Impressions: Treasures of Montezuma Update 1.5

I’m a big fan of the little puzzle game that is Treasures of Montezuma Blitz. It’s simple and challenging, and what’s more is it free to download. It provides a quick ten minutes of play time every now and then and is a real joy to play, and it retains a really addictive gameplay.  

When it first released on the store I reviewed the game very highly and was sadly disappointed by the lack of trophies. Fast forward two months and say hello to update 1.5. With this new update the core gamepaly has been altered as well as the scoring system in ways. However, the biggest new feature is the addition of trophies; a pleasant surprise.

First of all the changes to the core gameplay are quite noticeable. The movement of tokens is much faster. Switching places with another token is almost instantaneous allowing you to build up combos faster. Another big change is the fact that there are more free bonuses on the game board during a round. For instance there will be many bonus tokens like added time, bonus score and reveal moves on the game board simultaneously. Before the update these showed up during a round very rarely, now they are a common sight.

However, as there are a lot more bonuses on the board it can actually be quite hard to recognise each colour and spotting possible moves becomes a little harder. But as you train your eye to these bonuses it shouldn’t become a problem.

The scoring system has changed in a way which makes it far easier for you to level up. Before the update it was quite a drag to reach the next level but now it seems too easy. In each round your average score will increase dramatically. I would struggle to get over the 300,000 mark, now that is considered a poor score in my remark. It feels like the challenge has been lost and it is now just too easy to get a high score.

Trophies are a welcomed addition. Regardless of trophies I would still play this game on a daily basis but now it gives me something to play towards. There is one big issue with the trophies though, some don’t actually work. There is one available for progressing to the next level. Since the update I have done this multiple times but the trophy has not triggered. There are also a few other trophy which should trigger but haven’t. I’ve also lost the daily scratch card, which shouldn’t happen. There are trophies again related to the daily scratch card but this is impossible for me to get as the mini game has disappeared.

Although the update has improved the core gameplay, everything else seems to be a mess. The levelling up and scoring is too easy, the trophies don’t actually work and the daily scratch card seems to have disappeared. As a free puzzle game it still remains one of the most addictive and fun I have played.