Review: Ultratron

There’s a lot of pressure in twin-stick shooter Ultratron. Not only do you need to survive wave after wave of enemies but you’re humanity’s last remaining battle droid as well. If you fail, the robots will win. It’s time to take vengeance so that your brothers and sisters didn’t die for nothing. Train your reflexes because this is going to be one hell of a ride!

Wave after wave

The main goal in this Indie, is to survive the waves of various enemies that have been send to destroy you. The arena in which you fight those enemies will stay the same. You play in a rather small box-like environment filled with old-school neon effects. The game really looks modern but thanks to the old-school neon, it has a certain retro look to it as well.

The first waves of enemies are rather easy to destroy since they just pop up in the corners, easy for you to destroy them. Once you defeat an enemy, it will drop a golden coin. Collection this is crucial since you’re only able to buy your upgrades using these coins. It’s a smart way to keep moving and it even makes the game more intense.


So the first waves of enemies won’t form a problem but they keep getting more difficult after every wave. The game features bomb-dropping robots, missile-firing robots and a lot more dangerous variation. Knowing how to take every type of robot down is crucial in order to survive. Aside of those robots, you’ll also need to keep an eye out for spider bots. Killing these results in bonuses that can’t be bought with cash. Bouncing bullets is an example of such a unique bonus.

During your time in the game you really need to act fast the moment you see a robot or droid passing on your screen. The faster you can take it down, the more chances you have to survive.

Special missions

To reach the ‘end’ of the game, you need to reach and survive wave 40. This is a hard task but if done right, you’ll be able to do so in less than one hour. After stage 40, the game continues to create new stages. There isn’t really an ending to it but if we look at the Achievements or Trophies, it’s clear that level 40 marks the official end of the game.

After surviving ten waves, a challenge stage will pop up. These include assaults where you need to survive brutal robots, dodging stages where you need to stay away from enemies or boss stages (those are surprisingly easy). Those challenge stages offer the needed variation to the game. We liked the dodge stages more since the assault ones really can be rather unforgiving and brutal.


Upgrade to stay alive

Upgrading you droid is by far the most fun and addictive gameplay element of Ultratron. After every wave you’ll be able to spend some time in the shop to use the coins you’ve collected during battle. You can buy a lot of new weapons such as new bullets or even smart bombs. Besides weapons you can also buy more protection thanks to shields or so-called pet’s, little droids that will protect you during battle.


Addictive chaos


Spending you money on the right item is crucial and even adds a deeper layer to the game. Will you go for the weapons or go for the shields? The decision is up to you but it’s very crucial to survive the following wave.

It’s an interesting gameplay element for sure and it works out great.

Local co-op

To conclude, Ultratron also features a local co-op mode where a second player can join to help out. This works very well and it’s a great way to test your friendship. Keep in mind that co-op can become very chaotic very fast. Before you know it, you’ll see bullets and enemies everywhere. This is due to some of the more flashy effects. Lucky for you, some of the effects can be switched off in the menus. Aside of the chaos, the co-op mode really works well.



Ultratron is a great twin-stick shooter that adds an extra layer to the genre thanks to the shop. But it isn’t the perfect twin-stick shooter just yet. Thanks to the many effects, the game can be very chaotic. The boss battles also disappoint since they are rather easy. It’s a great game to kill some time but we agree that it isn’t a game to play for a very long time. If you’re looking for an action packed game to play from time to time, than this is the game you want.


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