Hands-on: Luigi’s Mansion 2

The life of Luigi isn’t easy. Since he was born he was raised in the shadow of his more popular brother, Mario. Mario always went on far adventures to save the princess while Luigi often stayed home. Of course there were occasions where Luigi could help his brother but he never really took the lead. That was until Luigi’s Mansion. In Luigi’s Mansion it’s up to the less brave brother to discover secrets and to save the day. Luigi’s Mansion 2 is all about discovering new secrets and rooms while cleaning the environments of noisy ghosts.

Luigi’s Mansion 2 is the sequel of the original game that released on GameCube short after launch. This second installment in the franchise will release on Nintendo 3DS only. The reason why this sequel is created for 3DS rather than Wii U, is the 3D effect of the Nintendo 3DS. The first Luigi’s Mansion game was created with the eye on a possible integration of 3D graphics but never came to live thanks to lack of technology. Now that Nintendo has some proper 3D technology with a large user base, it’s natural for Luigi’s Mansion to arrive on 3DS.

The 3D really is something the game benefits from, during my first hands-on with this game I immediately noticed how good the game looked. Not only is this game one of the most beautiful 3DS games out there, it’s also one of the games that makes the best out of the 3D effects. You play the game in depth, making several items and enemies pop out of your screen. While playing in 3D, the room really becomes more alive and will show a lot more details than the same room without the 3D effect turned on.


Aside from the graphics, the game changed tremendously if compared to the first game. This time you won’t be searching around in just one house. There are much more playable environments this time and a lot more haunted houses to discover. You can discover those houses from the inside but you can also step outside to recon outside locations. This really is a great improvement if we consider that the original only featured one haunted house.

At the start of the demo I was able to choose a level in the lab of professor E. Gadd. After choosing my location, the professor told me my goal of that level and transported me using a sort of molecule transporter. Once arrived at the location, it was time to discover its secrets.

In Luigi’s Mansion 2 you’ll have to search everything you see in your direct environment in order to reach your goal. The goals of the game are rather simple, you have to find a way to the roof to fix the water for example. The real question however is how to get up there and where to find the key. You’ll often find the answer in your specialized vacuum cleaner, the Poltergust 5000.

The Poltergust 5000 is originally created to capture ghosts (more of that later on) but can also be used to blow or suck away several things in the environment, revealing secret gateways or items. Using your Poltergust 5000 you can interact with the environment such as the flowers to obtain coins or other, more special powers. You’ll also have to use your Poltergust 5000 to activate certain mechanics in the game, blocking your way.

The real question however is how to get up there and where to find the key.

The puzzles play a very important role in the game, each environment is actually separated in different small rooms or locations in which you can manipulate the environment. Each small section of a house or outside location has its own secrets to discover. Some answers are wide in the open while others require a lot of your brains in order to solve them. This makes Luigi’s Mansion 2 a rather challenging game. You’ll often find yourself in situations not knowing what the game wants from you. You won’t get any help from the game and that makes finding the answer to a puzzle very satisfying. Luigi’s Mansion 2 sure isn’t just a simple action packed title featuring Luigi, it’s a puzzling game pure sang and fans of the genre will love all of it.

To solve those puzzles you’ll have to use the Poltergust 5000. As you already know, one thing you can do with this device is blow away, or suck away, covers in the environment. But that’s not all, this time the Poltergust also is equipped with a Dark-Light Device. What this beam does is revealing thing in your path that you couldn’t see using your flashlight. The Dark-Light Device reveals hidden rooms or useful items. Aside from that you can also use your flashlight to discover new rooms or to stun ghosts.


As mentioned before, capturing ghosts still is one of the main things to do in this game. Luigi has to find the ghost first in order to catch it with the Poltergust. Capturing the first ghost will most likely feel like a walk in the part but the further you go, the harder the ghosts will become to capture. Some ghosts have a mind of their own and will handle differently from the ones you encountered before. Finding the way to defeat those ‘smart’ ghosts is one of the main gameplay elements this game has to offer you. I won’t go into details on these ghosts but you can believe me if I say you have to expect the unexpected.

All in all this demo showed that Luigi’s Mansion 2 isn’t a lazy portable sequel. It’s an entirely new game that really pushes the 3DS to its limits. The game looks gorgeous, featuring by far the best animations on the handheld. Aside from that the game is full of funny little details like Luigi singing along with the background music. The game is full of mysteries, funny ghosts and a rather funny story as well. It’s definitely a game to keep a close eye on and to try out once it releases on the Nintendo 3DS.



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