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Indie Corner: Sparkle 2


Last year, 10tons games brought us a solid ‘match three’ game with Sparkle: Unleashed. The game was pretty solid but we didn’t like everything. If you want to learn more about Sparkle: Unleashed, be sure to read our original review. That being said, we’re here to talk about the sequel, Sparkle 2 now. Sparkle 2 follows the same path as its predecessor but manages to innovate and optimize the gameplay.

Indie Corner: The Banner Saga

banner saga review header

The Banner Saga is a tactical RPG by Stoic games who consist of former staff of the western RPG studio Bioware. It’s a game inspired by other titles such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem. It’s setting is inspired by Norse Folklore and Mythologies ans is filled to the brim with interesting lore. People who like not only a good and deep Strategy RPG but also like to make story altering decisions should definitely check this one out.

Backlog Review: Bastion

backlog review bastion

A game that succeeds on every front. Writer’s Note: It’s a bit intimidating writing a review of a game made by one of the big reviewers of back in the day. I have always respected Gregg Kasavin and other former Gamespot reviewers as some of the best in what they do, so there is a bit of pressure to try and do my best. So with that said let’s go:

Indie Corner: Terraria(3ds).

terrarria header

Terraria will always be refered to as a 2D version Minecraft. And while a lot of that is true Terrarria still manages to do so unique things. Some of it better and others worse. Focusing more on things like exploration and combat instead of building, Terrarria manages to do its own thing and manages to stand out of the crowd of supposed “Minecraft Clones”.

Indie Corner: Q.U.B.E. Director’s cut.

cube header

Q.U.B.E has been enhanced as the Director’s cut adding a story, new music and a few tweaks that makes Q.U.B.E. slightly better. But is it good? 

Review: Adventure Time: Puzzle Quest


Adventure Time is a crazy and very popular cartoon nowadays. Most of the fans are teenagers but that doesn’t change the fact that the humor of Adventure Time can work for a bigger audience. Jack and Finn start a new adventure on mobile devices and combine it with the classic ‘Match-three’ gameplay. But does it actually work?

Video: Camp Pokémon – Quick review & off-screen footage


Camp Pokémon is a new and free app that introduces the younger audience to the wonderful world of Pokémon. The game has several mini-games to offer, all in the world of the famous creatures. We played the game as well and tell you what it’s all about in our quick video review with a lot of off-screen footage.

You can find the video after the jump.

Review Round Up: (iOS) Temple Run 2 & Jurassic Park Builder


It’s been a while since I’ve used my iPhone for gaming but recently I’ve been playing quite a lot of new apps. Let’s kick things off with Temple Run 2.

Review: Rayman Jungle Run


After a while of trying to regain old glory, Rayman finally found the reboot he was desperately trying to find thanks to Rayman Origins. The gorgeous art style and fluent game mechanics turned this reboot into an instant classic. The game sold very good and now it’s time for the portable market to get a proper introduction of Rayman. But will the touch mechanics save or break this game?