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News: Watch Apex 2015 right here. UPDATE Apex currelty postponed due to bad conditions

Apex 2015 head

UPDATE:Apex is currently postponed due to the venue being an unsafe enviroment, Apex will be moved to another location.

You ready for a lot of Smash Bros hype cause its Apex time baby.

News: Ermac joins the cast of Mortal Kombat X. Who’s next?


He wields these souls by the thousand yet he has no heart.

News: Far cry 4’s Hurk Deluxe DLC is now available.


All new weapons, All new missions, the Hurk Deluxe pack has it all.

News: Dragon’s Dogma Online is announced, will be free to play, has 4-player co-op.

Dragons Dogma Online

After a long wait fans finally get a new Dragon’s Dogma but will this be what fans want?

News: Who’s next? Well apparently Reptile is in this Mortal Kombat X trailer.


Everyone’s favorite invisible, acid spitting lizard is back in this Mortal Kombat X trailer.

Review: Resident Evil (HD Remaster)

resident evil

Welcome to the world of survival horror….. IN HD. The Remake of Resident Evil has been re-released to remind everyone how true survival horror is done. Intense atmosphere, an interesting mystery, clever puzzles and incredible visuals add together for an unforgettable journey through the zombie infested Spencer mansion. Trying to survive and find out the secrets of the mansion. Limited saves, quick deaths and scares ammo prove that this game is rather unforgiving and challenging on higher difficulties. And with an HD polish and analog controls this is almost the definitive edition. Almost.

Fun: Your mom will never ever be as cool as Jamie Lee Curtis.


No no do it slowly do it…. duecement.

News: The EVO 2015 lineup is revealed and has the tekken 7 arcade release playable.

evo roster

While the famed tournament is months away the lineup has been revealed and it seems like Tekken 7 will a tourney worthy game even before releasing in Europe and the US.

News: Dead Or Alive’s new character is Honoka and totally is 18 we swear.


Dead Or Alive’s last character has been revealed, her name is Honoka and she has a knack for instantly learning fighting moves she sees. SO KAWAI :3

News: NetherReal released a trailer showing of Kung Lao and a veteran fighter.


Kitana… you are still alive?

Too bad you’ll die!