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Indie Corner: Sunset


Sunset is a game where you play as a housekeeper in time of civil unrest. This masterpiece of a game has a very interesting story to tell, on a very pleasant way.

Indie Corner: Swords & Soldiers II


Swords & Soldiers II is without a doubt one of the more interesting games in the eShop. The first game in the franchise was a success so the sequel had to release at some point. Today it finally did. Swords & Soldiers is back and it’s better than ever!

Review: Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

final_fantasy_x-x2-600x300 (1)

One of the best Final Fantasy games got bundled with its sequel just last year. The HD Remaster of Final Fantasy X and X-2 was a huge success on PlayStation 3 last year. This year the same bundle hits stores for PlayStation 4, is it worth buying? It depends on your situation but this is without a doubt the best version out there.

Review: Kriby and the Rainbow Paintbrush


Kirby, the cute little pink blob, is back in action. Kirby has always been one of Nintendo’s most experimental heroes. The same goes for Rainbow Paintbrush, it’s far from a classic Kirby platformer but it works just fine. It’s a rather easy adventure but the gorgeous world made out of clay offers a very unique experience.

Review: Ultratron


There’s a lot of pressure in twin-stick shooter Ultratron. Not only do you need to survive wave after wave of enemies but you’re humanity’s last remaining battle droid as well. If you fail, the robots will win. It’s time to take vengeance so that your brothers and sisters didn’t die for nothing. Train your reflexes because this is going to be one hell of a ride!

Review: Nihilumbra (Wii U)


You are Born, a blob that escaped the void to enter the world. You don’t belong in this world, the void wants you back, it needs you back! It’s cold outside, you’re weak, you’re nothing. How will you survive? Lucky for you, you’re smart, maybe you do stand a chance in this world.

Review: Xenoblade Chronicles (3D).


Now I know this review is late. But since I have a personal life it didn’t alow me to play this game constantly and this game is long. How long? Well let me tell you.

Review: Lifeless Planet


Is there life on other planets? A question a lot of you ask but only scientists know the true answer. In Lifeless planet you are set of to go to a planet where scientists found some kind of life form. Once landed it appears the planet isn’t what it’s supposed to be. Welcome to Lifeless Planet, the intriguing new Kickstarter success.

Review: Slice Zombies for Kinect


The Kinect 2.0, when first revealed, the new camera would make the difference for the Xbox One. Nowadays it seems like a lot of developers and even Microsoft have forgotten its existence. There aren’t that many Kinect games and finding a new one can be rather hard. Indie developer MADE thought it was time for a change, it’s time to step back in front of your camera and slice up some zombies!

Review: State of Decay – Year One Survival Edition


State of Decay brings the zombie survivor out of you in this unforgiving and yet rewarding open world zombie experience. There aren’t any “good” tutorials to start with, but once you start playing the game from time to time, you’ll notice most of the things are self- explanatory and you’re on your way. Just get one thing straight, you don’t have superhuman surviving skills but you’re playing a real life person in a messed up world. Once a game character dies, it’s permanent so you’ll better be prepared when you go out venturing in this dangerous world.