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Category Archives: Impressions

Reliving A Classic: Prince Of Persia Trilogy


I’ve always had fond memories of the Prince of Persia trilogy from the days of the PlayStation 2 era. For me The Sands Of Time was the pioneer of the adventure plat-forming genre. I’d never played anything quite like it – a smooth blend of wall running and sword fighting driven by a captivating tale makes it one of the classics of its generation.

Impressions: Aliens Colonial Marines First Level

Aliens 600x300

Words cannot describe how much I was looking forward to Aliens Colonial Marines. With delays followed by even more delays a release was looking bleak, but I remained hopeful, along with many other Alien fans.

First Impression: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance


The Metal Gear Solid games always were a huge success and Solid Snake has gathered a lot of fans worldwide. He’s fond of doing things slow, waiting in corners to ambush enemies and waiting for the perfect timing to make the kill. He calls it stealth and got big with it. It’s not my style to be honest. I’m in for the more direct approach. I want to see my enemies up close when I rip their bodies apart with my sword. I’m Raiden, time for the world to get to know the real me.

First Impressions: Little Big Planet Vita


Little Big Planet has made it’s way to the Vita. As usual it’s wacky, random and a bundle of fun. However, it’s starting to lose that originality that we saw in the first game. The story levels have that “we have seen this before” feel about them but in contrast is the online community which is as diverse as ever.

First Impressions: Dishonored (Xbox 360)


The Royal Protector, that’s what they used to call me… But that’s all in the past now, since the murder of the Empress. She sent me to look for a cure for the plague, but what I found after she was killed, was worse: conspiracies, murders, cover-ups, … everything you could imagine, and I had to put an end to it. The only thing stopping me from doing this are the bars of this freaking prison…

First Impressions: F1 2011 (Vita)

F1 2011

Formula 1 is a fantastic sport in my opinion so it was only natural for me to pick up the latest F1 game on the PS Vita, but it wasn’t that easy. From early gameplay footage and reviews of F1 2011 Vita the game didn’t seem to eye catching at all. In fact it seemed quite poor.

Impressions: Treasures of Montezuma Update 1.5


I’m a big fan of the little puzzle game that is Treasures of Montezuma Blitz. It’s simple and challenging, and what’s more is it free to download. It provides a quick ten minutes of play time every now and then and is a real joy to play, and it retains a really addictive gameplay.  

Beta impressions: Ghost Recon Future Soldier


The Tom Clancy franchise is known for its tactical strategies and struggles for survival. A Tom Clancy game isn’t a game for the lone wolf, it’s a game where you’ll have to operate as a team. Becoming the leader of a team always worked like a charm during singleplayer missions but what about multiplayer? Who will become the leader of the pack? And what if you try to solve it all on your own? It’s time to take a look at Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier…

Beta impressions: Guild wars 2


April 2012 was a great month  for several gamers because people got the chance to test out several games like Diablo 3, TERA, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and many others. But nothing got players more excited when Arenanet started to send out invitations for the first public “Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend”. The Guild Wars franchise started in 2005 and became very popular amongst the MMORPG fans who didn’t want to pay a monthly subscription fee to play a game on top of the retail price.

First Impressions: Wipeout 2048 (Vita)

wipeout 600^300

I will be honest in saying that I wasn’t a big fan of Wipeout HD and the Fury expansion back. In fact I wasn’t a fan at all. It wasn’t because I felt the game was poor in any way, I simply lacked the skill to complete it and actually enjoy it.