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Special: Pokéfever in 2016 – Part 2

“Half of my high school classmates are getting married and having kids and the other half are out chasing Pokemon. What a time to be alive…” @Sarcasm_only

This is one of the few Pokemon Go texts related to this new and yet nostalgic phenomenon that we’re dealing with in 2016. A lot of older gamers had the privilege to live in a time where the term “Pokemon” released to the public and it was such an amazing experience to be part of it. This “feeling” has returned to the year 2016. What is Nintendo doing to this world?


Special: Pokéfever in 2016 – Part 1

Since we were ten years old, we’ve all been training for this lifetime adventure to catch Pokemon in the real world. All the hours I spent on watching the TV series, so I could study all the different Pokemon. What were their likes/dislikes, what Pokemon type overpowers the other, discovering their next step in evolution… Along the TV series, came the first Red/Blue Pokemon game, it was crazy to think that a game this simple could be this addicting: catching Pokemon, battling other players, trading Pokemon, defeating gyms and winning badges. These were the problems a 10-year-old had to face and now virtually became reality. Nintendo has made a kid’ dream a reality with their new successful app ” Pokemon Go!”

playstation VR

Hands-on: PlayStation VR

I was invited today to check out Sony’s Virtual Reality headset. This was not at E3 and so the demos I played aren’t any E3 demos and are a bit older. With the HTC Vive and The Oculus Rift finally on the market, VR is now an official commercial product. People can actually own a VR headset if they own a relatively high-end PC. But for those of us who don’t own a PC and want to experience VR will have to wait until Sony releases their VR headset. In the meantime, I got to check out The Deep, The Heist, Battlezone and Until Dawn Rush of Blood.

So did Playstation VR convince me or after finally using the headset, do I think it’s just a gimmick?


Impressions: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Closed Beta

When you say “Game Beta”, you immediately think “Multiplayer Beta” because… That’s what Betas are for right? To test the Multiplayer, the servers, getting rid of some possible glitches, exploits and bugs, etc…

So why does a game that is singleplayer exclusive have a Beta? I asked myself that question while I played Dark Souls 3 during the time that it took for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst to download. Now the boss-man had asked for to make an impressions vid, so I complied. I set up my Elgato and waited for the game to install.


Impressions: Gears of War 4 Beta

The Gears of War Beta will officially kick off in a couple of days but we got the chance to test it already. It’s been a while since we’ve entered the universe of Gears of War and this fourth episode is destined to set the cover-based third-person shooter back on the map. Gears 4 will house some innovations but this beta experience felt extremely familiar, combining the gorgeous graphics of the Ultimate Edition with the solid controls of Gears of War 3.


Impressions: Killer Instinct Season 3

The newest season of Killer Instinct has officially started and this time, it’s a doozy. Season three of Killer Instinct has kicked off with four new characters, three new stages and a complete graphical overhaul, which makes Season 3 the most ambitious. And while the season only just started I’m going to take a look at what’s here.


Impressions: Doom Beta

Nowadays we have a wide variety of FPS games from run-and-gun to team-based tactics and even military simulators with high realism involved. But today we are looking at a reboot of a game that can be put on a list of shooters that gave birth to the FPS genre. I’m off course talking about Doom! Pitting you up against demons and hellfire with a wide diversity of blood splattering weapons we take a look at what ID Software is trying to do with an old school shooter brought back from the depths of hell itself.