Review: Project Cars

Project Cars wants to be the best racing simulator on consoles. The game is created by fans, for fans. From the start of development, the community had their say in the game and now the game is finally released. Can it live up to its high expectations or does it crash and burn?

Slightly Mad Studios

The game came to be thanks to the very talented Slightly Mad Studios, including some of the members that worked on Need for Speed Shift. So the team isn’t new to the racing scene but Project Cars is a very different game. Unlike Need for Speed, this isn’t an arcade racer. This is a game that wants to give you the real experience. This means you’ll need to learn a lot in order to win a race. This isn’t a game that will appeal to everybody but die-hard racers finally have the game they waited for.


Community Assisted Racing Simulator

Project Cars is short for Community Assisted Racing Simulator and this really is what makes the game stand out from the rest. Right from the start, the game was created with the help of the community. The community could fund the game and could even help shape it. Right from the start they could change the cars, circuits, tuning options and the way the cars reacted on the road. Project Cars is fanservice from the start. Since the community helped creating it, this must be the best race game to date, or not?

Almost everything can be changed

The high demand of the community resulted in an insane level of customisation. You can change almost everything on your car. Wheels, brakes, body… Everything can be tuned in the options menu. This is without a doubt a dream coming true for the car porn lovers but the casual gamer can easily get lost in the amount of options. There isn’t a tutorial to make you familiar with all the customisation so for the amateur racer all those options can really become overwhelming. Lucky for them, you don’t really need to change everything in order to win.


Project Cars is a dream coming true


Turn on the assists

If you aren’t that familiar with race simulators, you can switch on the assists during racing. By turning on the assists you’ll only need to handle the steering wheel to reach the finish. No need to worry about specs or shifting gears, the game will take care of all the technical stuff. This is the perfect way for newcomers to enjoy the game. Without those, the game would simply be too hard to master for the casual market. Die hard racers can of course switch of the assists to take full control of their vehicle. The game also supports racing wheels for a more accurate experience.


Never an easy game

Since this is a very realistic racer, it will never be an easy game. Controlling the cars is very difficult; you really need precision in order to keep your car on the tracks. The controls are very sensitive so the slightest mistake will end up in a crash. It’s a very hard game to master but since most of the gamers will know what type of game they’re getting, it’s worth learning.

Once you get full control over the cars, you’ll enjoy one of the best and most beautiful racing games to date. It’s very hard to master but once you do, it’s even harder to stop.

One of the best career modes ever created

Despite the high level of difficulty, Project Cars has one of the best career games ever found in a racer simulator. Right from the start you’ll be able to choose a different career. Do you want to start with karting or start racing some prototypes? There’re a lot of different ways to start the career but the most pleasing is without a doubt the ‘from zero to hero’ campaign. In here you’ll start as an inexperienced Kart racer and end up as one of the top drivers in the prototype competition.

project-cars-9 (1)

Aside of racing you’ll also gain new contracts, fan mails and challenges along your way. The career mode is made to mirror the real life career. Including the fan mailing results in a great feeling of satisfaction when you finish first. The way you race will also affect your further races and contracts. It’s a very realistic and therefore enjoyable experience.


A racing game without cars wouldn’t make sense, Project Cars offers 67 playable cars right from the start and it must be said, those cars are gorgeous! Project Cars can be considered as pure carporn to some point. Most cars look absolutely amazing and the more special lines such as the Le Mans Prototypes look incredible realistic.

The realism in the cars also have a downside for the game. The circuits still look great but simply lack the amount of details that is found in the cars. This is compensated with gorgeous weather effects on the other hand. Thanks to the realistic cars and circuits you’ll really feel like your driving some of the best cars.


Although the game already offers a lot of cars, we’re still missing some of the most iconic ones.  Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bugatti Veyron can’t be found in the game and that’s a shame really. We hope that this will be fixed with DLC in the future.


We can only conclude that Project Cars is a successful Community inspired product. It offers everything you want. Fast cars, realistic handling and gorgeous circuits. It’s a shame not all iconic cars are represented yet but that’s a problem that can be easily solved in the future. The only problem with Project Cars is that it’s a victim of its own ambition. The option menu offers a lot of information, too much for amateurs. Aside of this, the game is also incredibly hard to master. Know what kind of game you’re getting, but if you want to play one of the best race simulators, this is the game you simply need to own.


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