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Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants In Manhattan

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise has seen quite some incarnations across all kinds of media. What started out as a small comic book blew up big in he 90’s when it got its own Saturday morning Cartoon. Since then it has seen movies, a live-action show, multiple incarnations of the cartoon show and naturally video games. Throughout the 80 till now companies have been pumping out video game and it seems TMNT has seen some better success back in the day. The arcade Beat ’em ups from Konami are still considered as some of the best Beat ’em ups ever made. Fast forward to today where TMNT games aren’t doing so well anymore. But the people at Platinum shine a ray of hope onto the franchise as their licensing team gets the opportunity to take on the legendary franchise. Sadly what had the potential to be an amazing game turned out way worse than anyone could have expected.


Review: Dead Island: Definitive Collection

Five years ago, one of the best trailers ever created emerged on the internet. Dead Island promised to bring back the forgotten zombie genre and if we could believe the trailer, it would do so in a very emotional way. The actual game dropped the emotional idea and gave us a great zombie slayer in paradise. The game sold well and got its sequel. Now both games and the retro arcade spin-off are bundled in the Definitive Collection with improved graphics. Is it worth playing or should we continue our wait for Dead Island 2?


Review: The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine is the newest expansion pack of The Witcher 3, a game that released a year ago. It’s impressive to see this kind of dedication of a developer since Blood and Wine feels like it’s far more than just a new expansion. Blood and Wine sets a new bar for future DLC plans since it feels more like a sequel than an actual expansion.


Review: Overwatch

Blizzard isn’t an unknown studio by any means. They are responsible for some very influential and critically acclaimed games. It has been a while however since the studio came up with a game that isn’t based on any of their existing I.Ps. Insert Overwatch a new I.P. from Blizzard that’s in a genre they have never tackled before in a style very unlike any of their other works. A team-based first-person shooter is a departure from their previous ventures. Should Blizzard stick with what they know or is this new frontier one they will also conquer?


Review: Tales from the Borderlands

Gearbox took a great risk in making Borderlands. Who knew that this gruesome and yet cartoony world, full of strong language and dirty minded side jokes would be the next big thing of Gearbox Software and 2K. This unknown game made its way into the triple AAA- game market and set the bar high for co-op first person shooters with an RPG twist to it. It was a game where Claptrap, Handsome jack and Tiny Tina fitted in perfectly without any worry that they might become one of those weird quirks no one would even dare to talk about due to their weirdness…. As a matter of fact, the opposite happened, all these iconic characters became a big part of the cosplay universe and got the attention they deserved. Eventually, top games end and sequels arise while a loss of connection to the “aftermath” is most likely inevitable. So, Telltale came with a solution and (hopefully) created the next chapter in the Borderlands franchise. Let the tales be heard!


Review: Homefront: The Revolution

Philadelphia 2029, America is on its knees. The Korean army managed to disable to American war tech and invaded the country. The result is an occupied city and an oppressed population. It’s not the American dream, you’ll have to fight for survival or go with the rules the Korean army forces you to follow. A revolution is about to happen here; too bad the game itself isn’t revolutionary at all.


Review: Fallout 4 DLC Far Harbor

One of my favourite thing to do in the Fallout universe, is just to walk around and explore. Until today, I still haven’t finished the main storyline (to be honest, I only just discovered the Institute). It is not because I don’t care about the storyline, I just can’t help myself not to find out what the next location on the map is. With the new DLC Far Harbor, it is time for me to start walking again, to gaze upon the creations of Bethesda’s universe.


Review: Doom

Doom will always remain a very special game for me, because it was the first ‘real’ game I got my hands on. I remember shooting those demons in the circles of Hell as a kid and can’t believe how far the franchise has evolved since that day. Bethesda released a new reboot of Doom and brings back the essentials of this fast-paced first person shooter. Forget everything you learned in games like Call of Duty, Doom is an entirely different game.


Review: Project Cars Game of the Year Edition

One of the best racing simulators has released its game of the year edition. We are of course talking about Project Cars, the game by fans, for fans. While it’s not a racing simulator for everyone, it’s definitely the best one out there. Since its release in May 2015, Project Cars is the leading racing title in new technologies such as 12K and Virtual Reality and one of the most beloved game for the eSports programs as well


Review: Battleborn

Last year at Gamescom, there was only one game that stood out for me and that was Battleborn. A cartoony MOBA/ first person shooter that seemed like they’ve had it all covered. A team based shooter with lots of funny jokes and a variety of characters with their own set of abilities and weaponry. The game industry is all about first person shooters these days, so every other game has to be convincing and exciting to play. Will Battleborn stand out from the crowd like “Guardians of the Galaxy” or will it fail and fade away like the star they’re trying to defend?