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News: The cage family is the cutest and funniest thing I’ve seen all week.


Johny Cage and Sonya Blade are shown playable together with Mileena. This has to be the funniest trailer Mortal Kombat which shows of a bit more of the story mode.

PSA: Titanfall season pass DLC is free right now all platforms.

titanfall one year

In honor of Titanfall’s one year Respawn Entertainment is giving away all of the Titanfal maps for free, but it’s unknown whether this will stay or is a limited so get it now.

News: More Mortal Kombat X charaters leaked, Johnny Cage confirmed playable

mkx leak

Jax, Sonya, Johny Cage and Kenshi are characters in question. Kensi was leaked in a ign artikel about the mobile game.

News:Mortal kombat X has a story trailer and reveals a boatload of characters.


A lot of babies were made in the 25 years of mortal kombating.

Fun: Battlefield Hardline has some of the best easter eggs yet, and it’s still in beta.

battlefield vanish hand

The reload animations and donut easter eggs are what I presume only the beginning.

News: Here is a new Mortal Kombat X info which shows at least one unanounced character.

mkx faction war

There is gonna be a lot to do in this game.

News: YES. Travelers Tale spared no expense on LEGO Jurasic World.

jurasic world

Welcome to Jurassic Park clever girl it on CD-rom, and I don’t know how to force more quotes in a sentence.

News: Ermac joins the cast of Mortal Kombat X. Who’s next?


He wields these souls by the thousand yet he has no heart.

News: Far cry 4’s Hurk Deluxe DLC is now available.


All new weapons, All new missions, the Hurk Deluxe pack has it all.

News: Who’s next? Well apparently Reptile is in this Mortal Kombat X trailer.


Everyone’s favorite invisible, acid spitting lizard is back in this Mortal Kombat X trailer.