Review: Rayman Origins (Vita)

From my initial impressions of Rayman Origins on the PS Vita I could easily be considered as in love with the game. Its concept art is beautiful and the main gameplay is fast and addictive. I was enjoying every aspect of the game. Now after completing it I still feel the same – it is quite simply a wonderful game.

The land of the livid dead has awoken and brought havoc upon five different lands. It is up to you, Rayman, to return these lands back to peace and tranquillity. It won’t be an easy task. There are over sixty levels to complete spaced out between the five different areas. These consist of the land of didgeridoos, sea of serendipity and peculiar jungle, ice and mountain levels. All areas are distinctly varied offering a completely new art style. You can also expect to find different enemy types and boss battles in each of the areas.

One of the distinct different areas – Polar Panic

It is a thoroughly enjoyable single player campaign. Each level is fast paced and wonderfully designed. The art style in each looks fantastic. Most of all the gameplay is quietly addictive. The gameplay only consists of running, jumping, gliding and swimming but it mixes all aspects simultaneously. It then adds in dangerous enemies and obstacles and you find you have a very tricky and challenging game. It requires for split second decision making and intricate combinations of the gameplay elements. At the same time you can either find yourself having to do all this as fast as you can to avoid falling behind to a perilous death. Or you will find yourself racing against the clock.

There’s variety to the gameplay. Certain levels require you to ride a mosquito. Yes you read that correctly. It is as wacky as it sounds and very fun to play. On the back of the mosquito you can shoot enemies with a projectile from your mouth. Or you can engulf enemies and spit them back out again. As well as that you need to be aware of the obstacles that lie in your path and manoeuvre around them. During these levels it there is an element of on the rails as the background is constantly moving you along. Fall behind and you will unfortunately die.

The Mosquito based levels

Each level has its own medallion. To complete one you need to gain six electoons from a level. You gain an electoon for accumulating a certain score over the level, with two electoons on offer for different scores. Also you can gain another two for finding hidden cages within the level which offer a small bonus level. Of course you receive one for completing the level. The last electoon comes from a time trial for the level, complete it under a certain time and you have bagged yourself the electoon. There are over two hundred electoon’s to collect. They unlock bonus treasure chest levels and different characters to play as. There is also of course a trophy incentive to collect as many as possible.

The time trials offer more replay ability to a level. As well as the being able to race for an electoon you can also race for a speed trophy. The speed trophy requires you to complete the level much faster than that for an electoon. Getting this speed trophy requires patience and for yourself to learn the level. However, it does become quite frustrating as one little mistake will ruin your time.

Treasure chest levels I mentioned above are without a doubt the most challenging levels on the game. It combines everything Rayman is about into a series of small levels. Tricky intricate jumps, swings and glides are required whilst trying to complete it all at a blistering pace. There are in all ten of these levels to complete; complete them all to unlock a bonus mission.

Perilous swimming

Rayman Origins looks beautiful. I have really fallen in love with its art style and abundance of varied enemies and level designs. It is something quite special. I must also mention the sound track which really fits into the explosive and fast paced nature of the game. The sound effects are also crazy and again fit perfectly with the unique art style.

The game offers a truly flawless gaming experience. I haven’t experienced any bad aspects in the game from start to finish. Without a doubt it is the best game I have played on my Vita so far and other games that come out for the system have a high standard to achieve thanks to Rayman Origins.

Game Rate: 10/10