backlog reviews

News: Introducing Backlog reviews. Where I review games no one cares about.

This is a new part of the site to expand the review catalogue by adding games that haven’t been reviewed yet.

In backlog reviews I just decide to review the games I just played(kinda like a LTTP). I might review old games dating back to the NES or I might review games that came out two month’s ago that didn’t get a review. The point is to give a new and fresh look to games that are a bit older or look and see if a game has changed for better or for worse after months of patches. I might also cover small weird games I find on the web or review mods.

So if ever you search for a review of for instance Marathon (quick review: It’s awesome) or a review for Bloodborne which this site doesn’t have at the moment, you might wanna check this page.

And with that said my first review will be Torchlight 2.

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