Reliving A Classic: Prince Of Persia Trilogy

I’ve always had fond memories of the Prince of Persia trilogy from the days of the PlayStation 2 era. For me The Sands Of Time was the pioneer of the adventure plat-forming genre. I’d never played anything quite like it – a smooth blend of wall running and sword fighting driven by a captivating tale makes it one of the classics of its generation.
The following sequels only built on this and went on to create a more polished Prince of Persia experience.

It’s a mystery to why I’ve only now thought to relive these classics; as part of its HD re-release. Nevertheless, so far I’ve revelled in nostalgia for all the good reasons but I’ve encountered some infuriating flaws which overshadowed my first playthrough of one game in the series.

Let’s begin with the good. Well, now with HD visuals, the game looks stunning. I remember the PS2 games giving me quite a shock for the very same reasons, and they’ve managed to do the same whilst competing against PS3 titles. Up close textures and facial animations may not be the best but the game boasts a vibrant and diverse ancient world which is a joy to traverse. Even with Warrior Within’s more dark approach there is a great contrast of colours.

Gameplay feels unchanged. Whilst this is good in many regards, the few flaws that bugged me in the originals haven’t been fleshed out. For instance, the prince sometimes has a mind of his own and will jump in a direction you didn’t want, most probably to his death. During combat attacking feels unresponsive in some situations, and a bit sluggish. There are also a few drops in frame rate, that luckily don’t occur that often. Overall, however, there’s much to love.

The trilogy allows you to play through all the prince’s journeys in whichever order you choose. If you play them chronologically, you follow the prince as he stumbles upon the sands of time for the first time, journeys to the island of time and finally makes his way back to a burning Babylon. The entire trilogy should take well over 20 hours to complete.

One massive problem which I’ve sadly encountered is a game breaking glitch in Warrior Within. When I fist played the game back in 2004 the same thing happened, and now nine years later the event has arisen again. Although it is frustrating that this has happened twice, I also find it ironic. For a story that follows the phrase “you cannot change your fate – no man can”, you can see where the irony originates. Maybe it is written that I’m never to see the end credits.

Aside from this it has been a joy to play one of my much loved gaming series again. With updated visuals, unchanged gameplay and trophy support I find myself enjoying The Sands Of Time and The Two Thrones much more so than I did the first time around. As for Warrior Within…well maybe third time lucky?