First Impressions: Rayman Origins (Vita)

I am a newcomer to the Rayman franchise. Having played none of the previous Rayman titles, even including the original, I was very excited to play Origins and went into the game with high hopes. Fortunately, the game has not disappointed and so far the game has lived up to my high expectations.

I’m finding it difficult where to start when talking about Origins as there is so much to explain. First of all, for those that don’t know, Rayman Origins is a platforming game with a sense of adventure to it. It’s fast paced and one of the most entertaining games I have played. Whilst it is very challenging, if not a little frustrating, in parts it always manages to sustain the element of fun.

The design choices in Origins are bizarre but in a good way. The level designs are vibrant and completely crazy – I love it. In the 5 different worlds that I have played they all have different type of environments to traverse. One area consists of lush jungles where another focuses around icebergs and cold arctic waters. All the environments look crisp and sharp on the Vita screen; I can honestly say it is one of the best looking games I have played and I think I am in love with the art style!

Rayman Origins gives you everything you want from a platforming game – simple to use controls and challenging levels. Both of these Origins does perfectly. Getting use to the game is very easy as its simple enough to play. Although the only main controls in Rayman are to jump and move they are used in so many ways. The gameplay mixes together jumping, wall running, swinging, hovering and even swimming. In certain levels all these aspects of the gameplay are used one after another and it makes for some great split second decisions. However, when mixing together all these different aspects the game keeps a sense of smoothness to its gameplay and switches between the swimming sections and jumping sections effortlessly.

In each different environment there are a set of levels to complete, these are the main story missions which you need to complete in order to finish the game. Each level doesn’t last particular long, at max ten minutes per level. This makes great use of the fact that the Vita is a portable device. You can simply pick the game up for a few minutes and complete a level every now and then. There is an element of a pick up and play style to Origins. Something which fits the Vita perfectly. Even as I write this article I have been playing Rayman in short bursts.

Other than the main story missions are special treasure quests. These levels are fast and quite frantic. You have to make split second decisions and keep your finger on sprint the whole way through otherwise you will no doubt have to retry. In order to complete these levels it is actually a case of learning the route through it. The game gives you a real sense of achievement when you get to the treasure quest at the end. The quest levels are platforming at its best.

As I have progressed further through the game I have noticed the difficulty gradually rise. It’s certainly not a difficulty spike but as you complete more missions you will notice that levels become a little bit more challenging. More enemies will be placed and the platforming sections will be more intricate.

It’s difficult to pick out any flaws with Rayman Origins so far. It’s everything that I want from a platforming game and also the perfect game to make the most out of my Vita. I’m looking forming to finishing the game off soon and posting a full review which could easily be a 10/10 from what I have played to date.