Review: Slice Zombies for Kinect

The Kinect 2.0, when first revealed, the new camera would make the difference for the Xbox One. Nowadays it seems like a lot of developers and even Microsoft have forgotten its existence. There aren’t that many Kinect games and finding a new one can be rather hard. Indie developer MADE thought it was time for a change, it’s time to step back in front of your camera and slice up some zombies!

Inspired by Fruit Ninja

The first thing you’ll notice is that Slice Zombies is inspired by Fruit Ninja. You have to slice up zombies while avoiding bombs and trying to kill every zombie before it falls out of the screen. If you hit a bomb or miss a zombie, you’ll lose one of your three (later four) lives. It’s the same concept as Fruit Ninja but in another, more gaming related setting.


Some might say it’s easy and even cheap to ‘copy’ Fruit Ninja but Slice Zombies has its own atmosphere. It isn’t just a copy; it gives some nice little twists to the slicing genre.

More zombies for more fun

The twists come in different kind of zombies. The game starts off rather straightforward with some traditional zombies but the more you advance, the better the zombies get. Later on you’ll need to slice down jetpack zombies, mad scientist zombies and even the already famous Zario zombies. That’s right; Mario and Luigi make an appearance as a fat zombie. Of course the design of this zombie was altered to look like the famous brothers instead of really using the Mario brothers.

The different kinds of zombies are really fun and keep the game fresh to a certain point. It’s a shame the developers didn’t add more of those crazy zombies since it would make the game enjoyable for a longer time.

Gain experience and new items

The main strength of the game is to gain experience points, which unlock nice little bonuses. You gain experience during every session you play. Most of those sessions won’t take longer than two minutes and even without completing them; you’ll gain some points. If you gain enough points, you’ll be able to reach a new level. The higher your level gets, the more difficult the next session becomes.
Reaching new levels also unlocks extra backgrounds, slice effects (Pac Man Ghosts!), new zombies and more. This is the main reason for you to play the game. It’s good that the creators included this system because without it, the game wouldn’t be any fun.

Fun zombies but way too short


Only one mode

The biggest problem with Slice Zombies is that there’s only one playable mode. No multiplayer or party modes, only the rather straightforward ‘Slice the Zombies’ mode. It’s fun for a while but we can’t deny that it gets boring rather fast. The new zombies and power-ups are fun for a while but at a certain points you’ve done all that’s possible in the game.

It really is a game meant to be played from time to time, if you want to enjoy it for a longer time. Completing the game can be done in just one day of intensive sessions is you want to.


Problems with Kinect

Aside of this obvious mistake, the game also suffers from the lack of tutorials. Playing the game with Kinect is easy and the game is very accurate if you have enough free space. The menus on the other hand are rather hard to control.
Since you can’t use your regular controller, you’ll need to browser trough the menus using Kinect gestures. A simple guide would have prevented a lot of frustrations. It’s brave to make a Kinect only game but you really need to make sure everything works like it should. Too bad this isn’t the case for the navigation.


All in all we can say that Slice Zombies for Kinect offers a fun experience but lacks extra modes. The game is fun to play thanks to the different type of zombies and power-ups you unlock during your sessions. The biggest problem is that it really is a short game and doesn’t offer a lot for your money. There still are problems with the Kinect camera, especially in the menus but this can be patched in the future. It’s a charming game but it simply lacks more depth to stay fun.


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