Review: Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

All great things start small; the same goes for Geometry Wars. What once was just a little bonus in Project Gotham Racing 2, became the best-sold Xbox Live Arcade game of the past generation. The new Geometry Wars isn’t a Xbox exclusive and that’s good news for the gamers. Since the last game in the franchise was so good, how good is this new entry? Let’s find out.

Let’s start with the basics:

People who never played Geometry Wars won’t really understand what’s going on if they see somebody playing the game. It’s a fast paced, music pumping, twin stick shooter. Geometry Wars isn’t a hard game to understand but a very hard game to master. You control your ship using the left stick, while you’re able to shoot your weapons using the right stick. Everything else you see on the screen are your enemies. Easy right? Think again!


Geometry Wars asks a lot of the gamer. Since the enemies attack in waves, you really need to train your reflexes to the maximum. One hit means you go down and lose a lot of your points. Gaining points is key in the franchise. The more you score, the higher you land on the leaderboard. If you destroy an enemy, they’ll leave a small orb; collect those to multiply your score. Defeating enemies and taking those orbs are your main objectives in the game. This worked great in previous entries of the game but what about this new episode?

Set in a 3D world for the first time:

For the first time in the franchise, you’ll no longer battle on small 2D maps, in Dimensions; you’ll have to battle on 3D battlefields. This means you won’t see the enemies as fast as you did before. Fighting on 3D maps means that the level of difficulty got increased. You’ll no longer be able to predict the moves of your enemies. You’ll have to trust on your reflexes in order to win. Using 3D spheres is a huge leap forward in the franchise and it definitely feels like a fresh start for the franchise. Once you get used of the chaos on the 3D maps, you’ll never want to return to the old 2D levels.


Prepare to become addicted


Fans might argue that including 3D worlds was a great idea, but to be honest, it was the most logical thing to do. Aside of the looks and chaos, Dimensions still is a typical Geometry Wars game with the modes we all love and some awesome new modes as well.

The old:

If you enter the classic mode, you’ll be able to play a total of five classic game modes. In Deadline you’ll have to kill as many enemies and score as much points possible in a set time. King features only one life and no guns, you can only shoot inside the so-called Kingzones. Pacifism, a harder mode with one life and no guns. You can take down your enemies by flying trough certain gates. Waves let’s you take down as many enemies as possible with only one life. And the last is Evolved Classic, a reinvented version of the Classic mode.


These five modes don’t offer anything new aside of being in 3D now. Those five modes are perfect to kill some of your time in a fun but intense way. It would have been enough for the fans to only include these five modes but the fun doesn’t stop there!

The new:

For the first time ever, a brand-new Adventure mode is introduced in Geometry Wars, that’s right, you can go on an adventure! The adventure mode consists out of several challenges, based on the five classic modes and new boss battles. In order to advance, you’ll need to gain a certain amount of points in a level, the higher you score, the higher your rating is at the end. Your score is measured in stars; collecting one star makes you go to the next level while collecting all three shows you’re really good at this game.

Also new are the boss battles. These bosses pop-up after some regular levels and truly are hard to kill. They mostly feature a big core that you need to destroy but is protected by a lot of smaller enemies. Finding the right strategy to take down these huge bosses is without a doubt one of the most fun things in the game. When you find their weak spot and survive the battle, you’ll feel like a god. The Adventure mode is the perfect mode for those looking for a more story-based experience. Gamers who want to highest score will also be pleased with the small levels since they can replay them for months to come.

Drop the bass:

The last part of the game is the music. The music isn’t created by Audioantics no longer; this means that the music is slightly different in this episode. A lot of die-hard fans might argue but this new music really works. The music is big part of the game since you’ll get a lot of adrenaline thanks to the beats and sound effects. The game just wouldn’t be the same without its music. The music also makes it fun for others to watch you playing.



They did it again, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is the perfect twin stick shooter at the moment. The innovation comes in 3D worlds and the new Adventure mode, both are just perfect to kill some of your time. It’s a hard game to explain on paper and even harder to understand if you never played it. Believe us when we say that this might be one of your best experiences this year. Don’t hesitate, just pick this game up and prepare to become addicted! 


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