Review: Citizens of Earth

Citizens of Earth didn’t start as a success. The game appeared on Kickstarter but failed to reach its goal. Developer Eden Industries never gave up hoping and continued their work on the game nevertheless. They wanted to create something special and would do everything they could to succeed. Atlus noticed the effort and decided to publish the game as a digital download after all. We’re really glad they did!


Every game has a story and the story of Citizens of Earth truly is brilliant. You play as the new Vice President of the world. Our VP has a lot of charm but lacks the brains… A little like the real ones we have in the world. The first day of his election, he wakes up in a world that has gone berserk. The streets are filled with dangerous protestors and some even suggest the existence of aliens in the woods. It’s a strange world to wake up in but it’s a world that needs to be discovered! Lucky for the Vice President, he doesn’t have to do this on his own.

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Gotta recruit em all:

The main strength of Citizens of Earth is the ability to constantly change the party your playing with. As a Vice President, you won’t be willing to get your hands dirty while fighting the enemies. But using your charisma, you can easily recruit all types of persons to join your party and fight your battles for you. Recruiting others for your party often results in some quests you need to solve first. Give them what they need and they’ll be happy to join your party.

Every character has its own unique abilities, not only during battles. If you’re able to recruit the car dealer for example, you can use a car to get you around the globe. This means you’ll be able to travel a lot faster, a handy skill since the world you need to discover is really big. Other playable characters can boost your stats or can even change the level of difficulty in the game. A lot of work went into creating al these characters and every character really is different and has something new to offer.

Getting to know the characters during your journey to world domination often results in wanting to recruit certain characters. The game feels like a Pokémon game at that point, you want to meet all the characters and you want to ‘catch’ them all to see what they have to offer. The variation in characters and the way it affects the gameplay really is what this game is all about.

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The battles:

The battles are inspired by classic RPG games from the SNES-era. This means your party of three can perform several attacks. You have a normal attack, special attack and defensive move. All of these are different for all characters. Mastering the combat in the game isn’t an easy task. Since your party is constantly changing, you need to adept on their techniques a lot during your journey. Finding the right combination in order to defeat your enemies is key to survive. If you didn’t won a battle with a certain party, the game is kind enough to give you another shot at it using another party. This means it’s a little easier to advance.

The enemies wont attack at random but will walk around in the world. Some of them will attack you at first sight while most of them will just ignore your presence unless you’re willing to start a battle. This systems means you won’t be bothered with fights when something else is on your mind.


Welcome to the golden RPG era!


The power of dialogue:

The dialogue during battles is also very entertaining. The Vice President will always watch from a distance but isn’t shy on dropping some hilarious comments while the others fight for him. The dialogue throughout the entire game is very well done. It’s a satiric look on many political and popular trends in our world nowadays. The dialogue is very well written and makes sure you stay hooked on your screen for a very long time. Thanks to the funny dialogues and unique characters you’ll meet, this is a very enjoyable game to say the least.

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As many gamers said before, Citizens of Earth looks a lot like Earthbound and that’s true at some points. The graphics, character animations and battles could all be taken from the popular Nintendo game but Citizens of Earth isn’t just as perfect yet. The game faces with some technical issues and the world map and hint system aren’t worked out that great. I often ended up looking for the right thing to do on the confusing world map. Hints like ‘go right in the desert and find a certain building’ aren’t really helpful at all. It aren’t game breaking flaws but it are those little flaws that make sure this game isn’t as good as Earthbound really was back in the golden days.


Citizens of Earth is a tribute to the golden SNES Role Play Game era and manages to stay true to those classics. No other modern game was able to capture this feeling as well as Citizens of Earth does. It isn’t just a ‘remake’ however; the game has its own identity thanks to the brilliant characters and dialogue. If you’re looking for a wacky RPG experience that takes you back to your youth, look no further. This is the game you’ll want to play.


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