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Review: Monster Hunter: Generations

Eleven years ago, I first ventured into the world of Monster Hunter. A chance encounter at our local game store. Fifteen years old me, with €5 in my pocket, rifling through the used games, stumbling upon a PS2 case that had a man with a giant blade fighting a dragon. I thought it looked cool and picked it up, I mean, €5 isn’t that much right?


Indie Corner: Dual Core (Wii U)

The twin-stick shooter is a very popular genre amongst independent developers. Dual Core is yet another twin-stick shooter, played with an isometric camera this time, that landed on Wii U. The real question is of course if this game is any different from the other twin-stick shooters on the virtual market. Time to find out in this new Indie Corner!


Review: Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The LEGO- series is one of the few series that can actually take a famous movie and adapt it to the LEGO- universe. They do this by combining humor with simplistic puzzles, action directed gameplay and an opportunity to collect all different kinds of stuff set in the LEGO world. After the Batman series, they quickly went into the fantasy world and adapted different famous titles such as the Hobbit and Marvel licenses to create a parody and getting away with it. This time, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is next…


Special: Pokéfever in 2016 – Part 1

Since we were ten years old, we’ve all been training for this lifetime adventure to catch Pokemon in the real world. All the hours I spent on watching the TV series, so I could study all the different Pokemon. What were their likes/dislikes, what Pokemon type overpowers the other, discovering their next step in evolution… Along the TV series, came the first Red/Blue Pokemon game, it was crazy to think that a game this simple could be this addicting: catching Pokemon, battling other players, trading Pokemon, defeating gyms and winning badges. These were the problems a 10-year-old had to face and now virtually became reality. Nintendo has made a kid’ dream a reality with their new successful app ” Pokemon Go!”


Indie Corner: Ziggurat (Wii U)

You don’t come across with a lot of dungeon crawler games on the Wii U system. Even more rare are first person dungeon crawler games, that’s exactly what Ziggurat is. It released a while back on other devices but landed on Wii U a couple of days ago. Do we need to celebrate its arrival in the eShop or was the shop better of without it? Let’s find out.


Review: Zero Time Dilemma

Nine people wake up imprisoned by a mysterious man. A coin is tossed. Guess the color and you’ll get your freedom back, guess wrong and at least six of your group have to die. It sounds like a sick episode of Saw but it’s the final and last game of the Zero Escape franchise. The franchise had its ups-and-down but Zero Time Dilemma is the perfect conclusion filled with dramatic decisions and different endings.


Review: Teddy Together

Nintendo released a new game that can best be  described as a fusion of Tamagotchi, Nintendogs and even a little bit of Miitomo. What results is a children friendly game where players need to take care of a cute teddy bear. Needless to say, this isn’t something the hardcore Nintendo gamer will appreciate but kids will definitely enjoy playing it, let’s explain why.


Preview: Mario Party: Star Rush

Nintendo is currently developing a new Mario Party for the Nintendo 3DS and it’s already bringing some interesting innovations. The biggest complaints about the Mario Party franchise are the waiting times, well those are gone forever in Star Rush. This Mario Party is all about collecting stars and having fun together.


Review: Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

Back in 2013, Nintendo revealed a Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem game. A lot of gamers wondered how both franchises would collide and what kind of game it would be. Now, years later, we finally got the answer thanks to Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. A traditional Japanese Role Playing Game with a unique setting. Is this the crossover we’ve all been waiting for? Or should we forget this product as fast as possible, find out in our review.


Review: Mighty No. 9 (WII U)

3 years ago Keiji Inafune the spiritual father of the hit franchise “Mega Man”, started a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a new game called: Mighty No. 9.  It would  be a side-scrolling action game with many similarities to the classic Mega Man franchise. Everybody got super hyped and the Kickstarter campaign raised more than 3.8 Million dollars. Now 3 years later, after a few delays, Mighty No. 9 finally is here.