Special: E3 2015: Predictions – Part I

Yes, it’s almost that special time of the year again for gamers all over the world! E3 2015 will start in less than one month so it’s time for us to kick off our coverage. Like last years, we’ll start with our personal predictions.

In this first part of the prediction I’ll give you guys my top five of things I expect to see. Besides this list, I’ll also give you my personal top three things I want to see but probably won’t happen.

So let’s start with the first list shall we? This E3 is very important for the big three; Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo really need to show gamers what they’re capable of. That’s why there’s a lot of variation in this year’s five things I want to see.

E3 top 5

5) Return of classic franchises on Xbox One

First of all I’m really looking forward to the return of some beloved retro franchises to Xbox One. Nothing official just yet but we all know that Microsoft wants a solid E3 filled with exclusives. Rare is rumored to work on a great new game that will bring back the magic to the console. Also note that Battletoads might return as well. Again, nothing confirmed just yet but I’m sure we’ll see some golden classic return to Xbox this year.

4) Bethesda shows some kick-ass stuff

New this year is the conference of Bethesda. I’m really looking forward to this since it’s the first time they’ll have their own private show. This means they’re working on something big, right? Doom is already confirmed but I think we might see the return of Fallout this year. If it’s not Fallout, it will be another big Bethesda franchise. Whatever they’ll show, I’m sure we’ll get hyped for it fast!


3) Sony reveals why they can do without Uncharted 4 this year

Next up, Sony. We all know that the PlayStation 4 is on a roll this year but if we’re honest, it still lacks good exclusives. Everybody wanted Uncharted 4 but we know that game won’t make it to the console this year. So Sony really must have something up their sleeve? Maybe they come up with a new IP but I think they’ll show some other first party game(s) instead. I’m not sure what kind of game this will be but I’m looking forward to see what they have in store for the fans!

2) Nintendo’s Digital Event will be epic

Nintendo will have a difficult E3 this year, at least as far as we know at this moment. No Zelda Wii U and both the 3DS and Wii U need some new triple A games. It looks like Nintendo hasn’t really got new games but I’m sure the Digital Event will show us what they’re worth. I hope for a return of Star Fox, Metroid or F-Zero in a big way. Nintendo knows it has to convince in order to ‘win’ this E3. The return of the legendary Championship proves us that Nintendo listen to its fans. This can mean just one thing, epic games.

1) Unique indie games

The number one of my personal top five goes to indie games. Don’t get me wrong, big budget triple A games are awesome but E3 is also to place to discover some cool new Indie games. I want to see a lot of creativity, games like Limbo, Nihilumbra or Unfinished Swan are high on my wish-list. Don’t be shy Indies, show us your games!


3) Zelda on Wii U steals the show

To start my top 3 of dreams, I start with one that is nearly impossible to come true, Zelda Wii U. Nintendo already said they won’t feature the game at their E3 conference nor at their booth. A big slap in the face for Nintendo and Zelda fans all over the world. A lot of those are very worried about what Nintendo will show instead. But what if it was just one big lie of Nintendo? Who know, maybe Zelda Wii U will be one of the biggest surprises of the show.

2) Naughty Dog reveals a new Crash Bandicoot

Another big no-show will be Uncharted 4, the game has been delayed until next year, giving room for another forgotten star. I personally feels like this is the year for a Crash Bandicoot reboot, for PlayStation 4. I expect nobody else but Naughty Dog to develop the game. The PlayStation 4 needs more traditional, family friendly platform games, why not bring back their old mascot? A guy can dream…


1) Triple A Kinect game

Last on my list of dreams, is a triple A Kinect only game. Seriously, what’s going on with Kinect? The accessory was once the big game-changer for Xbox One but it seems like Microsoft has forgotten all about it. Since the reveal of the camera, I’m still hoping on an epic Kinect only game. Something like Ryse but even better. Come on Microsoft, show some balls and blow us away!

Got interested in games since I could read. Started with Nintendo but evolved into an all-round gamer. I love all kind of games; triple A games to Indie. If the vibe is right, I'll enjoy playing it.