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Backlog Review: Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

resident evil 3 backlog review

The most terrifying game in the series. Writer’s Note: Every November 31st(Halloween) I have a tradition of playing trough a Resident Evil game in chronological order. Why chronological? Ehh… why not. This year being the fifth year it was Nemesis’ turn.

Review: Sword Art Online: Lost Song


I must admit, I never heard of Sword Art Online before this game landed on my doorstep. Sword Art Online is a popular anima/manga franchise but more importantly, for us, it’s also a game franchise. I’m sure this product is meant for fans and they’ll enjoy the story for sure. If you don’t get the story however, there’s still some fun found in the game.

Review: Star Wars Battlefront


Just one month before the most anticipated movie of this century, we can now finally embrace the force in Battlefront once again. But was it worth the 10 years of waiting isolated on Dagobah?

Review: Fallout 4


“ I don’t want to set the world on fire. I just want to start, a flame in your heart…” – The Ink Spots

Review: The Crew – Wild Run


The Crew is Ubisoft’s open-world driver that wanted to translate the road trip experience to the digital world. The game wasn’t a big success right from the start but thanks to some impressive DLC and patches, the game became better and better. Nowadays, more than four million people are playing it and we think a lot new player might join thanks to the Wild Run expansion. The Wild Run adds a lot of fun things and removes some of the bugs of the original game.

Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3  



The most popular franchise of the past years has returned for another explosive round. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is the major new installment in the franchise and has tons of content to offer. Want to enjoy a great single player? It’s here. More a multiplayer type? It’s bigger than ever. Like to kill zombies? Take them down in Black Ops 3! The game is packed with content and is a must-have for shooter fans.

Review: Just Dance 2016


Just Dance started as an experiment years ago but is one of the most successful party games today. It has everything for a great evening with friends, from popular songs to awkward choreographies, when Just Dance is switched on, the party begins. In Just Dance 2016, everybody can join the fun thanks to smartphone support. Just Dance 2016 offers a lot of the same but why change a winning formula, right?

Indie Corner: Slender: The Arrival


Slender Man, one of the most popular monsters nowadays. It all started with the original Slender game on PC and a lot of other followed in its creepy footsteps. Slender: The Arrival let’s you fight, or actually run away from the teleporting creep in big open locations. The game isn’t new but it finally arrived on Wii U. Is it worth getting or will it cause sleepless nights of disappointment? Time to find out!

Review: NBA 2K16


2K is a respected developer, publisher and distributor who made a lot of top games like Borderlands, Civilization, The Darkness, … But they’re also known for their fantastic sport series such as WWE 2K and NBA 2K. This time they had the difficult task to improve their last NBA 2K15 and from what I’ve seen and played, they’ve created the best basketball game yet on the market.

Review: W2K16


WWWE is a long-running franchise with annual releases, meaning the gamers expect a lot of each new entry. The 2K15 entry marked the jump of the franchise to the current generation consoles and it was one big disappointment. Where 2K14 delivered a lot of playable characters and modes, 2K15 dropped most of those to improve the looks with modern technology. Fans weren’t pleased at all; this wasn’t the WWE they’ve hoped for! 2K16 delivers what fans asked for back in those days and throws a ton of content on top of that!