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Indie Corner: Trine 3: The Artifacts Of Power

trine 3 header

Writer’s note: I have never played a Trine game before so I can’t compare this game to its predesesors. So with that said let’s get into this.

Developer Frozenbtye has dipped its toes into the 3D platformer genre by bringing the third installment of Trine into the third dimension with a fair amount of success. It was a rocky road and while the game has a few short-comings, it’s an experience 3d platform-fans will be sure to appreciate.  Even if the journey is short and ends very abruptly.

Let’s talk with: The Deer God developer


The Deer God released today as a free game for members of the Xbox Live Gold program. What started as a kickstarter ended in a very unique game.

We took some time to speak to the developer and reveal his plans for the future and things you might not know about the game.

Review: Mega Man Legacy Collection

megaman header 2

Capcom decided to dig out Mega Man from its shallow grave and put him to good use in the Mega Man Legacy Collection. This collection includes Mega Man one to six and is done by Digital Eclipse. And while it’s missing the Playstation Mega Mans, Mega Man 9 and 10 AND the most important game of all Mega Man Soccer it still has enough games to keep you occupied. But is this Collection a Legacy or does it deserve to be buried right next to Mega Man?

Indie Corner: The Deer God


Since a so-called ‘hunter’ shot down the lion Cecil, there’s a lot of talking going on about hunters worldwide. Deer God starts with a hunter shooting down a deer only to be killed by wolves seconds after his shot. After his death he faces the Deer God and gets one other chance at life. He gets reincarnated as a young deer and needs to learn the ways of the animal.

Impressions: Wildstar – closed beta access


Wildstar, the popular MMORPG got a closed beta to show gamers how it will plays as a free-to-play game.

We played the beta and give you our impressions in this special preview.

Indie Corner: Whispering Willows


Whispering Willows was released for PlayStation 4 and Vita a couple of months ago but comes to Xbox One and PC as well. We’ve played the Xbox One version and were charmed by the gorgeous graphics and thrilling story. Time to meet Elena, the girl who can shift between our world and the world of spirits.

Indie Corner: Life of Pixel


Life of Pixel is an interesting indie game that takes you to a trip down memory lane. It takes you to the history of gaming and features some of the best-known gaming devices. It’s released on Wii U today and it’s definitely worth checking out.

Review: Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson


Let’s get right to it, Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson is a game filled with boobs and jokes about touching them. The physics of the boobs can best be compared to a pudding during an earthquake and the females are willing to show them almost all the time. You never see them naked but the clothes aren’t leaving much to your imagination. Yes, boobs are a major part of the game but the gameplay itself is rather good as well.

Indie corner: Ascendant


Big AAA developers rule (ruin?) most of the gaming market while indie developers try everything to gain some fame. The contrast between both is huge. AAA developers have huge offices, several teams working together for a single game. Most Indie game developers don’t have the funds to work from offices and have to do with empty rooms, such as garages. One such example is Hapa Games, a 5 man strong game developer with their garage as office. This is their moment in the spotlight, with Ascendent

Review: One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3


One Piece has always been one of my favorite manga. I’ve never watched the anime on the other hand so the colorful designs in Pirate Warriors 3 are new to me. Pirate Warriors 3 is a game like Dynasty Warriors or the more recent Hyrule Warriors, meaning you’ll face a lot of enemies as a lot of famous One Piece characters. It’s the perfect game for the fans but also the perfect game for newcomers since it covers the entire One Piece saga.