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Review: Doom

Doom will always remain a very special game for me, because it was the first ‘real’ game I got my hands on. I remember shooting those demons in the circles of Hell as a kid and can’t believe how far the franchise has evolved since that day. Bethesda released a new reboot of Doom and brings back the essentials of this fast-paced first person shooter. Forget everything you learned in games like Call of Duty, Doom is an entirely different game.


Review: Project Cars Game of the Year Edition

One of the best racing simulators has released its game of the year edition. We are of course talking about Project Cars, the game by fans, for fans. While it’s not a racing simulator for everyone, it’s definitely the best one out there. Since its release in May 2015, Project Cars is the leading racing title in new technologies such as 12K and Virtual Reality and one of the most beloved game for the eSports programs as well


Review: Shadwen (PC)

In a time where Assassin’s Creed is more about the glitches than the assassinations and stealth comes a little game from the makers of Trine called “Shadwen”.

Now… Don’t judge a book by its cover or a game by its name because if you do… You probably end up like me and get surprised.


Review: Battleborn

Last year at Gamescom, there was only one game that stood out for me and that was Battleborn. A cartoony MOBA/ first person shooter that seemed like they’ve had it all covered. A team based shooter with lots of funny jokes and a variety of characters with their own set of abilities and weaponry. The game industry is all about first person shooters these days, so every other game has to be convincing and exciting to play. Will Battleborn stand out from the crowd like “Guardians of the Galaxy” or will it fail and fade away like the star they’re trying to defend? 

Shadow of the Beast™_20160513183205

Review: Shadow of the Beast

Back in the early era of gaming a game on the Amiga released by the name of Shadow of The Beast. It was a game that while not too well-known was considered revolutionary. Now, so many years later the series got reimagined on Playsation 4. With no one really knowing the series now and what was revolutionary back then is now standard fare or even obsolete this game can’t lean on a legacy and has to build one for its own. But can it? Does the game manage to impress and build on the idea of the original game?


Indie Corner: Collider 2

Collider 2 feels like a game where you re-enact the scene in Star Wars where Luke Skywalker flies through the trench of the Death Star to destroy this massive planet destroyer to save the galaxy… Sounds Epic, right? Unfortunately, this game gives you that fast paced and exciting feeling but without that epic part where you destroy the Death Star. The game feels more like a glitch in the matrix system of the Star Wars Universe, but in a fun kind of way…. Let me explain!