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Category Archives: News

News: OH GOD, please remain calm. Platinum might be working on a Ninja Turtles game.


Pleas be true. Oh god PLEASE.

News: Get ready for Mighty No. 9


Mighty No. 9, a succesful Kickstarter and spiritual successor of Mega Man, is getting better every time we see it.

The ‘Bring it’ trailer shows some of the modes in the game.

Backlog Review: Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

resident evil 3 backlog review

The most terrifying game in the series. Writer’s Note: Every November 31st(Halloween) I have a tradition of playing trough a Resident Evil game in chronological order. Why chronological? Ehh… why not. This year being the fifth year it was Nemesis’ turn.

Review: New Style Boutique 2: Fashion Forward

style header

With November being one of the busiest months of the year for gaming, it’s interesting that Nintendo releases two semi-high profile games with a fair amount of fanfare, yet it decides to almost stealth release this game and not give it the attention it deserves. New Style Boutique 2: Fashion Forward is an interesting game that will certainly surprise those who haven’t given it a shot.

[Amiibo] Mega Yarn Yoshi – Size compare and unboxing


We unbox the Mega Yarn Yoshi and compare him to a lot of other objects, just how big is it?

Check it out inside!

News: System Shock is getting remade.

system shock remake

Night Dive Studio acquired the rights to the System Shock IP(I’m not sure if it’s the IP or just the first game.) and released it on GOG.com with some upgrades to make it more modern and playable. Turns out that was just step one of their plan. The second step is totally remaking the game.

News: Christmas in Rocket League


Rocket League will get some temporary new modes and weapons for Christmas.

No DLC is needed to enjoy this update.

News: Free Anno 2205 DLC coming this January

Anno Featured

In our review of Anno 2205, we pointed out that the game could need some patches and DLC to improve the gameplay.

Ubisoft revealed the plans of future DLC and confirmed that the first free DLC will launch this January.

Review: Sword Art Online: Lost Song


I must admit, I never heard of Sword Art Online before this game landed on my doorstep. Sword Art Online is a popular anima/manga franchise but more importantly, for us, it’s also a game franchise. I’m sure this product is meant for fans and they’ll enjoy the story for sure. If you don’t get the story however, there’s still some fun found in the game.

News: Destiny’s Refer-a-Friend trailer does a better job of sparking interest in the game for me than any other trailer did.

refer friend destiny

So Bungie is giving players an incentive to bother their friends by giving them in-game stuff. Also the trailer is a lot of fun and is probably the most effective trailer Destiny had in making me want to play the game.