Review: Saints Row IV: Re-Elected

Becoming the president of the United States is a dream of many young Americans. Entering the Oval Office isn’t without struggle however. In Saints Row IV, things are made a little easier for you. You just blow a hole in the roof of the White House and land straight into the Oval Office while listing to ‘I Don’t want to miss a thing’. Saints Row IV is back and you’re the leader of the madness!

Welcome back old friend:

The Saints Row franchise once started as a lookalike of the Grand Theft Auto franchise but changed its course in Saints Row The Third and throws the original idea out of the window in Saints Row IV. This game isn’t a criminal simulation anymore, it’s an open world game filled with jokes and a gameplay that looks more like the ultimate cheat code than a ‘normal’ game.


The original released back in 2013 but developer Volution wanted to deliver the final version of the game on the current gen consoles. This means you’ll be able to play the complete game and get some nice DLC on top of that deal. The game also looks better than ever but still doesn’t look that perfect.

It could have looked even better:

Since Saints Row IV: Re-Elected is a ‘next-gen’ release or definitive edition as developers like to call it, you would expect true next-generation graphics. Volution didn’t succeed in their goal completely. The textures of the characters aren’t that good and the promised 60 frames per second tend to drop if you’re driving or facing a lot of enemies.

The city, Steelport, on the other hand got some extra attention of the developers. The draw distance has increased a lot, you can really see the complete city while standing on a high rooftop. The city looks at its best at night when the lights of the traffic signs are reflected in the cars and streets. Steelport looks way more realistic than ever before and this adds to the gameplay.


Go all out in the city:

The main story of the game hasn’t changed since the original release but that’s nothing to worry about. The missions you’ll face vary from crazy to insane. One moment you’re learning how to hack stores, while the other moment your fighting aliens in space. The story doesn’t actually make sense but that’s the charm of the game. Not knowing where you’ll end up in or which crazy characters you meet is big part of the fun.


Just go crazy in the city!


Also remember that this game features some of the most insane guns ever, special mentions go to the Wub Wub Gun that activates instant dub-dancing but there’s a lot more to discover. The world of Saints Row IV is a gigantic playground for you to discover, using several tools. The main story is fun to play and offers some of the best missions you’ll ever find in a game.

A lot of additional content:

One of the biggest advantages of this Re-Elected version is the inclusion of old and new downloadable content. This content really adds to the main story and results in more ways to have fun with the game.

One of those DLC packs for example is the ‘How the Saints Save Christmas’ pack where the Christmas spirit is back bigger than ever before. The entire world is covered in snow, resulting in a new vibe and the missions offer a unique look at Christmas. Also add the cheesy Christmas soundtrack to the deal and you know you’re playing something awesome.

Honorable mention goes to the Dominatrix pack, which was originally planned for Saints Row: The Third but never got finished. You can play certain parts of it but the developers were forced to explain some of the mission scenarios using puppets… Classic Saints Row humor!


Aside of the story missions, the DLC also adds some new and crazy weapons as well as some new costumes. Thanks to those packs, customization of your character is almost endless. You’ll be able to wander around dressed like an alien or professional hitman… All costumes look great and are worth the shot.

Aside of the old content, there’s also a new stand-alone pack included, the Gat out of Hell pack.  You can find the review here.


All in all it’s safe to say that this ‘definitive’ version of Saints Row IV has a lot to offer. There are tons of missions, weapons and costumes thanks to the additional pack and the main story remains fun to play, even two years after the original release. Too bad the game doesn’t look that great but don’t let this spoil the fun. If you’re looking for a fun/insane open world experience on your new console, search no longer. Becoming president was never supposed to be this much fun!


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