Review: LEGO The Hobbit

LEGO The Hobbit is the newest LEGO game created by TT Games. The LEGO franchise is going hard lately, since the release of the previous game (LEGO The Movie) is just a few months behind us. Some might say there are too many LEGO games releasing nowadays but this Hobbit version isn’t bad at all and deserves to be in stores.

Like we’re used to in LEGO games, this game doesn’t take itself too serious. Sure it tells you the story of the first two Hobbit movies but all with some twisted humor. Not all of the scenes are that funny but most moments will result in a smile on your face and that’s what LEGO games are all about, fun.

As said before, the game covers the story of the first two Hobbit movies, the adventures in the third movie will be added as DLC to the game later on (or a complete version in stores?). If you haven’t watched the movies you don’t need to be afraid. Everything about the story is rather straightforward and easy to follow. You’ll miss out on some of the funny references but it’s not that you can’t enjoy the game without knowing how the movies looked like. For those who have seen the movies, they’re in for a different version of the facts.


LEGO follows the main story but tends to add some rather funny things in the gorgeous cut scenes. Characters often act odd or find themselves trapped in awkward situations. The story is meant for a younger audience but to be honest it can be enjoyed by all ages. The game selects several key moments from the movies and translates it into smaller levels to complete. When you complete a quest, the storyteller (voice of Saruman!) explains what happened next. This way newcomers can enjoy the epic story as well. Please keep in mind however that this game is based on the Hollywood movies and not the original book.

Let’s go on an adventure.

Just like the other LEGO games, the story is handled with care and is funny/interesting enough to keep you going. The other major part of the game is of course the gameplay. This game plays rather the same than previous LEGO game but has some small innovations nevertheless.

First off, let’s start with the old. As you might have guessed you go on an adventure with the Hobbit Bilbo, joined by Gandalf the wizard and the infamous dwarfs. Those aren’t the only characters you’ll be able to control however. The playable character roster is very impressive and each character has its own powers to use in the environment. You’ll need those specific powers to solve many of the environmental puzzles in the game.


A funny version of the epic story.


The game forces you to switch between characters a lot. You’ll need to know the special abilities of the characters in order to reach your goal. Some of the dwarfs for example are used for their brutal force with the axe while you’ll need to select another if you want to shoot something with bow and arrow. You’ll never need to switch between a lot of characters (most of the times there are three) but it can become rather chaotic at some points. Switching between characters to solve puzzles is fun but it’s hard to identify some of the characters. During the game you’ll sometimes wonder who held that axe again and who held bow and arrow. It’s not a game breaking problem but it could have been solved.

There are some interesting innovations on the other hand when it comes to the puzzles. Since you’re playing with dwarf for the first time, you’ll learn some of their unique little tricks. The most important one is that dwarfs can be stacked upon each other. You’ll need this ability to reach higher grounds. It’s a small innovation to the gameplay but it immediately opens up tons of new ways of playing.


Characters can also buddy up to play as a team. When two characters buddy up, you’ll be able to control both at the same time. This system is mostly used in combat, when fighting as two you’re way more powerful. The combat remained easy but nevertheless it delivers variation and fun to the game.

Time to create.

A LEGO game wouldn’t be a LEGO game if you couldn’t create something. Building certain items or buildings is very important in the game. It’s also often the solution when you’re stuck in a level. Need a way out? Break the environment and built an escape route with the blocks. The small creations can be made with a single push on the controller but the larger, and more important ones, are harder to create.

In order to create a bridge for example, you’ll need to find the right resources. It’s the first time you’ll need those resources in a LEGO game and it’s a nice little innovation. By breaking certain things you’ll find resources like wood, metal, rope, diamonds and so on. Before you can start building, you’ll need to find the right resources in your environment. Finding those resources is a fun extra and it forces you to keep a close eye on your inventory as well. Most of the time you’ll find the resources in no time so you won’t lose that much time.

Once you found the right resources it’s time to build. Just like in LEGO The Movie, you can create things by looking at a manual. This manual is a short mini-game in which you need to select the needed LEGO piece as fast as possible. When you’re really fast in finding the right pieces, you’ll even gain some nice bonuses. The manuals keep the creating part of the game interesting and challenging. It’s more fun to look for the right piece rather than stare at your screen until your object is created.


It’s dangerous to go alone.

Like in previous LEGO games, another player can join the game just by activating a second controller. Playing with another person instead of a computer controlled character really is more fun. The game isn’t playable online, just in local co-op. This means you’ll have to invite a friend over to your home if you want to play together. Playing together really is rewarding and fun.


All in all we can conclude that this LEGO version of The Hobbit isn’t bad. The game offers a lot of fun for young and older gamers thanks to the great story. The gameplay hasn’t changed that much compared to previous LEGO games but the small innovations do work out. The game looks and sounds good but it’s a shame it can become a little chaotic at certain moments. It’s not a bad game, especially when you’re able to play with a friend. Looking for a fun adventure without complex gameplay? This is the game you need.


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