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News: Here is the Tanya trailer for MKX.

tanya trailer

The second DLC character is coming out tomorrow. And today is trailer day.

News: Resident Evil Zero HD has been announced. Releases early 2016

resident evil zero hd reveal

It aint a Resident Evil 2 remake but for now it’ll do. After the successful sales of Resident Evil HD Capcom is going to release Resident Evil Zero on Playstation 4, Xbox one, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

News: Great Scott! Christopher Lloyd reprises his role as Doc Brown in Lego Dimensions

lego back to the fututre

Doc Brown along with DC Comics Bane, Superman and Lego Ninjago’s own Lloyd are set to join the Lego Dimensions crew.

News: Sierra reveals the dev for Kings quest.

kings quest

The Odd Gentlemen are the devs and in part 3 of this video series they show how they make the world of king’s quest come alive.

News: Lego Jurassic World is getting the same release date as the movie.


The next in the Lego series is Jurassic World and will release June 12 which is the same date as the movie.

News: He’s back. The man behind the mask. choppin up yo Kombatants May 5th.


Voorhees brings his machete to the tournament May 5th. but only for those who bought the Kombat Pack. Others are going to have to wait a week.

Analysis: Skullgirls Encore’s Beowulf and wulfpatch update

beowulf header

The new Wulfpatch is out for Skullgirls Encore. A new character, new stages and even a new narrator there is a lot to see so let’s check it out.

Review: Mortal Kombat X


Mortal Kombat is finally out and after some time we know just how good this game is.

Check out the review below. 

News: Beowulf is the newest adition to Skullgirls and is free.


Beowulf is officialy out today and like all others before him he can be downladed for free the first three months.

News: Here is the Mortal Kombat X launch trailer with System Of A Down.

MKX launch

I think Chop Suey isn’t the best choices considering there are more fitting song by System Of A Down.