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Indie Corner: Sunset


Sunset is a game where you play as a housekeeper in time of civil unrest. This masterpiece of a game has a very interesting story to tell, on a very pleasant way.

Special: E3 2015: Predictions – Part I


Yes, it’s almost that special time of the year again for gamers all over the world! E3 2015 will start in less than one month so it’s time for us to kick off our coverage. Like last years, we’ll start with our personal predictions.

In this first part of the prediction I’ll give you guys my top five of things I expect to see. Besides this list, I’ll also give you my personal top three things I want to see but probably won’t happen.

News: Need for Speed – teaser


Why wait for E3 when you can reveal the first teaser of Need for Speed already?

That’s what Electronic Arts must have thought as well, wondering how the new Need for Speed looks like? Come see inside.

Indie Corner: Swords & Soldiers II


Swords & Soldiers II is without a doubt one of the more interesting games in the eShop. The first game in the franchise was a success so the sequel had to release at some point. Today it finally did. Swords & Soldiers is back and it’s better than ever!

News: Pokemon Super Mystery dungeon is just announced.

pokemon super dungeun reveal

A new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game is announced and this one is supposedly Super.

News: Great Scott! Christopher Lloyd reprises his role as Doc Brown in Lego Dimensions

lego back to the fututre

Doc Brown along with DC Comics Bane, Superman and Lego Ninjago’s own Lloyd are set to join the Lego Dimensions crew.

News: Sierra reveals the dev for Kings quest.

kings quest

The Odd Gentlemen are the devs and in part 3 of this video series they show how they make the world of king’s quest come alive.

News: Of Course. BISOOONNN makes his debut.

bison tease

YES YEEESS M. Bison psycho crushes his way to your heart. See the new Bison with some new looks and toys.

News: Guild Wars 2 expansion’s price and release date has been leaked?


Guild Wars 2 ‘s expansion is called Heart of Thorns and it will be released on…

News: WRC 5 introduces “Developer Diary”.


Bigben Interactive and Kylotonn Games would like to give you a good look “behind the scenes of WRC 5″!