Review: South Park: The Stick of Truth

We had to wait a little longer but it was worth waiting for. Stick of Truth is the first South Park game that delivers the same amount of fun as in the television show. Forget about the next generation for a moment, it’s time to embrace the beautiful and crazy story that is The Stick of Truth.

You start your journey as the new kid on the block. Your parents decided it was better to move over to a quiet little mountain town. Their eyes landed on the peaceful South Park. Short after your arrival, your dad asks you to go outside and find some new friends. Because you don’t speak, you just go outside and search some new friends. During your first seconds outside you’ll notice that all the other kids are involved in the biggest ‘LARP’ (Live Action Role Playing) event ever created. The kids act like they are divided into two ancient factions, the elves and humans. You join forces with the humans and thereby accept Cartman as your leader.

Short after you joined the humans, the elves attack the camp and manage to steal the Stick of Truth. It is said whoever owns this stick is master of time and universe. Needless to say, Cartman wants this powerful weapon back as soon as possible. It’s up to you, the new kid, the rise above the rest and become the hero the legend foretold.

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Before you start your adventure you have to create a new character. Thanks to the huge editor, you’ll be able to create a character just the way you like it. Skin, hair, clothes… everything can be changed just the way you like it. After you created your new character, you can pick a class. There’s a total of 4 classes in this game: Mage – Thief – Fighter and Jew.

Those who like to use magic and long distance attacks will go for the Mage. The Mage is not as cool as the grand wizard but proves to be a powerful class nevertheless. The Fighter is the opposite of the Mage and will use up close attacks with lots of different swords. The Fighter is the best option for the more action seeking gamer.

Thief and Jew are the two harder classes to master. A Thief uses stealth combined with sneaky attacks, he’s a hard class to master in the beginning but worth the struggle at the end. The Jew is a combination of a Paladin and Monk. This means he’ll attack with his powerful rod and is capable of using some magic as well. The attacks of the Jew become more powerful when his life is running very low.


The best South Park game ever created!


Those classes only offer changes in combat, the story remains the same for each type of class you select. Talking about the story, it’s safe to say that this story is the beating heart of the game. What started as a simple war amongst humans and elves will soon result into exploding cows, nazi zombies, aliens and more crazy stuff. The story is unique, funny and epic in a typical South Park way.

For the first time, the creators of the television show worked on the story and supervised the development. This resulted in this amazing Stick of Truth story. The story is far more than just background information. The story pushes you to advance in the game, waiting to deliver yet another brilliant South Park joke. It’s a crazy story and it doesn’t make sense at all but that’s what makes it such a great one. The story is filled with typical South Park humor, characters and references. Fans of the show will definitely enjoy this big interactive episode.

The story isn’t the only thing that counts however, Stick of Truth still is a game so it has to have great gameplay as well. As you might have already guessed, this game is a true RPG. This means you’ll have to attack your enemies in turns. RPG’s aren’t for everyone but the battles are far more interactive than those of a regular RPG. Thanks to the ability to block attacks you’ll have to pay attention during battle. By pushing a button at the right time, you can block your enemy and even inflict a counter attack. Same goes for your attacks, when you push a button at the right time, you’ll inflict some extra damage to your enemies. Thanks to those small additions on the typical RPG combat, the battles never get boring

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This combat system is something you’ll have to get used to. In the beginning of the game you’ll sometimes struggle to time your attack or defense and therefore you’ll often fail and die. In order to survive, you’ll need to know your partner. Most time you’ll fight together with a partner such as Butters, Stan, Jimmy and more. All of those buddies have their own techniques and attacks. Learning the specialties of your partner is key to survive. Those partners aren’t necessary only in combat, you’ll have to use them outside of the battles as well!

The world outside of the battles is the beautiful South Park town. The world isn’t a static world but it really lives. You’ll find lot of famous characters wandering in the streets, all with their own unique thing to say. The world is filled with characters and jokes and it really pays off to get to know as many people as possible. The goal is to add a lot of new friends to your Facebook account. The more friends you have, to more side-quests you’ll be able to play and more friends also means new perks (powers to use in battles).

The side-quests offer the needed variation on the main story. Some of the side-quests are short, such as finding a flower for Princess Kenny while others can be very long. An example of a long side-quests is finding the infamous ManBearPig. Side-quest can be skipped because they aren’t part of the big picture but we recommend you all to find those side-quests and enjoy the crazy stories.

Spending your time outside is a great way to get to know South Park even better but it doesn’t come without dangers. You’ll also see your enemies running around in the world. The trick is to defeat as many enemies as possible before entering a battle. When you’re able to defeat the enemies in the outside world, you won’t even have to battle them in a turned based battle.

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Defeating those enemies is possible if you manipulate things in your environment. When you see something shiny, it means you can interact with it. You can for example shoot down a lamp on top of an enemy to take him down for good. You can even use your partner’ abilities to distract or take down enemies wide in the open. The most effective way to take out your enemies before entering combat however is to fart.

Farts play a crucial role in the game. The New Kid isn’t just a regular kid, he’s the true dragonborn. Being dragonborn comes with the power to control your anus in ways impossible for other human beings. Throughout the game you’ll learn 4 different fart-techniques, each with its own power. Some farts are meant to distract enemies while others offer great powerful attacks to defeat your enemies in or outside combat. The first fart you’ll learn is the DragonShout and can be used to fart away barricades and enemies. When you add some fire to this fart, it will result into a huge explosion. Mastering all 4 farts is crucial in the game. Those farts offer new ways to solve puzzles in the environment and some of the most hilarious animations found in the game.

The Stick of Truth offers far more than a regular RPG. The big differences are the interactive combat scenes and the ability to take out enemies outside of the battles. Puzzling your way out of some rooms using your buddy and farts also offer some variation  on the typical RPG. Nevertheless, the RPG elements are also found in the food you’ll need to collect in order to restore your Mana, PP or Health and the level-system. The more battles you win, the stronger you’ll get. Every level comes with an upgrade of one of your powerful special attacks. Growing in level also means you’ll be able to use stronger weapons and wear more protective gear. Stick of Truth therefore is a combination of a typical deep RPG game and an action/adventure game.


The game won’t take that long to finish, in about 12 hours you’ll finish the main story and most of the side-quests. 12 hours gameplay is not that long but it’s the perfect amount of time for this story. The story is so crazy and hilarious that you’ll enjoy every second of it. When you finish the game once, you can always restart the adventure with a different class and you can make some different choices at certain points as well.

We can conclude that Stick of Truth is by far the best South Park game ever released and one of the best games of the last generation. It offers a lot of fun, exploration and craziness. Fans of the television show will enjoy all the famous characters and references, while new gamers will love the humor as well. Don’t hesitate when you see this game in stores. It’s time to fulfill your destiny!


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