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Video: Until Dawn: Impressions – Direct feed gameplay


We got our hands on the new PlayStation 4 exclusive ‘Until Dawn’.

In this video we show you fragments of the launch party and give you our first impressions of the game, together with direct feed footage.

Video: Preview: Gears of War: Ultimate Edition


We played some Gears of War: Ultimate Edition on Xbox One and talk about this remaster in our special preview.

The video comes with some impressive direct feed footage as well.

Video: Zombi VS ZombiU


We compare the first minutes of the new digital Zombi (Xbox One) with the original ZombiU version on Wii U.

This video shows off the differences in graphics and gameplay without GamePad.

Video: Star Wars Battlefront air combat impressions.


Everyone has an oppinion including me. Only difference is that I work for a site and have a mike so suck it.

Video: Xbox Elite Controller – Gamescom hands-on


We got our hands on the new Xbox Elite Controller during the Microsoft showcase at Gamescom.

In this video we give you a close look at the controller and tell you everything you need to know.

Video: Fable: Legends – Direct feed hands-on


We’ve played some Fable: Legends here at Gamescom and share our impression.

In this video you’ll see some direct feed footage as well!

Video: Gamescom 2015: Blizzard Booth – Sick statues


Another Gamescom 2015 video showing you the impressive booth of Blizzard.

The booth had a lot of games to offer but also had a lot of gorgeous statues.

Video: Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate – Hands-on impressions


We’ve played the new Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate during Gamescom and wanted to share our impressions and hands-on footage with the rest of you!

This video features Evie as she tries to take down a target guarded in a tower.

Video: Rainbow Six Siege: First impressions and off-screen footage


We got our hands on Rainbow Six: Siege here at Gamescom 2015 and share our first impressions as well as some good looking off-screen footage.

Check it out inside.

Video: Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash – first impressions and off-screen


Another video from Gamescom, this time we checked out Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash and give you our first impressions as well as some off-screen footage.

Come inside to check it all out!