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Category Archives: Nintendo

Review: Skylanders: SuperChargers


It’s hard to imagine that the Skylanders franchise started as a spin-off to the popular Spyro franchise. The first Skylanders released in 2011 and was a huge success right from the start. Nowadays, Skylanders is one of the most important players in the toys to life market. The concept was strong from the start, but Activision constantly looked for innovation in new installments. SuperChargers is the first to bring vehicles to the franchise.

Review: Blood Bowl II


Some of the best sports games launched the past couple of days. With FIFA 16, Pro Evolution Soccer and NBA2K16, sports fans already got a lot of new games in their favorite genre. Blood Bowl II offers a different take on the sports genre. It’s based on American Football but goes its own ways with it. Forget everything you know about American Football and give this Warhammer inspired version a shot.

Indie Corner: Nova-111


For those who’ve played PixelJunk Shooter, Nova-111 won’t appear to be something new. Both games do the same; they put the player in a strange underground setting filled with aliens. It’s no surprise both games look the same since Nova-111 is created by ex-PixelJunk creators as Funktronic Labs. So the game isn’t that innovative or creative but it mixes some interesting genres together as one.

Indie Corner: Extreme Exorcism


The indie games are on a roll on Wii U. With games like Shovel Knight and Runbow, it looks like Nintendo’ newest console is the perfect home for Indies. Extreme Exorcism is another of those fantastic new indie games on the console and comes with a nice twist. In this game you fight ghosts that mimic your previous moves, sounds easy but nothing is as it seems.

Indie Corner: Guns, Gore and Cannoli


Guns, Gore and Cannoli is the first Belgian Xbox One game so it’s something special. Besides of being the first, it’s actually a game that manages to innovate the zombie gameplay. Zombies have invaded a lot of genres and franchises the couple of years but the run-and-gun genre was left alone. The Claeys Brothers thought it was time to bring the zombie invasion to this genre. Welcome to Guns, Gore and Cannoli.

Review: Disney Infinity 3.0


Disney is a huge force in the toys to life business thanks to Disney Infinity. Where both Nintendo and Activision are forced to use first party characters, Disney can go all out with Disney characters, Marvel characters and Star Wars characters. The database of character is insanely huge and that’s the power of Infinity of course. This year it’s time for the Star Wars franchise to shine, not only in a new movie but also as star of Disney Infinity 3.0!

Indie Corner: Year Walk


A Year Walk, or “Årsgång is a mysterious ritual found in the Swedish folklore. During a Year Walk, somebody takes a walk in the forest to find out more about his future. It’s believed that this works best during certain night and under certain circumstances. The person willing to do a Year Walk can’t eat, sleep or drink during the day, to enforce the visions of the Year Walk during the night. Year Walking isn’t always a good idea however since the future might not be what you wanted it to be.

Indie corner: Star Sky


Indie games benefit of the fact that they are created by small companies. Unlike the big studios, they can take more risks and use ideas others might think are too controversial for gaming. Star Sky is a new Wii U indie game and is actually a lot more than just a game. It’s best described as an interactive poem.

Review: Super Mario Maker


Super Mario took over the world 30 years ago. This year, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the mascot and have the opportunity to re-create some of our favorite levels of all time in Super Mario Maker. This game is the perfect celebration since it finally gives us the power to create the Mario levels of our dreams. Didn’t like the new 2D Mario games or want to make your favorite levels harder? It’s possible thanks to this Super Mario Maker, the perfect level creator.

Indie Corner: Zombie Defense


Zombie Defense is the debut on Wii U for developer Teyon. The game started as an Android game but made the switch to Wii U last week. Although you see in almost everything that it’s a portable game, it’s actually a rather fun tower defense game for the Nintendo console.