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NEWS: First captions of Wasteland 2

The past few months, we only got some artwork and screenshots, but now, it’s time for gameplay footage. Developer inXile has collected quite an amount of money from Kickstarter, so Wasteland 2 went into development.


NEWS: Dead Space 3 DLC in March

Today, Electronic Arts has announced that we can expect the first DLC for Dead Space 3 next month. The extension will be called “Awakened” and is being described as a “dark experience”.

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NEWS: No Halo 3 for PC

Earlier this week, there were reports of Halo 3 appearing on Steam. Now, Microsoft responded to the rumours and said they have no plans on releasing the game on PC. The game has gotten to old to release now. So for now, the game remains Xbox Exclusive.  


NEWS: Dead Space 3 exclusive accessoire

Dead Space 3 comes to stores this week, but for the die-hard fans, EA has quite an exclusive accessoire. For 265 dollars (or about 195 euros), you can order a special Dead Space 3 watch.


REVIEW: Hitman: Absolution

HITMAN: Absolution (Review) Agent 47, the original assassin, is back. We needed 6 years of patience, but it is here: Hitman: Absolution. The rumors were that it would be easier than its predecessors, which made a lot of fans doubt if the game would still have its old charm that they were used to. The […]


NEWS: Splinter Cell: Blacklist has been postponed

Ubisoft has announced that Splinter Cell: Blacklist, their newest Splinter Cell game, has been postponed. The date of release has been set to August 10, in stead of this spring.


NEWS: Microsoft continues Xbox 360 free-to-play experiments with new Full House Poker game

Microsoft will continue dabbling in free-to-play Xbox 360 games with the next instalment of popular card sim Full House Poker.


Review: Far Cry 3 – Single Player

Have I ever told you the definition of insanity? Well insanity is to do the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Far Cry 3 has been my most anticipated game for a very long time, and thankfully for me it hasn’t disappointed at all, in fact it’s surpassed any expectations I had.


NEWS: Co-op trailer Dead Space 3 looks promising

The third part of the Dead Space franchise will be in stores in Februari of next year. That’s not so long from now, so developer EA decided to release a co-op trailer which looks pretty promising. It’s the first Dead Space game with a co-op, so we’ll have to wait and see if it is […]


NEWs: AC III Tyranny of King Washington trailer

Assassin’s Creed III has been out into the public for a few weeks now, and gamers can’t seem to get enough of it. That’s why a DLC is being released. The Tyranny of King Washington shows America during the ruling of King Washington. Welcome to a new reality!