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Review: Battlefield Hardline


If you ever wanted to play good cop with a taste of bad cop, battlefield: Hardline might be the game you’re looking for… Let’s take a look at it. You have the right to remain silent and enjoy this review of the latest battlefield!

Review: Resident Evil: Revelations 2


The human nature is strange sometimes. In real life, we’ll run as far away from things we fear but in ‘safer’ environments we seek the thrill of survival. Resident Evil is such an environment and welcomes players who want to be afraid. Revelations 2 is the newest in the franchise and succeeds in rebooting the old formula into a very intense rollercoaster.

Review: DMC Devil May Cry – Definitive Edition


The Devil May Cry franchise is a very popular franchise that got rebooted back in 2013. Although not all fans agreed with the new design of protagonist Dante; they all agreed that the quality of the game was great and the gameplay was considered one of the best in the franchise. Now, the Definitive Edition of this reboot is up in stores and delivers an even better experience!

Review: White Night


White Night brings a new kind horror experience to consoles and PC. This magnificent Indie is created using black and white graphics to create a different atmosphere. The game really succeeds in creating a thrilling atmosphere but isn’t perfect yet.

Review:DragonBall Xenoverse


The DragonBall universe has been around for years but still remains very popular. It’s been a while since a DragonBall game was released but now that Xenoverse is up for sale, fans of the franchise finally got the game they always dreamed of. In this game, you’ll create your own warrior to join the historical combat scenes of the anime. But is it all really that good?

Review: Resident Evil Revelations 2 -Penal Colony review


In this video, we review the just released first episode of Resident Evil Revelations 2.

Aside of the review, you’l also see some high quality gameplay of the game.

Review: Evolve


Hunt or be hunted! Kill or be killed! These two quotes are 2 things you should keep in mind if you want to be successful in one of the most anticipated games of the year: Evolve. Gamers have been following this game for weeks if not for months and we finally get our hands on it! First impression: beastly fun!

Review: The Order 1886


The Order 1886 is a very important game for PlayStation 4 owners and has been source for a lot of discussion lately. Is it too short? Are there too many quick time events? Is it more like an interactive movie or game? A lot of questions that need answers. But the most important one is of course: ‘Is it fun to play?’ It sure is!

Review: Life is Strange – Chrysalis


Life is strange; it can give you things you never expected to be possible. It gives you opportunities to see things in a new perspective, to live your life in new and different ways. It isn’t always that pretty and it doesn’t always make sense, but accepting new things in life is something everybody should do. Let’s start with this interesting first episode of the game Life is Strange.

Review: Saints Row – Gat out of Hell


Gat out of Hell is the new standalone DLC of Saints Row IV and takes you straight to hell. You won’t like your first steps in hell, but the more time you’ll spend there, the more it will grow on you. The Gat out of Hell DLC isn’t what you expect but is a lot of fun to play!