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Indie Corner: The Witness


Winter is still lurking around and with the stormy weather and rain it’s kind of OK to daydream about a beautiful island filled with vivid colours. I mean no offense, it’s OK to solve some puzzles you found in your newspaper while staring through the rainy window. But what if you could combine the brainmelting puzzling with the island exploration? Be the witness of that successful marriage!

Review: Unravel


Unravel was first revealed to the public on the E3 2015 stage. It was a strange little gem on the EA show. Among games like Star Wars: Battlefront, tons of Sports games and a new Garden Warfare came Unravel. A cute little platforming/puzzle-solving game featuring an adorable protagonist. Now, the mysterious game finally released for consoles and PC and it’s something we couldn’t prepare ourselves for. Unravel grabs your attention from the first until the last second.

Review: Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Russia

Russia Featured

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Russia is the third and final episode of the Chronicles franchise. A franchise that already brought us to China and India. Russia is an entirely different experience since we play during a darker era. Mother Russia is about to lose its last Tsar to the Templars and it’s up to assassin Nikolai to rescue and guard the valuable princess Anastasia. Prepare for a dark and gritty Assassin’s Creed story!

Indie Corner: Firewatch


Firewatch is a game that at first looks like a quirky little romp. And while that is partly true the game does a lot more than that. It’s a story that deals with some interesting themes and above all makes the player feel just a bit paranoid. It’s an interesting narrative but is there enough to make the experience worth it?

Review: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4


Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 marks the end of a gorgeous era. The Ninja Storm games spanned multiple console generations and delivered true Naruto happiness to its players. Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 marks the end of the franchise and is CyberConnect 2’ goodbye to their beloved franchise. It still follows the path of its predecessors but it’s safe to say that Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is the most perfect Narotu game, one you simply need to play.

Indie Corner: Sparkle 2


Last year, 10tons games brought us a solid ‘match three’ game with Sparkle: Unleashed. The game was pretty solid but we didn’t like everything. If you want to learn more about Sparkle: Unleashed, be sure to read our original review. That being said, we’re here to talk about the sequel, Sparkle 2 now. Sparkle 2 follows the same path as its predecessor but manages to innovate and optimize the gameplay.

Review: Resident Evil Zero(HD)

resident evil zero myeh

This game was packaged with REmake as the Resident Evil Origins Collection. If you want to read our thoughts about that game you can read our review here.

After the success of the Resident Evil Remake remaster, Capcom decided to re-release Resident Evil Zero. Along with some new costumes, a new mode and a smooth resolution bump you get the same experience you got in 2002. However a spit-shine and extra clothing don’t fix the problems Zero has. While still a solid game, one sole mechanic and area make it the weakest of the classic Resident Evil games. 

Hands-on: Tom Clancy’s The Division – Beta


I’ll be honest here, I knew that “The Division” was getting released, but asked me what it was about and I’d have uttered a long drawn out “Uuuuum” sound.

Review: A Boy and his Blob


A Boy and his Blob originally released on the NES back in 1989. In 2009 however, WayForward released a re-imagination of the game exclusively on Wii. Those who’ve played it will always remember it as an incredible cute platformer with difficult puzzles. Now, years after the original, the game lands on modern consoles and PC. Things haven’t changed that much so it’s still

Review: Assassin’s Creed: Chronicles – India


Assassin’s Creed is a very important franchise for Ubisoft. It started years ago and brought us to gorgeous locations such as Rome, London and the early America. If we can believe the rumors, we won’t see another main Assassin’s Creed until 2017 but that’s nothing to worry about since the colorful Assassin’s Creed: Chronicles: India is definitely worth your time.