Review: Far Cry 4

Far Cry, the open world first person shooter is back and that’s good news. We’ve been to beautiful locations thanks to this franchise but the environment of this fourth edition is just mind-blowing. Welcome in Kyrat, in the Himalayan region. It’s a beautiful place for sure but don’t relax just yet… It seems like a crazy dictator is running things up in the mountains!

Welcome in Kyrat.

The very first minutes in the game already set the tone. We see our new hero travelling to his location somewhere in the Himalayas. Not soon after a short introduction, criminals overrun the bus and their leader Pagan Min enters the scene. It’s no surprise that this will be your biggest enemy in the game. Just like Vaas in Far Cry 3, Pagan is absolutely insane. He’s a dictator that only does what his heart desires. The people of Kyrat have lost their freedom since Pagan claimed his throne.

Some might say it’s ‘easy’ to create a good nemesis. Ubisoft already did it with Vaas so why go on the same path again? Because it works. Pagan has a more interesting personality than Vaas and is absolutely one of the best enemies ever to appear in a game. Troy Baker brings this character to life and you’ll start to hate him the moment you see him. Pagan Min is the source of an interesting and thrilling story.


Not only Pagan Min but all main characters got a more appealing backstory. You won’t play as a faceless hero this time. You have a purpose in Kyrat, a purpose that is strongly linked to your past. We won’t spoil the experience of course but it’s safe to say that Far Cry 4 has the best story in the franchise yet.

A whole new world.

Since Far Cry 4 is an open world shooter, it’s important you arrive in a thrilling world. It’s a whole new world to discover and it’s a gorgeous world for sure! Far Cry 4 really shows the power of the next-generation consoles. Everything looks great and the mountains of the Himalaya form the most impressive skyline ever.

Not only is the world beautifully created, it’s also filled with content. You’ll pass inhabitants on your way to a mission and encounter a lot of wildlife such as turtles, elephants and a lot more. Ubisoft really brought their world to life in the best way possible. You can wander around in it for hours, not even completing missions. After a few minutes, Kyrat will become your second home for a long time.

Not only are the mountains great to look at, they also form a new way to discover the world. Since you’re constantly playing in the mountains, Ubisoft introduces a new toy; the grapple hook. With this powerful tool, you’ll be able to climb mountains or swing your way over ravines. The grapple hook is a convenient tool to master the mountains and to explore the world even faster. You’ll get access to it at the beginning of the game so you’ll be able to discover everything Kyrat has to offer!


A lot to do in Kyrat.

It doesn’t stop there just yet. Aside of the people and wildlife, Kyrat is also home to a lot of different missions. Aside of your main missions, you’ll be able to play fifteen other mission-types. Those types vary from rescuing hostages to destroying trucks. Each mission has its own way of solving it and the good news is that your free to solve it in the way you prefer!

Aside of a lot of variation in the missions, you’ll also be able to move around on the map in many different ways. Far Cry 4 features a lot of playable vehicles to discover the land and clouds! The wing suit is without a doubt one of our personal favorites. It’s really worth it to discover as many vehicles as possible since you’ll be travelling a lot in this game! To make sure this traveling didn’t get boring, Ubisoft included an auto-travel where you’ll car will drop you off at the waypoint you selected. This autopilot enables you to look around the gorgeous world or to take down some enemies using your side-arm gun. It’s a welcome addition to the gameplay.


Call a friend and ride an elephant together!


The gameplay isn’t that new.

Although the world itself is very impressive, it’s a shame the gameplay feels a little too familiar. Far Cry 4 basically plays as Far Cry 3. This means you’ll also need to liberate outposts or hijack communication towers to start the revolution. Aside of those missions, you’ll also need to hunt certain animals or collect certain plants to improve your skills and to craft new tools. We’ve all seen this before in Far Cry 3, so it’s a little bit of a shame that this fourth edition feels so familiar. Far Cry 3 on the other hand, was a great game so ‘replaying’ certain missions in a new environment isn’t that bad at all.

New in Far Cry 4 is the ability to discover your environment with the grapple hook and to ride elephants. Yes, you can actually ride an elephant! You’ll feel like the king of the jungle on top of one of those! The elephant is a very strong animal and is able to toss vehicles and enemies without hesitation. It’s the perfect ‘tool’ to liberate some outposts!


Perfect co-op experience.

Another and probably the best innovation in Far Cry 4 is the co-op mode. When you start your game, you’ll be able to play online or offline. If you select online, you’ll still be able to do the missions on your own but you’ll also be able to call in extra help online! So at any time, another player can join your session to help you out! This also works the other way around but you’re never forced to join another player if you don’t feel like it. This means that the open-world is completely open for two players to play in co-op. You can help each other in some missions or just have fun on the huge map! This is without a doubt one of the best co-op modes we’ve ever played in a game.

Regular multiplayer matches.

The online experience doesn’t stop there, aside of the co-op, you’ll also be able to play ‘regular’ multiplayer matches. In those matches, one side will control the rebels with a lot of gunpower. The other players control the hunters, only armed with bow and arrow. The advantage of the hunter is that they can remain invisible and use animals to their advantage. This asymmetric gameplay results in a new and fresh way to experience multiplayer matches. We hope that the community keeps playing this mode as well since it’s definitely worth it!


We can only conclude that Far Cry 4 is a perfect game to go all out. It has a gorgeous open world for you to discover and the story is a lot more interesting than previous games in the franchise. It plays a lot like Far Cry 3 but there are enough innovations to keep you satisfied for a very long time to come. Don’t hesitate if you see this game in stores. Take it home, call a friend and ride an elephant together!


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