Games+ : Splinter Cell: Echoes – comic part 1

The Splinter Cell: Echoes comic is written by Nathan Edmondson and tells Sam’ story between the Splinter Cell Conviction and Blacklist games. Although the comic is completely different from the game, the first part of Echoes  delves deep into Sam’ own feelings, creating an atmosphere that wasn’t yet possible in the games.

First of all, the comic is true to Ubisof’s franchise, don’t expect to read a cartoony comic, Echoes is very dark and very mature. It offers nice artwork filled with details but is definitely meant for an older audience. It’s good to see that the art stayed true to the Splinter Cell games and even has some direct influences taken from the game. Locations for example are always written in big letters all over buildings, just like in the game.

Story-wise, the comic offers a different approach on Sam’ personality. Where we only see Sam as one of the best assassins in the game, we see a more human side of the character. Key to the comic is Sam’ relationship with his daughter. It’s nice to see that the writers spend a lot of time into creating this story. The relationship isn’t always that good but it explains why Sam does what he does. Throughout the comic you’ll also learn why Sam made some friends or enemies in certain places across the world.

The comic is obviously meant for fans of the franchise but can be read by non-gamers as well. The story is well balanced and never gets too hard to understand. Gamers will understand the complete story while non-gamers will sometimes struggle with the different characters.


Just like the game, the comic introduces a lot of characters, some of them well-known while others completely new. Sam will travel across the world to take care of the evil and to defeat several terrorists. All locations are beautifully drawn and each have their own characteristics. The change in scenery is without a doubt one of those things that make this comic into something fresh and thrilling to read.

Of course, reading a comic is a far less interactive experience than controlling Sam in the game, but that doesn’t take away that it’s an exciting book to read. The comic is filled with gunfights, explosions, assassinations and a lot more of typical Splinter Cell action. To make things even more exciting, this book stops with a huge cliff-hanger, so you’ll want to read the sequel as soon as possible.

Just like the Assassin’s Creed comics we can conclude that this first part of the Splinter Cell: Echoes comic is very well done. It offers a fresh look at Sam’ personality and features a lot of action. Fans of the game will absolutely love reading this while non-gamers will sometimes struggle with the story. All in all, this book is definitely worth your time and earns a place in your collection.

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