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Impressions: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Closed Beta

When you say “Game Beta”, you immediately think “Multiplayer Beta” because… That’s what Betas are for right? To test the Multiplayer, the servers, getting rid of some possible glitches, exploits and bugs, etc…

So why does a game that is singleplayer exclusive have a Beta? I asked myself that question while I played Dark Souls 3 during the time that it took for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst to download. Now the boss-man had asked for to make an impressions vid, so I complied. I set up my Elgato and waited for the game to install.


Review: Alienation

Alienation brings an interesting game to PlayStation 4. It comes at a cheaper price but it never feels like a low-budget game. Thanks to the new realistic fluid mechanism and the big explosions, this game feels right at home on the PlayStation 4. Call in some friends and prepare to take back what belongs to us!


Review: Nitroplus Blasterz Infinite Heroines Duel.

Nitroplus is a publisher who are known as one of the biggest distributors of visual novels. As such they have a wide array of series and characters under their name. So Nitroplus decided it might be a good idea to cross over several of their series together and make the Nitroplus Blasterz fighting game series. Now after several years Nitroplus decided to make a sequel to their first foray into the genre. Does Nitroplus Blasterz Infinite Heroines Duel manage to be infinite dueling fun or does it blast ass?


Review: Ratchet and Clank (PS4)

Ratchet and Clank finally arrive on the next generation Playstation console. This time around, however, the game is a remake of the first game released on the Playstation 2 AND a tie-in with the soon-to-be-released Ratchet and Clank movie. Needless to say, Ratchet and Clank are coming back big. But does the game deliver or is it just a pale imitation of the original.


Impressions: Doom Beta

Nowadays we have a wide variety of FPS games from run-and-gun to team-based tactics and even military simulators with high realism involved. But today we are looking at a reboot of a game that can be put on a list of shooters that gave birth to the FPS genre. I’m off course talking about Doom! Pitting you up against demons and hellfire with a wide diversity of blood splattering weapons we take a look at what ID Software is trying to do with an old school shooter brought back from the depths of hell itself.


Review: Répulique

Not many games touch on the totalitarianism setting. It’s a setting that requires smart writers and a solid atmosphere. Luckily République manages to do the setting right with an engaging mystery and interesting characters.


Review: Adam’s Venture Origins

To find a good puzzle adventure game today is a hard task to complete. A game that only offers an exclusive story with different mind-bending puzzles without any combat mechanics or a sense of deep exploration, often isn’t enough to stand out amongst other action-puzzle- adventure games like the Uncharted and Tomb Raider series. “Adam’s Venture: Origins” isn’t really trying to compete with these big titans on the market as some people might think, but it wants to be a standalone enjoyable game that takes you back to a place where games were just simple reworks of existing puzzles set in a fantasy environment. You can compare it with “Lost Horizon”. The game succeeds in bringing an old game genre back but because of the weak story and dull characters, it will lose some of its potential to create a returning community.


Indie Corner: Tachyon Project

The Tachyon Project is another twin-stick shooter that wants to bring something new to the table with a story mode. That’s right, this isn’t your regular twin-stick shooter; Tachyon Project brings you to the world of professional hackers. You’re gathering important information by shooting down the anti-viruses in your environment. Sound fun, but is it actually enjoyable? Time to find out.


Review: Dirt Rally

WARNING: This review is written from the viewpoint of a complete beginner. I have no experience with rally games or the rally sport in any way, shape or form. If you’re reading this and think to yourself “Huh, that’s just like me!” then take this to heart. If you’re an adept rally racer and you know your suspensions from your driveshafts, this review will probably read like blasphemy. However, you’ll be able to deduce that this game would be something for you. With that out of the way… The review.