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[Amiibo] Mega Yarn Yoshi – Size compare and unboxing


We unbox the Mega Yarn Yoshi and compare him to a lot of other objects, just how big is it?

Check it out inside!

[Amiibo] Animal Crossing – first wave unboxing


We unboxed every Animal Crossing Amiibo of the first wave, including Tom Nook, Isabelle, Mabel, Digby, Cyrus, Reese, K.K and Lottie.

This video shows you each version up close, hope you like it!

[Amiibo] Falco unboxing and comparison


We unbox the new Falco Amiibo and compare him with Fox of the Smash line.

Hope you enjoy this one as well!

[Fallout 4] Pip-Boy Edition unboxing and test


We unbox the special Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition and test the great Pip-Boy with our mobile phone.

Want to see the Pip-Boy in action? Come take a look inside!

[Hyrule Warriors: Legends] Hands-on – Tetra gameplay


We’ve played Hyrule Warriors: Legends during the Paris Games Week and give our hands-on impressions in this video.

You’ll also find a lot of Tetra footage in here!

[Amiibo] Chibi-Robo – Unboxing and comparison


We unbox the stand-alone version of the Chibi-Robo Amiibo and compare it to others in the Amiibo line.

Check out the cute little robot in this video!

[What Remains of Edith Finch] Interview and off-screen footage


We played the new PSN game What Remains of Edith Finch during the Paris Games Week and enjoyed playing as several animal.

The game is created by the talented studio behind Unfinished Swan.

[Street Fighter V] Dhalsim and Laura – Alternate Colors, hands-on


Street Fighter V was playable during the Paris Games Week and we got our hands on Dhalsim and Laura.

You’ll see their alternate colors and we tell you how they play in this video.

[Super Rude Bear: Resurrection] Interview with Alex Rose


Super Rude Bear: Resurrection is a new Indie game that’s coming to PlayStation 4.

Alex Rose explains why the game is worth checking out.

[Xenoblade Chronicles X] A look at the monsters


Xenoblade Chronicles X was once again playable at the Paris Games Week.

We played this final version and show you some of its impressive monsters.