Review: Resident Evil Revelations

I don’t like this ship at all. I’m walking all by myself in an empty corridor, the only light I get is from the small flashlight attached to my shoulder. I have a bad feeling about this, if this place really is empty, why can’t I shake the feeling I’m not alone? I must walk a little bit further, I must find that key so I can open the door. I wished my partner was here… ‘The coast is not clear’: he said a few seconds ago. I didn’t care much… Until I heard those devastating footsteps coming right at me.

Revelations excels in creating those situations where you don’t know what to expect. Is it a very scary game? Not at all actually. The monsters themselves aren’t that terrifying. Getting the feeling you’re all alone however, really is. The Resident Evil franchise became famous thanks to this principle but lost track with the most recent games like Resident Evil 4 & 5. Although both games were definitely good and a lot of people enjoyed them, fans all over the world were worried. It looked like the franchise became more like an action shooter than a survival horror game. Revelations however brings us the best of both worlds.

You’ll find yourself in multiple situations where you’ll rather not end up in. Because Revelations is a 3DS only game and therefore a portable only game, the missions aren’t that big. The game however will take you long enough to finish but the missions are perfect for short sessions of gaming. Which of course is perfect for handheld gaming. Creating short missions also gave the developers the freedom to bring the variation a game like this needs. Without spoiling the story for you, the game won’t only take place on the ship. You’ll often play with other main characters of the franchises in more exotic and open locations as well. Those missions often are more action packed shoot-out levels. While the levels on the ship are always terrifying and will give you a very claustrophobic feeling. It’s a perfect mix.

Another thing that Revelations does absolutely right is the way you take control over your main characters. As you might already know, this game is one of the first to support the Circle Pad Pro for Nintendo 3DS. What this add-on does is giving you an extra analog stick and some extra shoulder buttons. For a game like this it’s a match made in heaven. Thanks to this accessory you’ll be able to control the game just like you’d control Resident Evil 5 on consoles. You’ll once again face the action just over the shoulder of the protagonist even while you’re aiming and walking at the same time. The controls work perfectly but aren’t smooth, just like in every good Resident Evil game. The controls do exactly what you want them to do, they create the feeling you’ll always have to struggle for survival.

You can play the game as well without the use of the Circle Pad Pro, the touchscreen would then take over the functions of the second analog stick. Although it’s a little bit harder to get used to, it’s definitely worth the try and works well. You’ll also have to use the touchscreen to solve rather easy environment puzzles

Resident Evil Revelations doesn’t just use the touchscreen features of the 3DS, the 3D effect is of course one of the big stars as well. This is without a doubt one of the best games that uses the 3D effect and really adds something to the experience. Not only will the dark and narrow corridors look more impressive, the monsters will now really be up to your face. The 3D effect sets the right tone for this game and needs to be turned on to fully understand the power of it. But there is more, beside the main story, the game also uses the 3DS online features.

You’ll be able to hook up with a friend to play a cooperative game mode called ‘Raid’. You can do so online or offline. Raid mode isn’t a cooperative quest trough the main story but is more like a horde mode where you’ll be forced to defeat various waves of enemies. Each enemy has its own health bar so you’ll always see how much damage is needed to end your foe. Defeating enemies will give you more ammo or healing herbs, something you’ll definitely need during your battles To make it even harder to survive, some monsters will become harder to kill or will gain new abilities during your sessions.

Raid mode definitely looks like the earlier released Mercenaries 3D, making this game a bit useless when you’ll have Revelations in your possession. Last but not least, Revelations also features a Mission mode where you’ll have to earn different achievements to proceed.

All in all we can conclude that Revelations is one of the best looking games out there on 3DS. The character models and environment are very close to their ‘big brothers’ on console and look absolutely amazing. The structure of the shorter missions works great for a portable game and is most enjoyable during short sessions of playing. Although the story won’t always make sense, it’s definitely worth your time and money. You won’t get bored with this Resident Evil game. It brings you the best of the old fashion horror games but combines it with the possibilities of the new generation. Without a doubt one of the best games on Nintendo 3DS, period.

Game Rate: 8/10

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