the sequel, Sparkle 2 now. Sparkle 2 follows the same path as its predecessor but manages to innovate and optimize the gameplay.

Indie Corner: Radio Hammer


One of my favorite rhythm Nintendo DS games is “Elite Beat Agents”. I have never found a game that was so frustrating and addicting to play than “Elite Beat Agents” so you can imagine how I felt when I heard that the sequel of the game will only release in the eastern part of the world. The pick-up-and-play game just got me hooked for different kind of reasons.