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Review: Battleborn

Last year at Gamescom, there was only one game that stood out for me and that was Battleborn. A cartoony MOBA/ first person shooter that seemed like they’ve had it all covered. A team based shooter with lots of funny jokes and a variety of characters with their own set of abilities and weaponry. The game industry is all about first person shooters these days, so every other game has to be convincing and exciting to play. Will Battleborn stand out from the crowd like “Guardians of the Galaxy” or will it fail and fade away like the star they’re trying to defend? 


Kickstarter: StarFlint the Blackhole Prophecy

Once in a while, we scout Kickstarter in search of great gaming-related projects. Today we discovered StarFlint: The Blackhole Prophecy, a classic point & click game set in space.

The point & click genre is far from gone and StarFlint is shaping up to be another interesting take on the genre.

power armor

Top ten: Sci-fi Power armors

Power armor, let’s talk about it. Science-fiction power armor to be exact. Let’s take a trip down video game lane to look at some of the medium’s bests. This time I will take armors I like but rank them according to the usefulness in combat or just in general. So with that said let’s suit up.


Review: Hitman: Episode 2

“A murder in paradise” would suit the new episode of Hitman perfectly. With the pleasant release of the first episode of Hitman in March, we knew we were in for a treat with the next episodes. The last episode was a decent start to this episodic release game but it didn’t really live up to the past game experiences of “agent 47”. The first episode got a “tech demo” vibe to it, showing off the new “Opportunities” system. It backfired a little since this murder improvisation system was followed by the amount of disguises. Let’s see if this game can remind us of the real hitman that we truly love…