Hands-On: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate – multiplayer

Men of this time live in a false reality. They all try to be what society and others forced them to be. Gone is the hunter, gone is the need to go on an adventure with others. Men nowadays often find themselves thinking of other times, other places. Places where you were a man when you could kill mighty beasts and bring back home some food. For those men, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a true blessing.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will release on both Wii U and 3DS and is all about bringing back that primal feeling of being a true man. In the game you can explore a vast world and can even enter the unexplored seas to find several dangerous creatures. The goal of the game is to complete different quests, offered to you by some random guys in the village. The quests of the demo we played started off rather innocent, we had to collect and deliver something to a certain species hidden in the world. When you accept a quest you’ll be able to wander around freely in the open world or you can complete it is quick as possible to receive the second one. Needless to say, our wolfpack decided to check out the world first.

To give you an idea how this is possible, going on a quest with your friend, I’ll first explain the technique we used to make it possible. With the full retail Wii U version, you’ll be able to search for other hunters online to start an adventure. When your friend owns the 3DS version however, you can join games with each other using local multiplayer. The Wii U and 3DS can connect in a way that’s not done too many times before. Both versions of the game are exactly the same (only difference are the graphics), so that means that both 3DS and Wii U owners will go through the same adventures in the same world. Connecting both devices makes it possible to see the other player in your own game. Wii U players will see the character of the 3DS version on their screen and vice versa. At start we noticed a bit of lag in the movements of the 3DS character on the television but after a while of playing, the lag disappeared completely. The actions done by the 3DS player were translated directly on the television screen as well. This local multiplayer is a great add-on and enables players in the same room to have their own screen without having to use two Wii U GamePad controllers.


Once connected with each other, the quest can truly begin. The Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate version of the vitual world is the same as the one found in the original Wii version  but with additional monsters. Players who played the Wii version before will feel very familiar with this version as well. As far as graphics go, the Wii U version sure looks sharper and cleaner than the original but it still could have look far better. On the 3DS, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate sure looks impressive and the 3D-effect adds extra depth to the world.

During the demo we explored the world and fought several monsters, we ran into some of the newer ones and I can assure you that Monster Hunter still is a rather hard game to master. Players who aren’t willing to sacrifice a lot of their time to learn and master everything there is to know, will not enjoy this game. This game is created for those who are willing to spend a lot of time with it, mastering and learning what it’s like to be a real hunter.

Defeating monster is necessary to complete quests but is also handy to get your hands on some of the items needed in the game. Each monster you defeat can be looted for goods. Great thing about the multiplayer is that each player will get their own item once one of the two picks it up.

 This game is created for those who are willing to spend a lot of time with it, mastering and learning what it’s like to be a real hunter.

During our hands-on with this local multiplayer we faced a lot of monsters together and really worked as a team to handle the danger. What the game does is connect both players and really create the feeling that you need to work together in order to achieve something. The game brings back the ancient hunter and the need to work with you partner. When you find yourself screaming your partners name for help while facing a tremendous monster, you know the game did something good.

Don’t think that fighting monsters is the only thing you’ll have to do in this game however. Monster Hunter is a very deep RPG and is about collecting items and improving your weapons and armor as well. You start off with a weapon of choice, this goes from dual blades to huge big swords. Choosing your weapon is key to the way you play. A hunter that uses the dual blades is flexible and can move faster trough the world but won’t afflict as much damage as the slower hunter using his big sword. A team that consist out of hunters with different weapons seems a smart choice. Just like in the real world, weapons won’t last forever if you don’t sharpen them now and them. Finding the right stone to do so is something you’ll find yourself often doing in this game as well.


Basically the co-op world we ventured is the same world with the same quests for the lone wolves who rather play the game on their own. The Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate world still is huge and is packed with dangerous monsters to face. As far as the controls go, the Wii U version played fantastic using the GamePad but can also be played using the Pro Controller. The demo version of the 3DS came without the Circle Pad Pro and therefore was rather hard to master (camera control on touchscreen) but can be controlled with the Circle Pad as well.

All in all Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a great game that really enables you to be the hunter you always wanted to be. Don’t be mistaking by the action packed boxart or theme. Monster Hunter is far more than just defeating monsters. It’s a deep game where you have to complete a lot of quests, meet new people, find the right goods and enforce your weapons and armor. It’s a great game for those who are willing to put a lot of time in it and therefore it’s a game for the hardcore. For those who are still doubting, Nintendo released a demo to check out. Go play it, find the hunter in you and perhaps we’ll meet each other on the hunting fields one day.

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