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Preview: Mario Party: Star Rush

Nintendo is currently developing a new Mario Party for the Nintendo 3DS and it’s already bringing some interesting innovations. The biggest complaints about the Mario Party franchise are the waiting times, well those are gone forever in Star Rush. This Mario Party is all about collecting stars and having fun together.


Preview: Paper Mario: Color Splash

We went to the Nintendo Preview Event recently to check out some of the upcoming Nintendo games. We couldn’t play them all but we’ve seen some interesting new things. Paper Mario: Color Splash was demonstrated during a behind closed doors session and it looks very promising for the Paper Mario fans.

Planet Coaster

Preview: Planet Coaster Alpha 2

Roller coasters, they are the reason we go to theme parks. The excitement of going superfast, the screams when going up-side-down and the sensation of walking in a “real” Wild Western town. As a kid, I loved every visit to the theme park. My parents a bit less because those visits were expensive. So you can understand their happiness when I received the game “Roller Coaster Tycoon (RCT)” from my grandparents. A game where I can make my roller coasters and manage my very own theme park. It was the perfect win-win situation! Some time ago, I received early access to Planet Coaster, the next roller coaster game. It was time for me to go back to my youth and make a new theme park!


Preview: Quantum Break

We’ve been waiting for it for a long time but we finally got our hands on Remedy’s newest game; Quantum Break. The game was revealed years ago and we got excited about it when the very first second of gameplay we showed to the public. Now, the game is finally in our hands and we can’t be more pleased with how it’s shaping up. It looks like Quantum Break might just become the next big hit for Microsoft.


Preview: 101 ways to die

In 101 ways to die you are the assistant of the genius professor Splattunfuder. He has researched of unique ways to die (but you might have guessed that from the name). Sadly, due to an unfortunate accident, his research was lost and he had to start over. Lucky for us, we have been called to help with the recovery of all the different ways to die.


Hands-on: HTC Vive

The virtual reality race is about the kick off next year and we got our hands on the HTC Vive during the Paris Games Week. The Vive isn’t just a copy of other VR systems such as Oculus or PlayStationVR but really brings some innovating stuff to the table. We entered a little dark room in real life but entered several unbelievable virtual ‘rooms’ thanks to the HTC Vive. Let’s tell you why we’re excited for it!