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NEWS: WRC 3 Launch Trailer


Yesterday saw the release of WRC 3 alongside Dishonored and XCOM. So it may have been a game which went under the radar for you. Here is the launch trailer for the game. Also releasing later this month is the Vita version of the game.

NEWS: Dishonored Launch Trailer


Dishonored should be releasing here in the EU on Friday but it is already out in the US. The game has been met with positive reviews, with its metacritic score being very close to 90 for both the PS3 and 360, the game also releases on PC.

NEWS: Bethesda’s Dishonored launches October 12th


The upcoming actiongame Dishonored, published by Bethesda, is in stores October 12th.

This was made public by Bethesda via a pressmessage.

NEWS: Max Payne 3 official TV Commercial


A bit more than a month to go and then, finally, you get to be the biggest bad-ass cop from the New York Police Department, considering there aren’t any real good cops anymore…