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Category Archives: Nintendo

Indie Corner: Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse


Shantae has been around for a long time now but not a lot of gamers played it before. The reason for this is that the original game launched for the Game Boy Color when the Advance hit stores and sequels launched as digital and smaller games. Pirate’s Curse is the new adventure of Shantae and released on the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U and Steam. It’s been out for a while now but it’s still amazing!

Indie Corner: Blocky Bot

Blocky Bot featured

Modern games like to deliver complex stories and missions to satisfy its players but do you remember the golden years of gaming? When gaming started to get big, it weren’t the complex games that were popular; the simplest yet fun games were the blockbusters back in those days. Blocky Bot tries to go back to that era and delivers a very simple yet incredibly fun experience on Wii U.

Indie Corner: Canvaleon


Canvaleon tells the story of a sad but special chameleon that was born to be an outcast. Born without color and without the power of camouflage, everybody ignored the poor thing, even its parents. After years of struggling our little chameleon finds a friend in Doodle, an artists who sees the chameleon as a living canvas. No longer is the little chameleon sad, Canvas is born and ready to go on an adventure!

Indie Corner: The Fall

the fall header

The Fall is the first part of a trilogy from Over The Moon studios. The First part covers the theme of A.I. Identity and explores the many takes on Artificial Intelligence.

Indie Corner: Never Alone


The beauty about independent developers is that the risk of creating a game isn’t that big as with triple A games. If a big game fails to sell, it means trouble for the developers and their money they’ve invested in the project. With indie games it’s different. The developers can’t lose as much money as the big guys so this means they’re willing to take risks. Those risks result in original games such as Never Alone.

Indie Corner: Funk of Titans


Funk of Titans is a strange Indie game that reshapes ancient Greek mythology. In this reality, the titans wanted absolute power over the humans. In order to achieve this, they control the humans thanks to music. The titan of pop, rap and rock managed to transform the humans into mindless music listing zombies. It’s up to Perseus to stop those titans and rescue the faith of humanity. Sounds thrilling but it actually isn’t that exciting.

Indie Corner: Karous: The Beast of Re-Eden

Karous Indie

Karous, Japanese for raven, originally launched on Sega arcades and Dreamcast later on. Years after the original game, the shoot ‘em up gets a release on the Nintendo 3DS. It’s a great attempt to create something different in the shmup genre but it didn’t work out that great.

Review: Yoshi’s Woolly World


In a world created by fabric we find our favorite dinosaur. No time to help Mario and save the princess, it’s time to save the other Yoshi brothers and sisters! Yoshi is ready for the new adventure on Wii U and it’s without a doubt one of the best looking games on the console. Although a great looking game is fun, it’s no guarantee to make a great game. Is Wooly World good? Time to find out!

Indie Corner: Cube Life: Island Survival

Cube Life featured

Minecraft is a tremendous success and playable on almost every platform, except on Nintendo platform. Minecraft isn’t coming to Nintendo in the near future so if you want some Minecraft action, you’ll have to play some good alternatives. Cube Life is by far the best alternative for the sandbox filed with breakable blocks.

Review: My Zoo Vet Practice 3D.

zoo review

When people see My Zoo Vet Practice 3D they seem to think it’s nothing more than a shovelware game. And that’s kinda sad considering that many elements of this game show human nature is its fullests and it’s most “Naked form” if you will.