Hands-On: Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario is returning to Wii U after his adventures in New Super Mario Bros. U. This 3D world is a complete new 3D Mario adventure filled with new things to discover. One of the biggest improvements is the addition of a four person multiplayer mode. We were lucky enough to test some levels and we noticed the potential of this new Wii U game.

The majority of Mario fans was rather disappointed when Nintendo revealed 3D World during the E3 Nintendo Direct Show. Everybody was hoping for a Mario Galaxy like experience but Nintendo showed something completely different. Super Mario 3D World looks more like a 2D platformer but it really plays as a 3D Mario game.

The levels we could play really demonstrated this. You’re no longer running from left to right, you can run around in the entire stage without any restrictions. Just like in Mario Galaxy, you’ll be able to run around freely but you’ll have to follow the path in order to reach the flag at the end.

One of the first things you’ll notice is that the game looks very similar to 3D Land on Nintendo 3DS which makes sense because the game is developed by the same guys who delivered 3D Land. The biggest question you could ask yourself then is why they didn’t release 3D World on the Nintendo 3DS as well. The answer? Multiplayer. This game is at its best when you play it with a friend.


Playing the game with a friend is exactly what we did during our session with the game. We could pick 4 playable characters, Mario, Luigi, Toad and Peach. No storyline was revealed during the demo but it looks like Peach won’t be the one who needs to be rescued in this one. After picking the character of choice, the fun could begin.

The levels we played stayed true to the Mario formula and were packed with iconic enemies and landmarks. Mario 3D World looks amazing in HD and is very colorful as well, it’s a true beauty to watch in action. In the levels we had to jump on enemies, time our jumps while hoping not to fall down and discover the new power-up, the Cat Suit.

Cats are one of the most beloved pets so it’s odd it took so long to appear in a Mario game. The Cat suit turns the character in a cute looking cat with a nice shining fur thanks to the HD graphics. Aside from being ultra-cute the Cat suit also comes with new powers. While wearing the suit the characters walk faster and can scratch enemies to defeat them. The biggest new trick however is running up on walls.

While wearing the suite characters will be able to climb vertical walls and even climb the flag post at the end of the level. You don’t need to suit in order to reach your goal but having the suit is rather an advantage. You’ll discover some never before possible routes and shortcuts while playing.


While playing local multiplayer we had a lot of fun experimenting with this suit and its powers. Gamers who play together a given the ‘choice’ to work together as a team to reach the goals as fast as possible our you can make it harder for the other player. Picking other players up and throwing them off the stage is fun at first but you’ll learn soon enough that co-operating is the only way to survive in this game.

All in all our first impression of this game is a very positive one. The game showed a wide variety of levels, including an on-rails level and boss fight as well, proving that this is more than just another 2D adventure. The game may not have to same impact as Mario Galaxy when it was revealed but it sure delivers the same amount of fun. The levels looked great, the Cat Suit is a nice new power-up that even enables new routes and most important, the levels were fun to play. Don’t be fooled by its cute looks, this is a true Mario game like only Nintendo can make it.


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