Review: Assassin’s Creed: Unity

Paris, the city of love, the city where couples meet to enjoy a romantic time. In Assassin’s Creed: Unity, it isn’t this romantic just yet. Paris is at war, a civil war to start a revolution. Since this is the first ‘true next-gen’ Assassin’s Creed, Ubisoft did the best they could to revolutionize the gameplay as well. Did they succeed in their mission or not?

A gorgeous city.

Like said before the game is set in Paris, in the year 1789. You’ll meet famous historical characters like Napoleon in the shadow of famous buildings. The Notre-Dame, Versailles and Champ-Élysées are all part of the gorgeous city that is Paris.

Paris also forms the biggest playable map ever in an Assassin’s Creed game. The scale is almost like in real life and each and every building has its own unique style and art model. You’re not running around in a computer-generated city this time. The city feels and looks like the real deal. Each building is filled with little details that you’ll just want to see. But it doesn’t stop there! Since the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are more powerful than their predecessors, you’ll also be able to enter the inside of most buildings. This without loading screens!


It doesn’t sound important, but being able to enter the buildings without loading screens, is big news. It means you’ll be able to escape guards in lots of new ways. Cut of streets by going trough buildings or reach the top level of a house to take down your enemies in those smaller rooms. All buildings are also very detailed from the inside. There’s a lot of furniture, paintings, personal belongings, to make it feel like a real home.

If we take a look at the buildings and graphics, Unity truly is a next-generation experience. The playground is set and looks gorgeous, but how about our new hero?

I was born for this!

In Unity you’ll control Arno Dorian, an Assassin that had his share of bad luck. You’ll start his story while he’s just a little kid. This means you’ll better understand his motives and form a stronger bond with him. Key to his story is Elise de la Serre. Arno and Elise first met as children, but grew very fond of each other and became lovers. Things got complicated when Anro discovered Elise was a Templar and he would become an Assassin. Yes, it’s a classical Romeo & Juliet story set in the dangerous world of Assassins and Templars. The relation between both characters is key in the main story and makes things more interesting.

All in all we can say that Arno is a true Assassin once more. His character and story looks a lot like that of Ezio Auditore and this mean you’ll have a better bond with him. No longer will you control a characterless like you did in Black Flag. Arno finally is a true Assassin; born to become the best and to respect the Creed until the day he closes his eyes. It’s a welcome change to control an Assassin with a strong personality!


Some new tricks.

Arno also has some interesting new tricks up his sleeve. The biggest innovation is the ability to parcours-down. This means you’ll be able to jump down buildings the same way you did to get on top of them in the first place. Unity is still a free-running game but the ability to use your parcours skills to jump down buildings as well, really feels more natural. It’s a shame that the free running is still filed with annoying bugs.

Just like other Assassin’s Creed games, you’ll often end up climbing a building you absolutely didn’t want to climb. The controls aren’t always that precise you hope them to be. Aside of this problem, you’ll often run upon invisible walls or you’ll face a small wall that’s impossible to pass. It’s a shame the gorgeous world of Unity is filled those familiar bugs. We sure hope this can be fixed in the future with a patch.


Let’s start a revolution!


Back to the roots.

Although the gameplay has received some innovation, it’s also safe to say that Unity goes back to its roots. Sneaking around will be bigger part of the game than in previous versions. This sneaking around also is important inside. Since a lot of buildings can be accessed, a lot of guards can be found inside as well. Ubisoft introduces a new gameplay mechanic here as well. With just a push of your button, Arno will be able to enter his ‘sneaky’ mode, to get pass the guards. Sneaking around is new in Unity but it feels like it’s always been around. It’s just the next logical thing to do in a game based on assassinations.

This also means that most of the missions demand a stealthy approach. You’ll find less action packed missions, while you’ll find plenty of stealth missions. All in all, the game plays more like the first Assassin’s Creed game but with a  modern touch to it.

It’s a dangerous world to live in.

The main reason why you’ll need to sneak around more often, is because your enemies are very strong. Your enemies act more realistically than ever before and will attack to kill. Defeating them also got a lot harder since you can’t counter them anymore. By timing your block, you can deliver a short counter attack but the big counters are gone forever so it seems. Fighting multiple enemies at once isn’t possible anymore, while facing a large group of enemies there’s only one thing you could do… Run away as fast as you can! Thanks to this form of realism, you’ll fight a lot less.


Co-op missions.

Another big innovation in Unity, is the possibility to play the game in co-op. The singleplayer experience and co-op experience aren’t separated but flow into each other. You can enter special co-op missions while in singleplayer, you just need to accept the mission and the game finds you an Assassin to go on an adventure.

The co-op missions are fun to play and offer more variation to the ‘regular’ missions. It’s a shame that some of those missions suffer from glitches and bugs. While attacking a guard with two assassins, you’ll often end up fighting the air instead of your enemies. Although it’s fun the play, it isn’t perfect at all.

Bugs and glitches all over the place.

The biggest problem with Assassin’s Creed: Unity is the amount of glitches and bugs that can be found in the game. In all honesty, the game wasn’t completely ready to launch in stores just yet. Guards will end up kissing the walls, running in the air or chasing you through walls. Those are just some of the examples of the many glitches and bugs that still can be found all over the place. Those problems aren’t only annoying; they can also ruin the experience completely. We have high hopes that Ubisoft will remove these annoying problems in the future!


All in all we can say that Assassin’s Creed: Unity is a great start of Assassin’s Creed on the next-generation. The story is interesting and you’ll feel a connection with your new Assassin. The world you’ll play in, Paris, is the biggest and best looking one to date and it’s a lot of fun to discover everything it has to offer. The biggest problem in Unity are the bugs and glitches but we hope this will be solved soon. It isn’t a perfect game but it’s a game that every Assassin’s Creed fan just needs to play.



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