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Review: Project Cars Game of the Year Edition

One of the best racing simulators has released its game of the year edition. We are of course talking about Project Cars, the game by fans, for fans. While it’s not a racing simulator for everyone, it’s definitely the best one out there. Since its release in May 2015, Project Cars is the leading racing title in new technologies such as 12K and Virtual Reality and one of the most beloved game for the eSports programs as well

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Review: Yo-Kai Watch

Yo-kai Watch is a role-playing game where you collect and train monster-like creatures called Yo-Kai, to fight other Yo-Kai. I know, it really sounds like Pokémon although this game is totally different.


Indie Corner: Olympia Rising

Olympia Rising once started as a successful Kickstarter campaign, promising to bring back the traditional 2D action games. If you look at the screens, you know the developers went all out to succeed in their goal. The game combines the Greek mythology with an interesting pixel-art but is it fun to play? Time to find out in our new Indie Corner.


Review: Disney Infinity 3.0 – Marvel Battlegrounds

Disney Infinity 3.0 is a huge success, with new figurines offering the best of Disney, Marvel and Star Wars in one bundle. Until now, Star Wars was the main focus of Disney Infinity 3.0 but that’s about to change in Marvel Battlegrounds. It’s time to call in the Avengers and their friends and enemies; it’s time to enter the arena!


Review: Star Fox Zero

It has been a while since a Star Fox game was released but after 10 years Fox Mcloud and his loyal crew finally came out of retirement to fight an evil force and restore peace to the galaxy.


Review: Star Fox Guard

What once started as one of the strangest tech demos we ever played turned out to be an innovating spin-off game set in the Star Fox universe. Project Guard transformed into Star Fox Guard and certainly has that ‘Miyamoto’ magic all over it. Sure, it’s not the best Wii U game on the market but it’s one of the only games able to demonstrate the true power of the GamePad.


Review: Yoshi’s Story Wii U

Ever since Yoshi first appeared in Super Mario World he has been one of the most loved Nintendo character who helped Mario during his adventures to save Princes Peach. But in Yoshi’s Story, he goes on his own adventure with one goal: eat as much fruit as he can.


Indie Corner: Paranautical Activity

Paranautical Activity launched a while back on PC but landed on Wii U today. This isn’t your ordinary game, it’s a rogue-like dungeon crawler created in pixelated 3D environments. Don’t expect an easy ride; the eight levels are probably the eight most brutal levels you’ll ever play on your Wii U system. Are you looking for a challenge? Paranautical Activity might quench that thirst.