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Category Archives: Video

Video: [Street Fighter V] Impressions and alternate costumes


So today we went to a special Street Fighter V event and got our hands on six of the characters, showing their alternate costumes.

This video features our first impressions as well as tons of new off-screen footage.

Video: Check out all of Mortal Kombat X’s Tremor Fatalities, Brutalities and X-Rays.

tremor header

Tremor is out and you can see all of his moves here.

Video: Yoshi’s Woolly World: Dr. Mario, Bowser Jr. and Olimar costumes


In this short video we show you the three new costumes of Yoshi’s Wooly World up close.

Hope you like these cute little patterns!

Video: Amiibo Wave 6: Bowser Jr., Olimar and Dr. Mario – Close Look


We unbox and show you the three new Amiibo of Bowser Jr, Olimar and Dr. Mario.

Hope you enjoy this first look at these new Amiibo figurines.

Video: Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam – Hands-on discussion: Needs a lot of work


The last of our hands-on video is Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, a new 2016 game for the Nintendo 3DS.

We’ve played some old and new modes so come find out what we think of it so far.

Video: Satoru Iwata – Miiverse tribute


The gaming world is remembering everything Satoru Iwata did, Miiverse is filled with special messages in honor of Nintendo’s CEO.

This video shows some of these special message up close.

Video: Metroid Prime Blast Ball impressions – Stop hating it


We got our hands on Metroid Prime Blast Ball, part of the Federation Force Metroid game for 3DS.

There’s a lot of hate on the internet but the game is actually fun to play.

Video: Chib-Robo Zip Lash – It’s like Castlevania mini


We got some time with the new upcoming Chibi-Robo for Nintendo 3DS.

It plays like Castlevania and Bionic Commando but with that classic Nintendo feel to it. Also look at that cute little Amiibo!

Video: Super Mario Maker: hands-on impressions


We got some hands-on time with Super Mario Maker the other day and it’s even better than we hoped for.

Find out more about this upcoming classic in our video discussion.

Video: Yokai Watch impressions


Yokai Watch was also playable for us today and we took our time to see if the game was any good. It was a pleasant surprise!

Find out more about this game in our special video!