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Preview: Juju

Juju is probably the most cute platform game we’ve seen in a long time. It combines some traditional platforming with a flawless multiplayer experience. Although it’s meant to be played with children, gamers from all ages can enjoy playing it.

The story of Juju is about two cute friends. Juju, a pink Shaman panda takes the lead together with his cute little lizard friend called Peyo. The reason why those two creatures go on an adventure; is the disappearance of Juju’s father. This particular goal brings Juju and Peyo to several different and beautiful worlds, including bosses to defeat. This is basically the story but as in most platform games, the story isn’t that important. The gameplay on the other hand really is.

Work as one.

As said before, Juju is the main character in the game. While playing on your own, you’ll always control Juju but even while you’re playing in co-op, the screen will be centered on Juju. This means Juju has to be controlled by the gamer with most skills. The main advantage of this system is that the player who plays as Peyo doesn’t need to be that good. When Peyo falls behind, he’ll eventually turn into a bubble that will return to Juju’s position. This system makes it possible to play this cute game with younger players without frustrations for you or the second player. This system isn’t exactly an innovation to the genre but it’s good that Flying Wild Hog included it in their game.


A lot to discover.

Aside of this great co-op feature, the game also has a great amount of playable levels. The levels are divided into different worlds, just like in the Super Mario franchise. The worlds of Juju really offer a lot of variation. You’ll be able to discover underwater worlds, toy worlds, cake worlds and a lot more. Every world offers enough levels to keep you going for 7 hours in total. If you want to discover everything, you’ll need to spend a little extra time.

Just like in other platform games, you’ll be able to find hidden doors, spread throughout the levels. Once you enter such a door, you’ll be transferred to a little mini-game where you have to collect as many embers as possible. Those mini-games are fun to play and offer the right amount of challenge to complete. It’s a welcome bonus during your regular platform run.

Important to collect the embers.

The embers, as spoken of earlier, can be considered as the ‘coins’ of Juju. Embers can be found in every level but collecting those really pays off. If you’re able to collect 100 embers in the level, you’ll gain an extra heart, making it easier to complete the level. Although the veteran player won’t actually need the extra heart, the embers are a great way to discover each and every corner of the cute levels.

Collecting the embers is also important to defeat the boss at the end of each world. Those bosses all demand another strategy to defeat. You’ll need to find out their weak spot before you can take them down, an extra heart never hurts during those battles.


Cuteness overload.

The true power of the game however is its cuteness. Everything looks like it could be taken straight from a popular kids show. Our main characters can even dance and sing to activate certain things in the environment. No need to say that this will be a huge success while playing with your child. Aside of the characters, the worlds and bosses are designed in a very child friendly and yet good looking way. Even if you’re playing on your own as an adult, you’ll enjoy spending your time with this cute game.

If you’re looking for a challenge, you can even change the difficulty level to a ‘one heart run’ where Juju only has one heart during the entire level. Feeling lucky? Try some of the hard levels you’ll unlock during your journey. Those levels truly offer a challenge for veterans.

Co-op works amazing.

Playing on your own isn’t boring at all, but the game is meant to be played with two players. The co-op mode is worked out very well. A second player can drop in at any time by activating a second controller. No need to go to the main menu if a second player wants to join. This flawless joining of a second player is a true blessing for the co-op mode and turns this Juju into the perfect co-op platform game.


Everything we’ve seen from Juju so far is very promising. It isn’t a game that will appeal to everyone but it’s a fun game nevertheless. Juju offers a great platform and co-op experience for those who like to play together with young gamers. Want to play the game on your own? Please do so, don’t be mistaken by its cute looks, Juju is a great platforming game pur sang.


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