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Category Archives: Video

Video: Donkey Kong Country Returns – Wii U GamePad footage


The second digital Wii game in the European Wii U eShop is Donkey Kong Country Returns.

We show you the use of the GamePad in our special video.

Video: Amiibo wave 3: Closer look


We were lucky enough to grab 4 upcoming Amiibo figurines before they hit stores later this week.

Wondering how Toon Link, Bowser, Sheik, Lucario and Ike look like? Check out our video inside!

Video: Citizens of Earth – GamePad use


Citizens of Earth will release as a new downloadable game starting next week.

To show you what this game is all about, we recorded the first 15 minutes, including GamePad use.

Video: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – Special demo Beginner mode


As you might have heard during the Nintendo Direct, Nintendo gave fans a code to download the special Monster Hunter 4 Ulitmate demo.

We show you short off-screen gameplay of the new Beginner mode.

Video: Super Mario Galaxy 2 – playing the intro on the GamePad


Today, Nintendo revealed that some Wii games will be re-released on Wii U.

We played the first game, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and played it using the GamePad and Wii controllers.

Video: New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition – comparison


We give you a HD look at the New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition and compare it with older models.

Enjoy our video inside.

Video: GTA V Easter egg: replace the streetlights by LED’s


We did another short video of Grand Theft Auto V.

This time we discovered a fun Easter egg to change the lights into LED’s.

Video: Let it snow in GTA V


With the Christmas Holidays, Rockstar turned the world of Grand Theft Auto V into a frozen paradise.

Watch us have some fun in the snow…. GTA style.

Video: Halo 5 Guardians Beta – Truth Map


We also played the second map of the Beta today.

See us play on the map named Truth inside!

Video: Halo 5: Guardians Beta – Empire map


We play the Halo 5 Multiplayer Beta on the map Empire in a Slayer Deathmatch.

The video shows off the Empire map.