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NEWS: PlayStation Plus Now On PS Vita


Today sees PlayStation Plus make it’s way to the PS Vita. Plus members can expect to receive Uncharted Golden Abyss (our review), Gravity Rush, Chronovolt and Mutant Blobs for free.

NEWS: PlayStation Mobile Now Live On Vita And Android


PlayStation mobile is now live on the PS Vita and Anrdoid devices. The games on PS Vita are available from the normal PS Store. Online Leaderboards and trophies will also feature soon.

Review: Sound Shapes (PS Vita/PS3)


Video games are an art. Sound Shapes perfectly demonstrates this. By adding a musical touch to the core gameplay mechanics each level not only turns into a challenging platformer but also a song.

NEWS: LittleBigPlanet Vita trailer


It’s been a while since we last heard of LittleBigPlanet Vita, until today.

Sony Japan released a new trailer showing us all the fun we can have with the famous Sackboy.

Review: F1 2011 (Vita)

F1 2011

F1 2011 on the Vita is an exciting prospect. The idea of the entire F1 world being accessible in the palms of your hands whilst on the move makes this so. However, sadly it hasn’t reached the potential it should of.

Review: PS Vita AR Round-Up


Augmented Reality on the PS Vita didn’t really get off to a good start with the first three games that have become available for it, which is a shame as it is a great prospect. Both Table Top Tanks and PulzAR have gone about to change this though.

NEWS: Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz trailer


Sega released a new trailer for its upcoming Vita game Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz.

Super Monkey Ball is a franchise that appeared a lot on handheld systems but this episode will feature some innovations.

NEWS: Time Travelers trailer


A new trailer has been released for Level-5’s upcoming Time Travelers.

The story is about 5 different characters and you’ll be able to switch between their storylines.

NEWS: Sony E3 conference highlights


Just as all major companies, except of Nintendo, did yesterday, Sony held their conference.

You’ll read all the big announcements and information here.

NEWS: Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation leaked


It looks like Game Informer leaked yet another game developed by Ubisoft just days before the E3 revealing.

This time Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation was revealed, a PS Vita exclusive featuring a female Assassin.