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Category Archives: Nintendo

Review: Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash  


The Wii U was supposed to have an unforgettable Holiday Season this year. With games as Star Fox: Zero and a new Zelda, the system would have one of its best Holidays for sure. Too bad those games got delayed to 2016 and Nintendo had to figure out what to do during the Holidays. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash was one of the answers but feels a little bit too rushed in order to release in time.

Review: Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival


Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival isn’t a video game at all and can’t be judged as one to be honest. If you’re looking for a game like Mario Party with an Animal Crossing theme, this Amiibo Festival won’t bring you any pleasure. The ‘game’ isn’t filled with mini-games but offers a more traditional board game experience. If you like to spend your evenings playing board games with friends, this Amiibo Festival might be a game for you.

Indie corner: Typoman

typoman review header

Typoman is conceptually an interesting game. However it’s not executed in the best way possible. Aside from under delivering on its premise Typoman is also prone to bugs and glitches.

Review: Zelda: Phantom Hourglass/Spirit tracks (Virtual Console)


Nintendo released both The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks on the Wii U Virtual Console. But how does this port plays? Find out everything about it in our video review of both games.

Note that we don’t discuss the games but look at the quality of the ports.

Review: Just Dance 2016


Just Dance started as an experiment years ago but is one of the most successful party games today. It has everything for a great evening with friends, from popular songs to awkward choreographies, when Just Dance is switched on, the party begins. In Just Dance 2016, everybody can join the fun thanks to smartphone support. Just Dance 2016 offers a lot of the same but why change a winning formula, right?

Indie Corner: Electronic Super Joy

super electronic joy review

Electronic super joy is a game that revels in its hardness. But with cheap deaths, a difficulty curve that goes brutal within the first world and level design that’s unfair, Super Joy shouldn’t celebrate just yet. Even if the celebration sounds amazing.

Special: Why you should download ‘Nintendo Badge Arcade’


Nintendo released the Nintendo Badge Arcade as a free-to-play game past Friday, exclusively on Nintendo 3DS. The software is completely free to try but requires real money if you want to collect all badges. But what is it all about, is it worth getting? We explain why you should download it if you own a Nintendo 3DS.

Indie corner: Freedom Planet.

freedom planet header

At first glance Freedom Planet looks like it’s just heavily inspired by Sonic The Hedgehog. But giving the game a more detailed look, players will see that not only does Freedom Planet homage the Genesis, Treasure Games and Rocket Knight; it stands strong all on its own. A treat to fans of the old and overall just a well designed game through and through Freedom Planet is a great game.

Review: Rodea: The Sky Soldier


The idea of Rodea: The Sky Soldier was formed a long time ago but the game never seemed to release on the market. It was supposed to release on Wii and 3DS but was put ‘on hold’ the past five years. Yuji Naka, who worked on Sonic and NiGHTS in the past, was head of the development team but couldn’t push the game for a retail release. Now, five years and a Wii U port later, Rodea finally hits the market but was it worth waiting for?

Review: Chibi-Robo: Zip Lash


Chibi-Robo has been around since the Nintendo GameCube era and was featured in a variety of games. The Chibi-Robo games are considered as ‘smaller’ Nintendo games and could never compete with the big franchises like Mario and Zelda. Nintendo tried to innovate the franchise with every new release and experimented a lot with it. From cleaning houses to taking pictures, the small Nintendo robot has done it all. In Zip Lash, the small robot goes on a traditional platform adventure with some fun new elements.