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Category Archives: Pause For Thought

E3 2014 Predictions – part I

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E3 2014 will kick off next week, time for us to give you our predictions for the show. First up, I look ahead and note my personal top 5 of things I would like to see.

Aside of this, I also give you my personal top 3 of things I would like to see but that won’t happen.

Pause for thought: Nintendo’ new strategy


As you might have heard, Nintendo shared its new strategy towards the Wii U and 3DS in an investors meeting last week. The company revealed how it would like to make some changes in the future. Rest assured, Nintendo will continue making hardware and software but brings in some innovations as well. Read everything about in in this article.

Pause for Thought: Nintendo 2DS

PFT Featured New

Nintendo announced the Nintendo 2DS yesterday and nobody was expecting this news. Short after the presentation, the internet exploded. Lots of Nintendo fans didn’t get the company. Why would Nintendo make a downgrade 3DS and make it look like an ancient gaming device? The real question however is, why isn’t this 2DS a bad idea?

Pause For Thought: Looking Back At The PlayStation 2

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This week brought news that the production of Sony’s PlayStation 2 has ceased. The console first released in March 2000, 2 months short of 13 years ago.

Pause For Thought: Can Portable Gaming Become A Substitute For Home Consoles?

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I have recently moved to University, in doing so I have left my console, the PlayStation 3 in my case, at home. However, to fulfill my gaming needs I have instead brought along my PS Vita in the hope it can fill the gap of a missing console. It’s been a couple of weeks now so I think that it is time to review whether portable devices can become a substitute for home consoles.

Pause For Thought: Hype – Good or Bad?

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Hype is a strange thing. It can make or break about anything, satisfy or dissatisfy our expectations and even make history for either the good or bad reasons. Where does this fit into gaming?

Pause For Thought: Losing Faith With The PS Vita

PFT Featured New

It has been just over two months since the PS Vita released here in the EU. I’m still finding myself playing the device on a daily basis. With Wipeout 2048 and Treasures of Montezuma Blitz captivating that “pick up and play” style gaming for me. In my opinion it’s a wonderful device and it deserves every bit of praise it gets.

Pause For Thought: The PlayStation 3’s EU Birthday

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Earlier this week, 23rd March, was the PlayStation 3’s 5th Birthday in the EU. It released here back in 2007 on that very date. In that time it has come a long way in terms of the games and services it has offered.

Pause For Thought: the success of casual mobile games

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Casual gaming was something that bloomed with the arrival of Nintendo’s Wii and the massive worldwide success of the smartphones. You can divide casual games into two different sections however. Games like Just Dance, that are being developed with a lot of budget and are up for sale in stores, or games like Angry Birds. Where you’ll still have to pay an amount of cash to pay the full version, games like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja are extremely successful. But what’s the reason for that particular success? What is it that made this games icons of the gaming industry nowadays?

Pause For Thought: PS Vita Opinions

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Portable gaming has never interested me. This has been quite clear to me as my PSP, bought at launch, has never had its fair share of my gaming playtime over the past few years. It is probably my lifestyle that has never captivated my interest for portable gaming. I don’t travel a lot or more importantly I don’t experience situations for which portable gaming is intended for.