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Review: PAC-MAN 256

PAC-MAN has always been an interesting series. The series itself technically should have died out together with the arcade and other Namco games like Dig Dug and Galaga. The original game was a great arcade experience that seemed to only have room for minor variations but nothing more. As time went on Namco tried to keep PAC-MAN relevant by making all kinds of games in different genres. While most were fun or even interesting none of these games truly felt like a PAC-MAN sequel. It’s only really been since the previous generation that it seems like Namco actually found new and unique ways to make a PAC-MAN game that seems to be an actual sequel rather than a game with the yellow muncher in it. After PAC-MAN Championship Edition we got another true sequel that uses the classic PAC-MAN formula.


Review: Répulique

Not many games touch on the totalitarianism setting. It’s a setting that requires smart writers and a solid atmosphere. Luckily République manages to do the setting right with an engaging mystery and interesting characters.


Review: The Powerpuff Girls: Flipped Out

Let’s be honest here. When a mobile game like The Powerpuff Girls: Flipped Out lands in your mailbox, you’re not really excited to start, right? That was my thought when we received the review code. The game is described as a Match 3 puzzle game combined with a fighting action game. Sounds good but I was preparing for the worst. It only took seconds of actual gameplay to win me over, this Flipped Out game might be one of the biggest surprises this year!


Impressions: Miitomo

Miitomo, the first mobile Nintendo app released yesterday and is already a huge success with over 3 million users worldwide. Nintendo is known for popular series like Super Mario and ‘The Legend of Zelda’ but Miitomo is something completely different. It’s a social application where you’ll get to know your friends a little better. I’ve been playing it for a day now and tell you what’s it all about.

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Review: Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble

Hot on the heels of the US release of Yo-Kai Watch and close to the European release, Yo-Kai Watch arrives on the mobile market with a puzzle game named Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble. It’s an addictive and fun game filled with enough stuff to keep you hooked for a while. At least, that’s if you can look past the typical mobile game conventions the game has.


Review: Assassin’s Creed Identity

The Assassin’s Creed series has seen many spin-offs on many consoles. 2D platformer, card games, Naval Combat; the series has covered quite a bit of genre and a lot of them on mobile. For the first time, however, mobile platforms get a mainstream experience. Or at least as close as possible. Assassin’s Creed Identity tries to condense the main games’ gameplay and mechanics from strong hardware consoles like Xbox One and Playstation 4 to tiny phones that fit in the palm of your hand. Streamlining is something that can be expected along with other elements that are standard practice on the mobile platforms. But does that mean Identity is a watered down version of the mainline series or does the game capitalize on the limitations set by the platform and manages to deliver a fun condensed Assassins Creed experience?


Indie Corner: Sparkle 2

Last year, 10tons games brought us a solid ‘match three’ game with Sparkle: Unleashed. The game was pretty solid but we didn’t like everything. If you want to learn more about Sparkle: Unleashed, be sure to read our original review. That being said, we’re here to talk about the sequel, Sparkle 2 now. Sparkle 2 follows the same path as its predecessor but manages to innovate and optimize the gameplay.

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Indie Corner: The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga is a tactical RPG by Stoic games who consist of former staff of the western RPG studio Bioware. It’s a game inspired by other titles such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem. It’s setting is inspired by Norse Folklore and Mythologies ans is filled to the brim with interesting lore. People who like not only a good and deep Strategy RPG but also like to make story altering decisions should definitely check this one out.

backlog review bastion

Backlog Review: Bastion

A game that succeeds on every front. Writer’s Note: It’s a bit intimidating writing a review of a game made by one of the big reviewers of back in the day. I have always respected Gregg Kasavin and other former Gamespot reviewers as some of the best in what they do, so there is a bit of pressure to try and do my best. So with that said let’s go:

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Indie Corner: Terraria (3DS)

Terraria will always be refered to as a 2D version Minecraft. And while a lot of that is true Terrarria still manages to do so unique things. Some of it better and others worse. Focusing more on things like exploration and combat instead of building, Terrarria manages to do its own thing and manages to stand out of the crowd of supposed “Minecraft Clones”.