Review: Rayman Jungle Run

After a while of trying to regain old glory, Rayman finally found the reboot he was desperately trying to find thanks to Rayman Origins. The gorgeous art style and fluent game mechanics turned this reboot into an instant classic. The game sold very good and now it’s time for the portable market to get a proper introduction of Rayman. But will the touch mechanics save or break this game?

A mobile port of a home console game doesn’t always work that well. In case of Jungle Run however, it sure does work fantastic. First of all, the game isn’t a port of the Origins version on consoles but is an entirely new game created by Ubisoft and Pastagames! While making the game, it’s sure that both developers were struggling to figure out a decent control scheme for touch controlled devices. Instead of choosing ‘virtual buttons’, they went for the single touch control scheme and it works like a charm!

The game features around 40 different levels that are split up into 4 sections: Jump, Fly, Punch and Wall-run. Each section has the same basics, namely an automatically running Rayman and a single touch on the screen to jump, fly, punch our wall-run trough a level.

This sounds very easy and actually is a rather easy mechanic to build an entire game upon, but it feels very natural. At the beginning you’ll find yourself racing trough the levels at high speed, the difficulty isn’t that high and you won’t have any problems finding the right rhythm to complete the levels. The levels aren’t that big to begin with. Each level ends with a flag but the next level starts straight after you reach the flag. Thanks to this system you’ll complete the first out of four sections without really realizing it.

(One of the flags at the end of a level)

With the use of this gameplay system, Jungle Run can be completed rather fast. If you don’t really care about collecting all the ‘Lums’ in each level, you’ll find yourself watching the end credits in just a couple of hours. Nothing wrong with that, but you have missed out on some great replay value.

The point of playing the levels is to collect the fairy-like ‘Lums’ in the environment. If you collect enough ‘Lums’ without dying, you’ll receive a tooth at the end of each level. You can use the collected teeth to take care of some of the character’s dental problems. If you help a character retrieving all its teeth, you’ll unlock an extra difficult mode called ‘Land of the Livid Dead’. Those bonus levels only focus on surviving. There won’t be any ‘Lums’ to collect but you have to time every action with military precision in order to survive these challenging levels.

Although the bonus levels are real fun to play and add something to the replay value, the ‘regular’ levels can prove to be quite a challenge as well. Rayman will be faced with deadly environments and enemies while running. The player often has to find the good rhythm to time the actions and complete the levels. Some of the levels acquire some trial and error in order to complete them.

All in all, Rayman Jungle Run proves to be one of the best looking and most complete mobile games out there. Featuring achievements, unlockable art, leaderboards and levels with high replay value, it’s sure worth the $2.99 price tag.

If you’re looking for a perfect mobile gaming experience but don’t know where to look, look no further. Rayman will show you how enjoyable mobile games really can be if the right decisions are made by the developers.

+/ Pros

  • Looks fantastic
  • Single touch control works like a charm
  • Challenging bonus levels

-/ Cons

  • Starts way too easy
  • Once collected all items, no replay value.


(Tested on iPad, also available on iOS and Android).

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