Review: Lifeless Planet

Is there life on other planets? A question a lot of you ask but only scientists know the true answer. In Lifeless planet you are set of to go to a planet where scientists found some kind of life form. Once landed it appears the planet isn’t what it’s supposed to be. Welcome to Lifeless Planet, the intriguing new Kickstarter success.

You’re on your own

Once you start the game, you crash land on a deserted planet desperately trying to figure out where you are. You play as an astronaut that got a one-way ticket to this strange empty planet. The game doesn’t show where you have to go; but the first thing you need to do is find some oxygen. Since you’re free to discover the world, the best way to go is probably towards the shining thing in the distance. Once you discovered the first oxygen tank, the true exploration can finally begin.

Explore the empty world

Exploration is key in Lifeless planet. This isn’t a game with a deep story, discovering everything in the environment is what this game is all about. This works great but the environments look rather plain and old. The game doesn’t really look like a modern game so part of the exploration gets lost in the lack of beauty. To soften the pain, the developers made sure you’ll end up in several different locations. Although those offer the needed variation there isn’t really a location that impressive.


Since the game let’s you explore all of this on your own, it can become rather frustrating to find the right path. Especially when your oxygen is getting low. The environments rarely show a path to follow and jumping from rock to rock often felt odd. We understand the importance of exploring the planet on your own but it could have been done better.

Not everything is what it seems

So since the game lacks gorgeous environments and clear paths you might ask yourself if it’s any good. Well, it is. The plot saves the game for sure. Without spoiling it too much it all started when our astronaut discovered an abandoned Russian village. How is that possible? And why where they there? What was the purpose of it all? It’s the first big mystery in the game and although you find the answer to this question rather fast, it keeps the game interesting.


Explore a new world


Aside of those buildings there’s also a woman luring you towards her and new locations. Needless to say we won’t spoil you the purpose of her but it’s this kind of gameplay that turns Lifeless Planet into a game worth playing.

Puzzles and platforms

Aside of the mysteries, the game is formed by puzzles and platform gameplay. You need to solve simple puzzles such as ‘move the block towards the right direction’ and jump over forced platforms to reach new environments in the game. Those puzzles and platform sections aren’t boring but they feel a little odd. In our opinion, it would have been better to let the gamer explore the planet without those forced intermissions.

That feeling you simply can’t explain

Explaining Lifeless Planet is hard and telling about why you need to try this game is even harder. It’s not the best looking game out there and the developers made some mistakes for sure but there’s something about this game that you can’t ignore. Right from the start, Lifeless Planet offered an experience hard to explain but enjoyable for sure. It’s the combination of mysteries and exploration that turn this into a unique game.


The game can be compared to that low budget cult-movie you recommend to all of your friends. It isn’t the best one out there and it hasn’t got the amount of details you’re used to but you’re glad you tried it anyway. Once again, it’s an experience you need to feel for yourself in order to understand it completely.


Lifeless Planet is a strange little game. It looks like a game that was meant to be played past generation and the platform nor puzzle elements never innovate. On the other hand you have a lot of freedom and you really want to know what’s going on. It’s a classic love it or hate it game so you’ll really need to ask yourself if you’re willing to find the answers. We learned to appreciate it for what it is.


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