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News: Titanfall: Frontier’s Edge will be playable soon!

The next DLC for the famous shooter “Titanfall” will be releasing this week! 


NEWS: Hundreds of new games coming to Xbox 360

In the next twelve months alone your gonna see such hits as Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns, Batman Arkham Origins and GTA V.

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NEWS: Microsoft revealed new model Xbox 360

On the E3 stage, Yusef Mehdi confirmed the new Xbox 360 model. From July 1, Xbox Live Gold members will get two free games to download per month.


NEWS: No more PS3 exclusives from Thatgamecompany

Thatgamecompany is a magnificent game developer. They brought us some masterpieces, like flOw, Flower and recently, Journey. Journey was also chosen by us as the best PS3 game of last year. These games brought some money in the drawer, but apparantly not enough to keep making PSN exclusives.


NEWS: 11 minutes of Lara Croft in gameplay video of Tomb Raider

Crystal Dynamics has released the eleven minute video in which we go from a monastary to a slum. During the video, we see how Lara uses cover to listen in on conversations, how to work with your surroundings to defeat or avoid enemies and how choices can effect her.


NEWS: First captions of Wasteland 2

The past few months, we only got some artwork and screenshots, but now, it’s time for gameplay footage. Developer inXile has collected quite an amount of money from Kickstarter, so Wasteland 2 went into development.


NEWS: Dead Space 3 DLC in March

Today, Electronic Arts has announced that we can expect the first DLC for Dead Space 3 next month. The extension will be called “Awakened” and is being described as a “dark experience”.

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NEWS: No Halo 3 for PC

Earlier this week, there were reports of Halo 3 appearing on Steam. Now, Microsoft responded to the rumours and said they have no plans on releasing the game on PC. The game has gotten to old to release now. So for now, the game remains Xbox Exclusive.  


NEWS: Dead Space 3 exclusive accessoire

Dead Space 3 comes to stores this week, but for the die-hard fans, EA has quite an exclusive accessoire. For 265 dollars (or about 195 euros), you can order a special Dead Space 3 watch.


REVIEW: Hitman: Absolution

HITMAN: Absolution (Review) Agent 47, the original assassin, is back. We needed 6 years of patience, but it is here: Hitman: Absolution. The rumors were that it would be easier than its predecessors, which made a lot of fans doubt if the game would still have its old charm that they were used to. The […]