First Impression: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

The Metal Gear Solid games always were a huge success and Solid Snake has gathered a lot of fans worldwide. He’s fond of doing things slow, waiting in corners to ambush enemies and waiting for the perfect timing to make the kill. He calls it stealth and got big with it. It’s not my style to be honest. I’m in for the more direct approach. I want to see my enemies up close when I rip their bodies apart with my sword. I’m Raiden, time for the world to get to know the real me.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is the first Metal Gear game that was created with the support of ‘outsiders’ Platinum Games (Bayonetta). Working with a foreign studio means that you’ll have to change your regular formula but Revengeance turned out to be something completely different. Forget the stealth gameplay you’re used to see in a Metal Gear game, this time it’s about fast paced action and a lot of hack & slash moments. Revengeance can be compared to games such as DMC rather than to games such as Splinter Cell.

Today, a demo appeared on the Xbox 360 and is up for download to all Gold members who want to get to know this other side of the Metal Gear story. In this article we give our first impressions on the rather impressive demo we just finished.

The demo starts with a “Metal Gear-like” cutscene. So expect a lot of over the top action and conversations with unique new characters. The storytelling stayed faithful to the franchise and the voice actors once again deliver quite an impressive job. When the conversation is done, it’s time to get dirty with Raiden.

Metal Gear Revengeance

You start the new adventure on the beach and the first thing you’ll notice is that you can cut down the palm trees with your cyborg katana. Cutting down those innocent trees really feels great and already gives you a certain feeling of power. It’s when you meet the first group of enemies however, that you’ll truly understand your power.

Raiden has been, what we call in the future, augmented and enchanted. He’s no longer mere human, he’s far beyond that. Using Cyborg technology he’s as strong as any God dreams to be. Cutting down the first enemies therefore is a walk in the park, they never stood a chance against him.

Later in the demo you’ll also learn how to sneak up on an enemy and defeat him using one surprise move. Those moves really are brutal and convince you, if you weren’t already convinced, that Raiden really is a bad-ass character to control.

As far as the controls go, you have the basic strong and ‘weak’ attack button to fight with enemies and of course the good old jump button as well. Where the controls really get interesting is when you enter the ‘Blade Mode’. Using your both analog sticks in this mode, gives you the power to slice up your enemies with the precision of a doctor. It’s a rather difficult control set-up the first time you’ll try this but after a while it feels more natural.

Basically, you can consider the normal type enemies as walking vending machines full of health.


The Blade Mode isn’t only a tool to kill your enemies in a brutal and impressive way, it’s also the thing you’ll have to do in order to survive. When Raiden’s health decreases, the only thing that can help him out is the fluid that can be found in the spine of your enemies. Sliding them open in the Blade Mode is the only way to gain access to this fluid. Basically, you can consider the normal type enemies as walking vending machines full of health.

Later in the demo you’ll face some stronger enemies as well and you’ll learn that Revengeance isn’t an easy game at all. It’s high paced and loves to throw a lot of enemies at you at once. Timing your attacks and using the ‘Blade Mode’ at the proper time, is key to survival.

The demo sure is rather impressive and shows you that a fast paced Metal Gear hack & slash game isn’t fiction. Platinum Games really stepped up their game and created one of the most innovating installments in the franchise. Revengeance is something completely different and not all fans will appreciate this move. If the game can equal the quality of the demo and stays interesting for many hours, it could turn out to be one of the better hack & slash games. We can’t wait to get our hands on the complete edition later this year. Be sure to check out this devastating demo!


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