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Review: Mortal Kombat X


Mortal Kombat is finally out and after some time we know just how good this game is.

Check out the review below. 

News: Beowulf is the newest adition to Skullgirls and is free.


Beowulf is officialy out today and like all others before him he can be downladed for free the first three months.

News: Here is the Mortal Kombat X launch trailer with System Of A Down.

MKX launch

I think Chop Suey isn’t the best choices considering there are more fitting song by System Of A Down.

News: Erron Black is finaly revealed as a playable character.

erron black

I’ve had it up to here with your “rules”. WHEN DO WE GET THE FREAKING GUNS!!

News: Here is the Shaolin trailer now with extra Liu Kang.

liu kang

The trailer focuses on Kung Lao, Kung Jin and OG gangster Liu Kang.

News: IT’S HAPPENING, Predator is in MKX along with Tanya and Tremor and Liu Kang.

mkx predator

Netherrealm you son of a bitch. Predator has finally been confirmed together with Tanya and Tremor.

News: Finally my dream of playing as Lego Jeff Goldblum is coming true.

jurrasic world

Come on who wouldn’t wanna play as the Blumster. Triceratops, t-rex and velociraptor are some of the Lego-Dinosaurs we are going to see in this retelling of the four films.

News: Shinnok and Kenshi confirmed playable in MKX and the guest character is revealed.


And what a coincidence it’s Friday the 13 today. Yup Jason Voorhees is playable and in the kombat pack together with two other fighter and one last guest character.

News: The cage family is the cutest and funniest thing I’ve seen all week.


Johny Cage and Sonya Blade are shown playable together with Mileena. This has to be the funniest trailer Mortal Kombat which shows of a bit more of the story mode.

PSA: Titanfall season pass DLC is free right now all platforms.

titanfall one year

In honor of Titanfall’s one year Respawn Entertainment is giving away all of the Titanfal maps for free, but it’s unknown whether this will stay or is a limited so get it now.