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Indie Corner: Space Hulk  


Space Hulk released for PC a while back and tries to bring the popular Warhammer board game to the virtual world. If you ever played the original Warhammer board game you know it’s a rather complex game, translating it to a console or PC isn’t that easy. Are you going to include all of the rules or go with a more streamlined version? It’s clear that Space Hulk went for the last option and this results in a rather mediocre Warhammer experience.

[Wii U VC] Super Mario Galaxy – video review


Super Mario Galaxy released back in 2007 on Wii but came to the Wii U’ eShop last week.

Is it worth checking out? Find out in our review!

Review: Final Fantasy: Explorers


Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise has been a true success to date, the games are still selling like hotcakes and sequels are being made regularly. It must hurt a company like Square Enix to see this success so they try to mimic the Monster Hunter formula in their own Final Fantasy: Explorers game for Nintendo 3DS. On paper it sounds smart, the Final Fantasy universe is filled with interesting monster to hunt, but this first attempt to create a ‘Final Fantasy Hunter’ isn’t that successful yet.

Indie Corner: Shadow Puppeteer


We’ve seen a lot of great indie games releasing on the Wii U’s eShop the past years. Nintendo’s virtual store is a true success and it seems like a lot of developers are willing to port or create unique games for the platform. Shadow Puppeteer originally launched on PC back in 2014 but made it to the eShop this year. It’s great to have games like this on Wii U, although it’s not perfect, it offers a unique kind of fun.

Backlog Review: Game and Wario.

backlog review game and wario header

A shallow Tech-demo…

Writer’s note: This was supposed to be a quick pit-stop for my reviews but life happened. Anyway There isn’t much to say about this one. It’s a spin-off of WarioWare and I treated it as such. It’s not WarioWare I know that and approached the game with that in mind.

Indie Corner: Radio Hammer


One of my favorite rhythm Nintendo DS games is “Elite Beat Agents”. I have never found a game that was so frustrating and addicting to play than “Elite Beat Agents” so you can imagine how I felt when I heard that the sequel of the game will only release in the eastern part of the world. The pick-up-and-play game just got me hooked for different kind of reasons.

Review: Resident Evil Zero(HD)

resident evil zero myeh

This game was packaged with REmake as the Resident Evil Origins Collection. If you want to read our thoughts about that game you can read our review here.

After the success of the Resident Evil Remake remaster, Capcom decided to re-release Resident Evil Zero. Along with some new costumes, a new mode and a smooth resolution bump you get the same experience you got in 2002. However a spit-shine and extra clothing don’t fix the problems Zero has. While still a solid game, one sole mechanic and area make it the weakest of the classic Resident Evil games. 

Indie Corner: Adventures of Pip


The world of Pip is created with pixels. The ‘normal’ people have a few pixels to get around with, while the rich and powerful have most pixels. There’s a big difference between ‘high definition’ characters and standard pixelated characters. It’s an interesting setting that got even more interesting when a powerful witch stole all pixels. It’s up to Pip, a single pixel, to save his gorgeous world.

[Wii U VC] Mario Kart 64 – video review


Mario Kart 64 just re-released in the Wii U’s eShop and we tried to find out if it’s still worth getting.

Find out everything you need to know about the game in this video review.

Indie Corner: Unepic


The moment I started up Unepic, it  immediately hit me with this overwhelming feeling of “back to the old days”… Colorful but simple graphics, easy-to-jump-in-and-play and yet challenging due to the brutal damage of dark creatures. The game takes you back to the “dark ages of video gaming” where you learn from your mistakes, taking note of every location or creature you encounter and give that sense of ” I achieved something”. Unepic is a classic adventure/ RPG- game inspired by favorite 2D action games like Mystic Quest or even The Legend of Zelda that’s played on the first ever gaming handheld, the classic Gameboy.