Games + : Splinter Cell Echoes Comic part 2

A while ago, we shared our impressions on the fantastic Splinter Cell Echoes Comic part 1. Today we are glad to give our impressions on the long anticipated second part of the comic. Where part one served as an introduction and emotional side of Sam Fisher, part two dives straight into raw action. This comic shows a darker side of the story and that’s a welcomed change.

Right at the start of this book, Sam Fisher is told to go on a secret and dangerous mission only he could turn into a success. Not long after he accepts this mission, he got captured by the enemies. Lucky for him, he could escape and recover from his deep wounds. What follows after this is retaliation combined with a lot of gunfire.

The story is told the same way a Splinter Cell game would be played. This means you’ll see Sam sneaking around, trying to take down guards without making a sound. The comic features a lot of Sam’ iconic gear such as heath vision in action. Sam’ little technology is very well drawn by the artist and looks real. Just like the first comic, this second part is very realistic and dark. It’s no comic for young readers since there a lot of blood spilled throughout several pages.

As set at the start of this article, this second part of the comic is far more action-packed than the first one. To our surprise, this works very well. Instead of controlling Sam on your television, you’re know reading his story from another point of view. Without your interaction you would suspect to care a little less about the wellbeing of Sam, that’s not true however. The comic is very well written and the realistic drawings result in a very realistic story that really grabs you by the throat. The wellbeing of Sam is your only concern when you’re reading the action-packed pages. Not a lot of comics can achieve this involvement of the reader, but it’s safe to say that this second part of the Echoes comic is very well written.


It’s not all action and blood in this comic however. At the end of the mission, you’ll get to see another side of Sam and his enemies. Without spoiling it for you guys, we can tell that although this is the last part of the comic, Sam’s story isn’t finished just yet. Thanks to the open ending, fans will enjoy to  fantasize about what could happen next. Most of those events already took place in the new Splinter Cell game but there’s still plenty of room for fantasies.

All in all we can conclude that this second part of the Splinter Cell comic really delivers. It offers the same amount of action and infiltration that you would expect of a new Splinter Cell game. Reading Sam’ story instead of controlling it, isn’t disappointing at all. The Splinter Cell comics prove to really add something to the story and interesting world of the franchises. Don’t hesitate if you’re a fan of the franchise, this is the comic book you’ll want to read!

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