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Special: GOTY 2015

2015 is coming to a close and we’ve seen a lot of stuff happen this year. Let’s take a look at what has been dubbed “the year of dreams” or “the year of open worlds” and see what our favorite games were. 

backlog review bastion

Backlog Review: Bastion

A game that succeeds on every front. Writer’s Note: It’s a bit intimidating writing a review of a game made by one of the big reviewers of back in the day. I have always respected Gregg Kasavin and other former Gamespot reviewers as some of the best in what they do, so there is a bit of pressure to try and do my best. So with that said let’s go:


Review: Guitar Hero Live

Every single time I go to a rock concert of one of my favorite bands, I always start to wonder how it must be for all of those artists, to get on that stage and blow the roof off that place. What kind of feeling do they actually have when they see all of those people singing along with the main singer, playing air guitar on their favorite tunes or fans screaming the craziest things… It’s something, we’ll never understand or feel. Although there are developers who try to simulate that feeling or experience with games like Rock band, Guitar Hero and Singstar but they never seem to capture that real life “WOW”- feeling due to the lack of immersion. The “Guitar hero”- franchise has left the stage for a couple of years and started its comeback by launching a redefined simulation of the rock experience namely “Guitar Hero Live”. Will the game perform its best show yet or let down the fans?

Skullgirls 2nd Encore_20150821150030

Review: Skullgirls 2nd Encore.

Skullgirls is a 2-D fighter that is beautifully and expertly hand drawn. Not only does it ooze style and looks beautiful, it’s an amazing homage to fighting games and the fighting games community that any member of this community will be sure to smile and laugh at. And to top it all off the game itself plays great and has some amazingly creative mechanics.


Gamescom: impressions and hands- on LEGO Dimensions.

At Gamescom, we got our hands on the upcoming action game Lego Dimensions. With this new Lego game, Warner Bros wants to compete with similar games like Disney Infinity and Amiibo. They’ve got a good concept up their sleeves to stand out from these other interactive games.

Why I think Lego Dimensions has a good fighting chance to attract players is the fact that they can go almost everywhere and tingle the interest of a bigger crowd.


Gamescom: w2k16 preview

2K gave us a presentation for their next wrestling game named w2k16. It’s the most popular wrestling game on the market and here’s why… The developers want to stay real to the wrestling game, so it’s obvious they went for a realistic approach. Everything you see in the game is based on the authentic wrestling universe we all know.