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PFT: No main Assassin’s Creed in 2016? Don’t panic!


Since the launch of the original Assassin’s Creed, Ubisoft made sure it released a new entry in the franchise each year. This resulted in masterpieces like Brotherhood but more recently in disappointments like Unity. The most recent one, Syndicate, did a lot of things right and proved that gamers still appreciate the franchise for what is it. One thing’s for sure however, a lot of gamers grew tired of a yearly episode. Skipping 2016 might be a great idea to really put the franchise back on tracks!

Special: PlayStation 4’s crazy 2016 line-up


Today was an important day for Sony and PlayStation. As you might remember, the company skipped Gamescom to show their Media Briefing during the Paris Games Week today, was it worth waiting for? Is Sony still capable to bring some surprises to the table? How will the company compete against the heavy Xbox One line-up? Well, after the presentation we can only conclude that the company is ready for 2016!

PFT: Who can win the virtual reality system race


Although it hasn’t gotten off the ground quite as quickly as many expected it to, virtual reality appears to be the next big thing in gaming. It may still be quite some time before a particular system is available for mass consumerism at a reasonable price, but right now we’re at an interesting point: we know what the competing systems are, and the companies behind them. So which one will win the race and ultimately produce the industry standard in-home virtual reality gaming console?

Pause For Tought: My first year at this site.

kamiya header

So a lot of people really wouldn’t care about this but I just wanted to say thanks…

Special: Fans, enthusiasts and fanatics are present in every genre and form of art

PFT Featured New

Videogames can become a way of life for some gamers. They live to play and collect everything there is, just to show it off to other players.

This article is about the competitive scene and reasons why people collect game merchandise.

Pause for thought: Gamescom 2015 – The year of Xbox One?


With Gamescom 2015 just around the corner, it’s time to look forward to Europe’s biggest convention and get hyped about everything we’ll see. Since E3 was pushed back a week and Gamescom is held a week earlier, there isn’t that much time between the two big shows. This means we won’t see that much new stuff, or will we? If we take a look at Microsoft, things sure are looking interesting.

Pause for thought: Playstation 4 – Still waiting for greatness

PFT Featured New

PlayStation 4 and Sony won the E3 this year for a lot of gamers. Now that all the dust has been settled, it’s time for us to see what this year will bring for the PlayStation 4 owners. It certainly looks like they’ll need to wait a little longer for the greatness. 2015 is shaping up to be another mediocre PlayStation year.

Reaction: Bethesda’s conference, a great start for E3


Bethesda held its own conference for the first time ever during E3 2015. Since the publisher had a lot to share, it wasn’t enough to be featured in other conferences. The first Bethesda conference was a huge success, resulting in some major announcements. We give our reactions to some of the biggest E3 reveals of this year.

Pause for thought – Pre-reveals kill the E3 magic

PFT Featured New

E3 2015 is really close now and we already see the consequences. A lot of publishers went for the early reveal of their content.

It makes sense from some point of view but isn’t E3 supposed to be about kick-ass reveals? Is this ‘pre-vibe’ killing or improving the global E3 experience?

Special: E3 2015: Predictions – Part I


Yes, it’s almost that special time of the year again for gamers all over the world! E3 2015 will start in less than one month so it’s time for us to kick off our coverage. Like last years, we’ll start with our personal predictions.

In this first part of the prediction I’ll give you guys my top five of things I expect to see. Besides this list, I’ll also give you my personal top three things I want to see but probably won’t happen.