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Review: Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter

Crimes and Punishments set the bar for Sherlock games with great graphics, an even better story the most fitting way to enter the thought temple of the greatest mind ever: Sherlock Holmes. Now Frogwares invites us into the latest addition to the series; Devil’s Daughter. But does it set the bar higher or has it taken to many risks?


Review: Song of the Deep

It’s not hard to recognize an Insomniac Games title. The characters are over the top and the weaponry is just as unique as the setting. With games such as Ratchet & Clank and Sunset Overdrive, the developer showed us what the team is capable of. Song of the Deep is a completely new experience and some might even say it’s not an Insomniac Games product. It certainly offers a different and fresh experience but the game comes with some flaws.


Review: Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The LEGO- series is one of the few series that can actually take a famous movie and adapt it to the LEGO- universe. They do this by combining humor with simplistic puzzles, action directed gameplay and an opportunity to collect all different kinds of stuff set in the LEGO world. After the Batman series, they quickly went into the fantasy world and adapted different famous titles such as the Hobbit and Marvel licenses to create a parody and getting away with it. This time, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is next…


Review: Valentino Rossi: the game

Valentino Rossi may be a weird name for a MotoGp game but it actually makes sense once you know who or what this “Valentino Rossi” stands for. Valentino Rossi is still one of the greatest legends ever lived when it comes to motor racing.  Valentino Rossi, aka Vale has achieved 9 world titles and won more than 100 Grand Prix’s, which makes him one of the most successful motorcycle racers. Valentino is a “big” name in the world but will the game achieve the same success?


Review: Carmageddon: Max Damage

If you’ve been gaming for a couple of years like myself, you’ll probably remember the original Carmageddon. It was one of the first racers where you could kill pedestrians and drive in an open world. Needless to say, the original release resulted in a lot of protests; people didn’t like the direction this game was going, selling brutal kills as pleasure. Now, years later, Stainless Games brings back the game after a successful crowdfunding. But is it still fun after all those years or is the franchise as death as the many pedestrians?


Review: PAC-MAN 256

PAC-MAN has always been an interesting series. The series itself technically should have died out together with the arcade and other Namco games like Dig Dug and Galaga. The original game was a great arcade experience that seemed to only have room for minor variations but nothing more. As time went on Namco tried to keep PAC-MAN relevant by making all kinds of games in different genres. While most were fun or even interesting none of these games truly felt like a PAC-MAN sequel. It’s only really been since the previous generation that it seems like Namco actually found new and unique ways to make a PAC-MAN game that seems to be an actual sequel rather than a game with the yellow muncher in it. After PAC-MAN Championship Edition we got another true sequel that uses the classic PAC-MAN formula.

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Review: One Piece: Burning Blood

When it comes to licensed anime games Namco Bandai follows a pretty clear pattern. Get popular Shonen Anime license. Make an okay, mechanically shallow but flashy arena fighter. Release, rise and repeat with other Shonen series. They did it with Dragon Ball, Naruto and even stuff like Saint Seiya. One Piece for the longest time was treated a bit differently with things like One Piece Musou. This time however, for the first time, we get a One Piece arena fighter that goes under the subtitle Burning blood. Does Burning Blood break the mold of flashy but shallow arena fighters Namco has been pumping out?