F1 2011

First Impressions: F1 2011 (Vita)

Formula 1 is a fantastic sport in my opinion so it was only natural for me to pick up the latest F1 game on the PS Vita, but it wasn’t that easy. From early gameplay footage and reviews of F1 2011 Vita the game didn’t seem to eye catching at all. In fact it seemed quite poor.

Nevertheless my love of the sport made me go against these predicaments.

It saddens me to say the early gamepaly footage of the game was very representative of the final product. F1 2011 on the Vita is certainly not the best looking game. Visually it’s the worst out of the Vita games I have played. It’s all very bland and quite edgy. Track detail is poor and the vehicles look jagged. However, it makes up for this lack of visual quality with its stunning sound. The vehicles sound fantastic, especially at the lights with the engines revving. Also as you go through the tunnel at Monte Carlo there is a really buzz and echo of the engine sound. It is little details like this with make it a better racing experience.

Gameplay wise F1 2011 on the Vita is again not up to the standards of it’s console relations. Driving on the console versions is very simulator like as you need precision and accuracy to manoeuvre around the circuit. The Vita version feels the opposite. The car handles much easier and it not as accurate. Cornering is much easier as a result. On the straights the handling strangely becomes a mess. One little lip of the analogue stick and it feels like your are trying to drive the F1 car on an ice rink. Above all this the driving is really enjoyable.

Bland and jagged visuals

In terms of content F1 2011 has a lot to offer, more than the console versions. Of course there is career, time trail and grand prix. However, now there are additional game modes such as quick race, challenges and championship. Quick race is self explanatory. Challenges consist of a series of different events such as checkpoint trails and head to head trails. The final new addition championship allows you to start a new F1 season with a current driver instead of a new driver in career. On top of all this there is online multiplayer. You can race against three other players online. Lobbies are quite empty sadly.

Despite the game’s poor visuals I’m enjoying it so far. Expect a full review of the game soon once I have delved into and hopefully all the game modes.