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News: Launch details of Quantum Break revealed


Quantum Break, the new game of Remedy will launch on Xbox One and PC April 5.

That’s right, the former Xbox One exclusive will also come to PC on the same day!

News: Human Fall Flat kicks off Steam Greenlight campaign


The mysterious Human Fall Flat PC game launched a Steam Greenlight campaign today.

Want to learn more about this project and its campaign? Be sure to check out the details inside!

Indie Corner: Firewatch


Firewatch is a game that at first looks like a quirky little romp. And while that is partly true the game does a lot more than that. It’s a story that deals with some interesting themes and above all makes the player feel just a bit paranoid. It’s an interesting narrative but is there enough to make the experience worth it?

[Super Smash Bros.] Level 50 Rosalina amiibo VS Bayonetta (WiiU/3DS)


In our new Smash Amiibo video we recorded two matches of a level 50 Rosalina amiibo fighting a level 9 Bayonetta CPU on 3DS and Wii U.

Discover who will win in our new video!

Review: Final Fantasy: Explorers


Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise has been a true success to date, the games are still selling like hotcakes and sequels are being made regularly. It must hurt a company like Square Enix to see this success so they try to mimic the Monster Hunter formula in their own Final Fantasy: Explorers game for Nintendo 3DS. On paper it sounds smart, the Final Fantasy universe is filled with interesting monster to hunt, but this first attempt to create a ‘Final Fantasy Hunter’ isn’t that successful yet.

[Black Ops 3 – Awakening DLC] Skyjacked bug ‘Screenwatch no jutsu’


Yordi was playing the new DLC of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 with his nephew until he found this interesting bug on the Skyjacked map.

Ever wanted to ride the other player as a ghost, seeing everything he can see? Well it’s possible thanks to this weird little bug!

Review: LEGO Marvel’s Avengers


LEGO – a word that includes so much more than 4 letters. The LEGO- universe succeeded in transforming big franchise such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, …etc.  into popular video games due to their simplicity and comical undertone. They made every franchise into their own thing and no matter what age you have, you insert the game disc, relax, play and enjoy.

Will LEGO Avengers be any different ? Let’s find out.

Backlog Review: Game and Wario.

backlog review game and wario header

A shallow Tech-demo…

Writer’s note: This was supposed to be a quick pit-stop for my reviews but life happened. Anyway There isn’t much to say about this one. It’s a spin-off of WarioWare and I treated it as such. It’s not WarioWare I know that and approached the game with that in mind.

Indie Corner: Radio Hammer


One of my favorite rhythm Nintendo DS games is “Elite Beat Agents”. I have never found a game that was so frustrating and addicting to play than “Elite Beat Agents” so you can imagine how I felt when I heard that the sequel of the game will only release in the eastern part of the world. The pick-up-and-play game just got me hooked for different kind of reasons.

News: Ant simulator developer ceases development on game after his partners spend all backer money on drinks and strippers.

ant simulator

The dev explains that his “close friends” and partners have used most of their Kickstarter money on clubs, drinks and strippers claiming it as business expense.