Review: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

The Call of Duty- franchise has been around for some time and it hasn’t been always good. Still, no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t create the BEST Call of Duty game out there. If it wasn’t the campaign, there were a few hiccups in the multiplayer game and vice versa. The best thing of the campaign were always the action packed scenes and the best thing of the multiplayer game was the high pace action and leveling up while unlocking tons of new weapons and gadgets. Still to maintain this big fan club, they were in need of a good jump forward in the franchise… Will Advanced Warfare get us there?  Let’s suit up our exo and find out!


The game takes place in the near future where normal warfare is being very chaotic and uncontrolled. An external group “Atlas” helps out wherever it can and by all means necessary. They send out troops with an exosuit which enhances the soldiers abilities to survive a war-like excessive force, jumping higher, reaction enhancement, … They are also equipped with all kinds of futuristic weapons and gadgets like threat grenades that can tag enemies through walls, sound suppressing of the environment and much much more. The developers definitely wanted us to fantasize about this new era of Advanced Warfare. The group Atlas is being lead by Jonathan Irons ( played by Kevin Spacey) and he wants the world to understand that the political wars doesn’t work without a great loss of marines. He tries to limit these casualties to gear up the soldiers with all this future tech.

What makes this Call of Duty stand out to all the other games, is the use of the exo skeleton. This takes the game to a whole other level. You can dodge,  jetpack your way to a higher ground, rabbit punch enemies, … The game let’s you handle the situation in the way that you want it. When you play the campaign and gather intel, you’ll be able to upgrade your exo skeleton into an exo suit that fits your playstyle.


The game let’s you handle the situation in your way


While playing the game whether it’s killing enemies with guns blazing or taking a more critical approach like getting headshots, You’ll unlock supply drops that contains specific multiplayer equipment . This box contains “customized weapons” and “customized clothing” for your multiplayer avatar. The campaing was okay and Jonathan Irons is well played by Kevin Spacey, the only problem I had, was the fact that there weren’t big action scenes. There were some fun scenes but it wasn’t convincing like other COD titles. I didn’t see a lot of bugs instead of a couple of corpses hanging on the walls. I know I’m strong but not THAT strong…

The multiplayer is a big improvement from last years Ghosts. The game is very high paced and you get so many options to move around the map. Strafe left, jump high and slam an enemy on the ground by boosting your jetpack.  The shooting itself is fluent and believable. There aren’t a lot of weapons that are overpowered and the exo abilities can be used to adapt to different situations.

Just like Black Ops 2, you’ll get to fully customize your playstyle. You have a set of 13 skills that can be switch out in the way you want it to be. You can have a primary weapon with 2 or 3 add-ons, a grenade and 2 exo abilities. Or you can get into the fight with 2 standard weapons and boost your playstyle with different perks that give you different skills like reducing recoil, move faster, … and be that killing machine you’ve always wanted. You have different score streaks and there’s even a perk that allows you to have 4 score streaks at once. The score streaks can also be enhanced. You unlock different add-ons by killing enemies with a certain gun and guns/ gadgets can be unlocked while leveling.

The game modes are the same as last call of duty’s except for uplink and exo survival.  Uplink is a mode like capture the flag but with a few changes. Instead of capturing a flag and bringing it to your base, you’ll have to get the uplink ( ball shaped object) and throw it in your portal. Here’s the catch, if you have the ball you can only throw the ball and you won’t be able to use a gun. And this is the fun part, if you have the ball and you see the enemy, you can throw the ball at him and he’ll be forced to catch it and “drop” his weapon. This gives you the advantage of retrieving your gun, kill the man and run off with the ball. The exo survival mode is a cooperative mode with three friends and you’ll have to survive different waves of enemies.

There will also be an additional mode that looks like the zombie mode of Black ops. This will be added for free with the next DLC update.


This Call of Duty game doesn’t bring anything new to the table except for the exo skeleton. Don’t be mistaken, the exo suit changes the gameplay a lot. It’s high pace and very satisfying if you kill an enemy from above. The best part of the game is definitely the multiplayer. The story was ok, but not awesome like I’m used too, although the voice acting and story scenes were polished. Kevin Spacey is a big plus. If you like the Call of Duty- franchise, you probably bought the game on the first day. If you’re into a good multiplayer shooter, Advanced Warfare does the right job. If you’re more the other kind of gamer, the campaign is decent but it just doesn’t stand out to be a standalone game.