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News:Mortal kombat X has a story trailer and reveals a boatload of characters.


A lot of babies were made in the 25 years of mortal kombating.

News:Rejoice GTA 5’s heists are finaly coming March 10th.


So finally after all the waiting heists are within reach, and for those PC player hold on tight cause the PC version is coming out a bit after the heist update.

News: Here are Kitana and Reptiles variations.

reptile kitana

Let’s break down the beauty and the beast. A small side note, Jade is out. R.I.P. in peace Jade.

Fun: Battlefield Hardline has some of the best easter eggs yet, and it’s still in beta.

battlefield vanish hand

The reload animations and donut easter eggs are what I presume only the beginning.

News: Here is a new Mortal Kombat X info which shows at least one unanounced character.

mkx faction war

There is gonna be a lot to do in this game.

News: YES. Travelers Tale spared no expense on LEGO Jurasic World.

jurasic world

Welcome to Jurassic Park clever girl it on CD-rom, and I don’t know how to force more quotes in a sentence.

News: Here are the Kung Lao variations.

kung lao

Together with the Ermac reveal NetherRealm has finally shown off all The Kung Lao variations.

News: Watch Apex 2015 right here. UPDATE Apex currelty postponed due to bad conditions

Apex 2015 head

UPDATE:Apex is currently postponed due to the venue being an unsafe enviroment, Apex will be moved to another location.

You ready for a lot of Smash Bros hype cause its Apex time baby.

News: Ermac joins the cast of Mortal Kombat X. Who’s next?


He wields these souls by the thousand yet he has no heart.

News: Far cry 4’s Hurk Deluxe DLC is now available.


All new weapons, All new missions, the Hurk Deluxe pack has it all.