Review: Treasures Of Montezuma: Blitz (Vita)

Treasures of Montezuma Blitz is a free puzzle game  for the PlayStation Vita. It’s a simple but yet a very addictive little game, and one that deserves more attention and praise.

The main aim of the game is to match three or more bricks of the same colour together. These bricks lie in a grid. You can only move a brick by swapping it with another. However it can only be moved one place, either up or down or left or right. There is no diagonal movement of the bricks. To move the bricks you simply use your finger as it is all touch screen. A short time limit for each game also adds a sense of speed to the gameplay. This means the game is quite challenging on the mind and is actually really enjoyable to play.

There is a large range of coloured bricks so it’s not so easy to match them without some thought. The game also goes into frenzy mode when you match so many bricks in short succession. This offers a multiplier to your score and also allows you to tap the rear touch screen to break bricks with your fingers. It adds a nice twist to the game.

The simple in-game interface 

The amount of XP you gain from each game depends on your score. Matching more bricks will result in you gaining more XP. The game features a ranking system for which XP contributes to. However, it is a long process to progress through.

To play a game you have to forfeit one of 5 lives available and also forfeit a sum of crystals to play. Lives regenerate after a certain amount of time but crystals do not. This is when you realize that the game is free for a reason. After a while you will suddenly run out of crystals meaning you cannot play the game anymore. At this point you will be prompted to purchase more crystals for a sum of 79p on the PS Store. Given the additive nature of the game many gamers will happily pay the price to refill their crystal count. However, for people like me you will have to restrict yourself to playing the game once on a daily basis to avoid spilling out money to play it. Everyday you are given a free scratch car to complete on the game which offers crystals as prizes. This is what I am relying on to give me crystals on order to play but it is sadly restricting me to playing it only once daily.

Crystals can also be used to buy Tokens and Bonuses. Both of which help you to gain a higher score in the game. One such bonus consists of the introduction of bricks with bombs. Once matched with two of the same colour the bomb will explode to destroy surrounding bricks.

The trailer for the game

There are also online features in the shape of leaderboards. Both global and friends list leaderboards are featured. This gives the game a competitive edge against some of your PSN friends of even on a global scale. Sadly there are no trophies for game.

Overall Treasures of Montezuma Blitz is a fantastic little puzzle game for the Vita. It makes good use of the touch screen, both rear and front and it is remarkable addictive. However, you don’t want to be too engrossed by this addictive nature as you could spend a fair few pounds refilling your crystals. For those who can control themselves it is a great game for a quick daily puzzle to get your brain thinking. That competitive edge with the use of leaderboards further adds to the additive and simple gameplay. It is a must have for Vita owners and best of all its free to download.

Game Rate: 9/10