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News: Metal Gear Rising 2 was teased at the Taipei Game Show.

mgr 2 d

Looks like we’re going back to the revengeance.

News: Watch Apex 2015 right here. UPDATE Apex currelty postponed due to bad conditions

Apex 2015 head

UPDATE:Apex is currently postponed due to the venue being an unsafe enviroment, Apex will be moved to another location.

You ready for a lot of Smash Bros hype cause its Apex time baby.

News: Ermac joins the cast of Mortal Kombat X. Who’s next?


He wields these souls by the thousand yet he has no heart.

SPECIAL – Let’s mod Fallout 3 with over 100 mods


Fallout 3. Who hasn’t played this masterpiece of a RPG? The Capital Wastelands always had and always will have a certain magical atmosphere for me. Just walking around the destruction of mankind, seeing the daily struggles of the survivors, feeling all the attention to the details. It’s a golden match. You will get sucked into a wonderful universe and it will never let you go. It’s one of those game that I regular visit, each time with over 150 hours of playtime.

Video: Code Name S.T.E.A.M. – European demo on New 3DS


We’ve made another short video today, focussing on the demo of Code Name S.T.E.A.M. that launched today.

Wondering how the game plays on the New Nintendo 3DS? Find out inside!

Video: Mario and Luigi – official mirror


We got our hands on two new official Nintendo products today.

Inside we show you the fun Mario mirror as well as the Luigi version.

News: Far cry 4’s Hurk Deluxe DLC is now available.


All new weapons, All new missions, the Hurk Deluxe pack has it all.

Review: Saints Row IV: Re-Elected


Becoming the president of the United States is a dream of many young Americans. Entering the Oval Office isn’t without struggle however. In Saints Row IV, things are made a little easier for you. You just blow a hole in the roof of the White House and land straight into the Oval Office while listing to ‘I Don’t want to miss a thing’. Saints Row IV is back and you’re the leader of the madness!

News: Dragon’s Dogma Online is announced, will be free to play, has 4-player co-op.

Dragons Dogma Online

After a long wait fans finally get a new Dragon’s Dogma but will this be what fans want?

News: Who’s next? Well apparently Reptile is in this Mortal Kombat X trailer.


Everyone’s favorite invisible, acid spitting lizard is back in this Mortal Kombat X trailer.